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life is sadness. we drift along day by day until we hope for death
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Monday, December 31, 2007

   hey everyone
i think i may stop writing poems and write play stories... i don't know. i think i may use this post as a test.

it's the first day of school. don't worry you'll live. it's only a new high school at a new town and you will make new friends fast.... right?

mom: Sammy are you ok? you look a little nerves.

sammy: no, mom i'm fine.

mom: ok honey, and don't forget you can always stop at the office if you can't find a class.

sammy: don't worry mom. i know.

but what if i can't find the office...

mom: that's my girl. i know you will make a lot of new friends.

-sammy gets out of the car and walks onto school-

don't worry! school will be fine. a friend can't be to hard to find....


oh god! the bell i haven't even put my stuff away! just get to your first class, tell the teacher that your new and they may let it go this once. wait what's my first class

-takes classes list out of her poket-

ok i have math in room 239. ok that shoulden't be to hard to find.... ok weres the office

ok thats all i'm going to write for today... i suck at this shit

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

hay it's true
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ok i hope i don't get shit if i post this. hey it is true emo is so over used and it's getting old. goth was ment to be the sad one and now emo is out and lets just say it's all a bunch of shit.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Personal Quiz
i'm sorry, i just love these things! please fill it out, i know it's long.

Be completely honest.

What would you do if?
1. I was right next to you:
2. I kissed you:
3. I lived next door to you:
4. I started smoking:
5. I was hospitalized:
6. I was drunk:
7. I hugged u:
8. I asked you to leave:
9. I asked you out:

What do you think about my?
10. Personality:
11. Eyes:
12. Hair:

Would you?
14. Be my friend?
15. Keep a secret if i told you one?
16. Kiss me?
17. Reassure Me
18. Keep in touch?
19. Date me?
20. Hold me?

Have you ever?
21. Lied to make me feel better?
22. Wanted to kiss me?
23. Wanted to bite me?
24. Kept something important from me?
25. Wanted to cuddle with me?


27. Are we friends?

28. When and how did we meet?

29. Describe me in one word:

30. What was your first impression?

31. What reminds you of me?

32. If you could give me anything what would it be?

33. How well do you know me?

34. When's the last time you saw me?

35. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

36. Are you gonna post this so you can see what I say about you?

You must answer all these questions and send them back to me, please dont hold back, be complety honest...
Y= Yes
N = No
M= Maybe

Would/will you?
[] Come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?
[] Fight me?
[] kiss me?
[]Let me kiss you?
[] Watch a movie with me?
[] Go out to dinner with me?
[] Sing car karaoke with me?
[] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[] Hold my hand?
[] Let me make you breakfast?
[] Help me with homework?
[] Tickle me?
[] Let me tickle you?
[] Instant message me?
[] Greet me in public?
[] Hang out with me?
[] Bring me around your friends?
[] Be down with me no matter what?
[] Go out with me?

Do you?
[] Think I'm cute?
[] Think I'm serious?
[] Think I'm a good person
[] Think I'm conceided?
[] Want to kiss me?
[] Want to cuddle with me?
[] Want to hook up with me?
[] Love me?

Am I?
[] Smart?
[] Cute?
[] Funny?
[] Sexy?
[] Cool?
[] Romantic?
[] A freak?
[] Gangster?
[] Lovable?
[] Adorable?
[] Trustworthy
[] Compassionate?
[] Great to be with?
[] Attractive?

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