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Monday, July 25, 2005

I finally read Furuba volume 10!!! I borrowed it from the library. I saw the side of the book and figured it was volume one or two since those were the two ones they usually had. When I saw it I was all, "OMFG!! They acutally have volume 10?!? The NEWEST one?!" Of course you know I just had to have it. Well, borrow it anyway. I read it all the way through even though I ocasionally skipped ahead a few pages. ^^;;;;; But the end wasn't really a surprise, I mean, considering the way Yuki-san talked when he spoke to Tohru-san about 'opening the tightly closed lid'. Overall it was seriously kewl!! And I absolutely can NOT wait until volume 11 comes out in August. Kyo-kun gets into a big fight with Akito-san and accidentally blabs out how he feels about Tohru-san. That and an angry horse just about runs her over...Hey, that's what it said on the back of volume 10, just not exactly in the same words. ^^;;;

Oh yeah! Anyone want a Full Metal Alchemist spoiler? It's just a pic, but still...I don't think they've showed this epsiode yet...well anyway, go to this site. It should work...


Well that be all for now, luv ya, l8ers!

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