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Friday, June 29, 2007

   The sad goodbye
Today we had to make the hard decicion of putting one of our cats. My favorite to sleep. He was just suffering so much! We felt that no matter what ammount of money we pained, there was no guarntee that he would continue to suffer. So now I wish for my father and animals in heaven to take care of him.
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Stupid Moderators!! They delete a wallpaper they originally accepted!
Okay I think the moderators of this site are stupid! I made a tokyo mew mew wallpaper with Ichigo and Berry. I never thought it'd be approved since Berry's panties are showing. Saddly after 100 I'm still in appoval only state! But I was under 100 when I submitted it. It was accepted, they had to approve it to put it through! Now they delete it with the lie of saying that first it was blurry and second it was unmodified! It was a calander and I fixed her ears and cut it out and put it on a wallpaper I made. They had the nerve to say I didn't modify it! They just didn't have the nerve to state that they screwed up with accepting it and they didn't like it that her panties were showing and had to delete it!

Now here's the original picture

Now here's my wallpaper. You show me where the image is blurry and prove to me that I didn't modify it!

If I could I'd write to them and bitch and moan on it. The least they could do is have the guts to tell the truth that they screwed up in accepting it!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Story = The Kaiba Brothers + chapter 2
Story = The Kaiba Brothers + chapter 2
Their nightmare had just begun

“Boys I’d like you to meet Ms. Raines, she runs this place. She’s going to take good care of you and find you a nice home.” Their aunt said before leaving.

For reasons the boys never understood Ms. Raines took an instant dislike to them.

“Well now boys. I’ll show you to your rooms.”

They came to a room full of screaming yelling little kids. Mokuba clung to his brother tightly.

“Mokuba doesn’t like being away from me. Our relatives kept bouncing us from one home to the next and having to move so much Mokuba doesn’t leave my side very often. He wants to feel safe so he sleeps next to me at night.” Seto tried to tell Ms. Raines but refused to believe it.

“Well this is where all the little children sleep. He’s going to have to adjust.” Ms. Raines said.


“Yes, Ms. Raines. This is Mokuba. He’s new. Find him a bed.” Ms. Raines said pushing Mokuba into the room.

“No, Seto!” Mokuba called back as the woman shut the door and dragged Mokuba away.

Seto glared up at Ms. Raines. “He’ll never sleep!”

“Well he’ll have to learn.”

Seto just continued to follow her.

“This will be your room. For the moment you will have this room to yourself. There was another boy but he was adopted shortly before you got here. The other boys are in the room next door. Any problems the dorm monitor James is in the room at the end of the hall.” Ms. Raines said and turned around and left before Seto could ask her anything.


Well that first night Mokuba cried and refused to go to bed. The other kids were starting to cry as well. Michelle did everything in her power to calm the children. She sent another monitor to fetch Ms. Raines.

Ms. Raines walks in and has to cover her ears over the crying children. “What’s going on in here?”

“We were trying to get the kids to bed but the new kid, Mokuba. He refuses to go to bed he threw a tantrum and started screaming at the top of his lungs and soon it spread to the other kids.” Michelle said over the screams as the other monitor continued to try to calm the children.

“There has to be something, you can do about the noise.” Ms. Raines said.

“I have tried everything! I can’t get Mokuba to calm down. Nothing I’ve tried works. He wont even let me hardly touch him. He keeps calling for someone names Seto.”

Ms. Raines sighed, Seto had warned her. “That’s his brother. He told me they were bounced between relatives and the boy wouldn’t sleep without being near him.”

“Well I’ll buy that. He seemed okay a little shy, but when it came down to bed time, he threw a fit.”

“Fine, Sarah can stay and take care of the children. Take Mokuba up the third floor, room 127. That’s his brother’s room. If it’ll shut the brat up and keep the others calm the let him stay with his brother.”


Michelle took the still crying Mokuba up to Seto’s room. She knocked on Seto’s door. Seto opened it and before anyone could say anything Mokuba threw his arms around Seto’s waist. Seto held him and wanted to say ‘I told you’, but instead just shut the door saying nothing. He simply took his little brother into his room and they continued to share it.


