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Friday, March 24, 2006

Stupid Moderators!! They delete a wallpaper they originally accepted!
Okay I think the moderators of this site are stupid! I made a tokyo mew mew wallpaper with Ichigo and Berry. I never thought it'd be approved since Berry's panties are showing. Saddly after 100 I'm still in appoval only state! But I was under 100 when I submitted it. It was accepted, they had to approve it to put it through! Now they delete it with the lie of saying that first it was blurry and second it was unmodified! It was a calander and I fixed her ears and cut it out and put it on a wallpaper I made. They had the nerve to say I didn't modify it! They just didn't have the nerve to state that they screwed up with accepting it and they didn't like it that her panties were showing and had to delete it!

Now here's the original picture

Now here's my wallpaper. You show me where the image is blurry and prove to me that I didn't modify it!

If I could I'd write to them and bitch and moan on it. The least they could do is have the guts to tell the truth that they screwed up in accepting it!

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