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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

...Well it had passed a long time since my last submission and post... right now i made a submission of an old aioria, im finally at xmas vacations... new changes in my life?? well I have 2 piercings now... one in my nipple and one in the back of my neck, i found out that the boy i love doesnt loves me back and i doubt he ever will... and i kinda felt stuff for my exgirlfriend but im sure that wont work so im just gonna forget her... i failed maths1 at the univ... so i have to present it again the next trimester... and i might get the wii tomorrow ^^... other than that my life sucks mostly... well at least i found out my dad loves me very much more than what i thought... Im grateful and sad at the same time... sigh... well thats all for now... i might write more or make more submissions now that i got a lil bit more of time... bye
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