Over the next few weeks lots of different families all flocked to Seto. They all wanted him, mostly when they found out that he was a genius. Very few couples even bothered to talk with Mokuba and Seto together. Then even fewer couples talked to Mokuba alone.

The dozen or so that talked to Seto, after long and in his opinion boring questions, he mentioned Mokuba telling them he wanted to be adopted with his little brother. They all refused to take both and Seto refused to be adopted without Mokuba!

Seto always made sure to stay close to the room where the couples were talking with Mokuba. He feared they might try to adopt him. He was only 5 and didn’t know any better. Seto had to protect him, if he wanted them to stay together!

Then more trouble came as bullies constantly picked on them. Seto had often told Ms. Raines but she refused to believe that those sweet innocent little bullies were bad! So, he’d often get the blame and punishment for it. He didn’t like it but then again as long as it kept his brother safe, it didn’t really matter.

Things continued like this over the next year or so few even considered Mokuba especially since there were some families he didn’t trust no to try to take Mokuba away from him. So he’d stay in the corner of the room watching over Mokuba or Mokuba would hide behind him or just hang off his arm.


Seto walked out of office with a fuming Ms. Raines behind him.

Anna was a young orphan girl Seto had met several months back, just after he came out of the infirmary. He got the chicken pox and that left Mokuba alone and exposed to the bullies. Anna had seen Seto’s devotion to Mokuba and felt bad when he got sick and could no longer do it. So even though she didn’t have any siblings she took over while Seto was sick and started to protect Mokuba. Anna’s family had died in a house fire and she had been lucky to survive.

Of course Seto wasn’t happy to have this girl interfering in his family business but in the end accepted her after Mokuba told him how she fought off the bullies to protect him.

Anna came running up to him. “Hey Seto. What’s wrong with Ms. Raines she doesn’t look happy.”

“Does she ever?” Seto asked.

“Point taken.” Anna said.

“Where’s Mokie?”

“He’s fine, see he’s over there in the sand box.”

Seto sighed in relief.

“So, what happened?”

“Nothing much, just another day and another rejection.”

“Ms. Raines is mad that you rejected another couple?”

“Yeah, why can’t these people see that just cause I’m a genius, I’m not stupid either. Neither is Mokie!”

“Who said he was?”

“I don’t know, it was something about the way that couple reacted when I mentioned Mokie.”

“You think Ms. Raines told them he was stupid?”

“I can’t say for sure. I’ve had to keep careful watch to be sure Ms. Raines doesn’t try to convince a couple to adopted without me.”

“I remember that one time you told me she tried.”

“Yeah, I’ve just been lucky enough to be there or they weren’t interested. I always tell Mokie to get me before going with Ms. Raines, anywhere. I’m almost always right there near by, but there are a few rare times I’m not, I don’t want them to snatch him from me!”

“Don’t worry Seto, I’ll help. But you know I’ve heard a lot of other kids say that its nearly impossible to have siblings adopted together!”

“I appreciate the help, but I’m not letting him be adopted without me! He’s my little brother, my responsibility and nothing they can ever say or do will ever change that!”

“Well what about Mokie? How does he handle it when he has to do the interviews alone? I know there’s been a time or two Ms. Raines hasn’t allowed you to be in the room with him and the couple that’s looking to adopt.”

“I simply told Mokie that if he was forced to go with her to listen very carefully to the questions. Answer only questions you know the answer too. But not to say yes to any questions, that start with would you like us to adopt you. He’s smart enough to understand some things. I’ve explained to him, that Ms. Raines wants to separate us, and that by saying yes to the wrong question that might happen.”

“Seto, by saying that it probably freaked him out to the point he will do nothing but throw a tantrum if he has to be alone with them.”

“Fine by me. That will defiantly keep anyone from wanting him. Some people may think that he’s stupid because I’m a genius and he’s not. Well Little Mokie may only be 5 but he’s a lot smarter than most people give him credit for.”

“I’ll buy that one. He’s very smart.”

“He is in a more ways than one! Something people like Ms. Raines could never understand!”


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