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Ok now, my name is Mari and this is an updated Profile, now I'm no longer 15 years old as when I started to get in this site, I;m 20 years old so many many many things have happened since them.
I still like anime, I still like drawing but don't do it as frequently as before, I keep loving video games I just can't leave them, and my favorite is definetly Zelda (all the serie), I'm learning Japanese, I have many favorite colors now lol, like purple, lilac, pink, black and silver. Whatever you want to ask me contact me by email or private message!. Right now (04/21/2009) I haven't updated my portfolio or anything besides my background image, this profile and the color of the font in my site, but I hope I can get some time to improve this place a bit! have fun! ~<3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

   Everything have changed...
Since the last time I wrote everything have changed in my life and even my personality! now I'm a more brighter person with a happier mood, I keep liking some "weird" stuff... but I feel better about everything now. I was studying Electronical Engineering and I discovered that it wasn't what I really wanted to do, now I got a quota on another great University to study Modern Languages and I'm so happy about that. I hope I can study graphic design soon too. My boyfriend will keep studying in the university I started at but I'm happy because he finally chose the career he likes, and not the first he started with.
Maybe no one is interested in this excepting me, but is ok, I just wanted to write down how good I feel lately.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility:everything!
best personality trait:people person
will you marry your bf/gf that you have now?it depends
when will you get married?August 25, 2016
your kiss is:mixed messages
People date you because:you're cute

Found this at morbos ^_^

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

...Well it had passed a long time since my last submission and post... right now i made a submission of an old aioria, im finally at xmas vacations... new changes in my life?? well I have 2 piercings now... one in my nipple and one in the back of my neck, i found out that the boy i love doesnt loves me back and i doubt he ever will... and i kinda felt stuff for my exgirlfriend but im sure that wont work so im just gonna forget her... i failed maths1 at the univ... so i have to present it again the next trimester... and i might get the wii tomorrow ^^... other than that my life sucks mostly... well at least i found out my dad loves me very much more than what i thought... Im grateful and sad at the same time... sigh... well thats all for now... i might write more or make more submissions now that i got a lil bit more of time... bye
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