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My page is getting better...still needs worked on. Hey, I'm getting there! There, along with several other places I need to be. Anyone like fan fictions? I write em, you can check em out at this web site...


It works better with that URL, it takes you right to my bio. Well since I'm in the middle of class, I'll go now!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

   *blinks* Wow...
It's been just about forever hasn't it?
I've been on livejournal a lot latley. If anyone wants to look me up there my name is gravi_shu-chan.
I've been in a roleplay for a while and it's great! If anyone wants to join let me know. ........I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! Somehow I get the feeling everybody left me because of my lack of updating. ~sniffu sniffu~

In other news, someone stole my dog Daisy!!!! I want my doggy back!!!!! *runs off and cries* Actually, I think I've already worn myself out crying. But we're doing all we can. What else can we do?

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Okay, here's the thing...my friend Jenna's sister (the girl who didn't know about the whole denial thing) has the newest Furbuba novel, volume eleven. And as it seems, Akito is supposed to be a woman!!! Well, I'm not for certain, that's just what she told me. And it would appear that the horse is a female Sohma. I found that out through snooping the web. Okay, it was a fan art, but still. Anyway, I don't know what happens after Kyo lets it slip how he feels about Tohru, or how things will turn out between Yuki and Akito and Tohru. It's confusing to know who's going to be with who. But I will stick with Furuba until the very end. Because that's how much I like it. Well, I don't have too much time to write about everything I want, so I'm gonna get off here and let you guys get on with yer lives. Hopefully they ain't boring...

And did I mention that school starts back up again this Thursday? I so can NOT wait!! I'm one of the few people who really love school. It's too bad that this year is my last year. That so sucks. Well, laters! Don't forget to talk to me!!!!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

I finally read Furuba volume 10!!! I borrowed it from the library. I saw the side of the book and figured it was volume one or two since those were the two ones they usually had. When I saw it I was all, "OMFG!! They acutally have volume 10?!? The NEWEST one?!" Of course you know I just had to have it. Well, borrow it anyway. I read it all the way through even though I ocasionally skipped ahead a few pages. ^^;;;;; But the end wasn't really a surprise, I mean, considering the way Yuki-san talked when he spoke to Tohru-san about 'opening the tightly closed lid'. Overall it was seriously kewl!! And I absolutely can NOT wait until volume 11 comes out in August. Kyo-kun gets into a big fight with Akito-san and accidentally blabs out how he feels about Tohru-san. That and an angry horse just about runs her over...Hey, that's what it said on the back of volume 10, just not exactly in the same words. ^^;;;

Oh yeah! Anyone want a Full Metal Alchemist spoiler? It's just a pic, but still...I don't think they've showed this epsiode yet...well anyway, go to this site. It should work...


Well that be all for now, luv ya, l8ers!

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