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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I live! O_O!

Ohmigawsh It's been nearly forever! I bet no one even sees this post because myO is dead... awww... But anyways, here's what's new in my life!

1: Let's start off with the sadness- I'm apparently either bipolar or just plain depressed! Joy! Oh, and I have high anxiety (knew that) and Seasonal Affective Disorder (heh... that spells SAD) which means I get really screwy in winter. Isn't life grand?

2: I'm almost at the end of my junior year. One more year and I'm off to college! o_o It makes me so nervous >.< I'm planning on majoring in English as a Second Language and Psychology so I know what my students are thinking at all times! -evil grin-

3: I am in UBER love with the Visual Kei band Alice Nine. Shou is adorable, Tora is sexy, Hiroto is so HAWT, Nao is beautiful, and Saga is just... SQUEE!!!! YOU MUST ALL LOOK THEM UP NOW kthx. xD

4: My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months now and on May 2nd, he's taking me to the military ball at his school! He's in JROTC, so I get to see him in uniform! I'm so excited -squee-

So. If there's anyone out there, what have I missed in the ages since I've posted?


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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm too damned lazy

Mood: neutral Listening to: Yakusoku Ga Iranai - Escaflowne

Well... the asshole strikes again. Now he's making ME seem like the villain! He's saying I gave him PERMISSION to grope me! I WOULD NEVER! He's just... AGH! And after all this, he doesn't know why I'm mad at him, and he's turning my friends against me to his side! He's going all self-righteous and acting like he's the victim... So help me he's freaking dead -.- I'm not gonna do it, but some of my rather over-protective friends probably WILL. Anyway, how are YOU guys doing? -tries not to kill something-

~Love is all I need~

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy happy joy joy?

Mood: neutral Listening to: Engel

My ex-boyfriend has sunk to an all-time low. I told my friend that he was a pervert (which is true; he's been groping my ass and chest for weeks now), and apparently that counts as "talking hurtfully behind his back" and he's going to report me to his house office. On top of that, when he told his girlfriend what happened, he said I "flipped my shit" and "got mad at him for asking me to stop talking about him to my friends." So yeah. I have a big group of people ready to back me up if this starts something... He may end up severely injured if he tries anything on me. My guy friends are overly protective of me. >>; What sucks is I sit next to him in English... and that's next block so I have to deal with his shit for 87 minutes straight. Lucky me! -.- Bell's about to ring, bai bai!

~Love is all I need~

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mood: sleepy =.= Listening to: Girl Next Door- Saving Jane

Well, I'm not feeling much better, but at least no time has been spent getting to know the toilet bowl... I'm currently in love with what we're learning in math class... the hardest thing in it all is the simple arithmetic, so I should ace this test! =P Of course that's the only homework I actually got done... I have to write a poem and take 2 column notes, the poem for 2nd block and the notes for 4th. Oh well, I'll live. Anyway, time is running out and I haven't brushed my hair and all that lovely crap yet. Bai bai!

~Love is all I need~

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Mood: bleeeeeeeeeeeh -.- Listening to: Engel- Rammstein

Okay first off I want to say this song kicks ASS and A13 I love you forever for sending me the mp3... And second of all... the comment box thingy is fixed, yay! XD Though I did like the old format... oh well.

So... the reason I'm all bleh. I was up at 6 yesterday morning "becoming reaccquainted with the contents of my stomach" as I've taken to saying. If I had my way, I'd be staying home from school today, laying in my bed and NOT dying in gym class, but sadly finals are coming up shortly and I must be here for the last few weeks. So I get to strule through school today feeling like I'm about to die. SUCH fun, ne? Hope everyone else has a better day then mine's gonna be!

~Love is all I need~

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mood: sleepy =.= Listening to: Fine, Fine Line- Avenue Q (same damn song I've been listening to for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT XDD

Yeah... There WAS no emergency. My aunt won her divorce case, and wanted us all there to celebrate. And of COURSE my uncle makes me feel guilty that I'd rather go to the movies than spend time at their house... Well of COURSE I'd rather not go there, I only lose my ability to BREATHE in that house -.- I came home with a really bad sore throat that STILL hasn't gone away completely, and I smell like cigarrette smoke. Since our oh-so-lovely shower is broken, IT WON'T GO AWAY!!! >< !!!!

Anyway, I have math homework to finish now... byez!

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Mood: -.- I'ma kill someone Watching: Tokyo Mew Mew

So I was supposed to go to see Prince Caspian today with a group of my friends, but out of the blue, 4 hours before I was supposed to leave, my mom informs me that we're going to my aunt's house for the night. I had been planning this outing for a week, and my parents knew about it too. Apparently there was some kind of "family emergency" that required the immediate attention of the whole family. I've been here for 3 hours and haven't seen hide nor hair of an "emergency" yet. In fact, I've just been on the computer the whole time... when I wasn't playing Solitaire. So yeah. I'm pissed! How was your day, everyone? ^^'

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Monday, May 12, 2008

myO Still < 3s Us!

Mood: x.x -snoozes- Listening to: Two Perfect Girls - Eric Stuart

myO and theO have been rejoined! Now the only thing that needs to happen is those horrid comment boxes getting fixed... But I won't complain, since at least we can pm from myO again! Well... kinda, it does link you to theO, but you know what I mean! x.x It's 6:25 in the morning... my brain=not working. And I still haven't done my math homework... whatever.
In other Yuki-related news (yeah... that's my nickname now): Me has meself a sweet new bf! His name is Kyo -^^- I met him on an RPG I like to play, DOMO. I am taking bets on how long this will last.. what with my bad luck in relationships ^^' And now, excuse me while I go smack my lovely Caitlin for being a bakahead. Yuki out! Ja!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

@_@ x.x

I think I may lose my mind. Last night I came home with 100 algebra problems including synthetic dixision, division of polynomials, and other crap like that. On top of that, I had a page to write for English as well as 5 chapters of Jane Eyre to read and an assignment that went with that, and a newspaper to create for mythology along with a 4 page double-sided packet on hero myths and chapter questions. I'm surprised I got any sleep at all! I'm still not done, in fact. I didn't get the reading done, or the assignment, but that's okay... I've read the book before, I should be able to do it from memory. I didn't finish the newspaper either, but that class is my last class of the day so I can like... finish it at lunch or something. -dies- I AM SLEEEEEEEEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do NOT want to go to school... and I wouldn't have gone today if I'd kept the doc appointment I had... but I couldn't afford to miss gym and a math quiz... school hates me T.T

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Monday, May 5, 2008

>>; anyone even comment on myO anymore...?

-looks around- Ahh... myO is so empty now that theO is all the rage.. I miss it a lot. I refuse to let myO die, even if Cait and I are the only ones who keep posting on it!
Anyway, Yesterday I started watching Code Geass, and so my theme is now dedicated to the Black Prince and the White Knight... Lelouche Lamperouge and Suzaku Kusanagi. Lelouche is slightly insane... okay a little more than slightly. -yawns- I just wanna sleep now... but I have an essay to finish dammit. I shall go do that now... oh and I have a couple of new fanfictions up on ff.net, go check them out if you like... all are yaoi, be warned. My Profile
Ja ne minna... oyasumi.

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