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Monday, December 31, 2007

   hey everyone
i think i may stop writing poems and write play stories... i don't know. i think i may use this post as a test.

it's the first day of school. don't worry you'll live. it's only a new high school at a new town and you will make new friends fast.... right?

mom: Sammy are you ok? you look a little nerves.

sammy: no, mom i'm fine.

mom: ok honey, and don't forget you can always stop at the office if you can't find a class.

sammy: don't worry mom. i know.

but what if i can't find the office...

mom: that's my girl. i know you will make a lot of new friends.

-sammy gets out of the car and walks onto school-

don't worry! school will be fine. a friend can't be to hard to find....


oh god! the bell i haven't even put my stuff away! just get to your first class, tell the teacher that your new and they may let it go this once. wait what's my first class

-takes classes list out of her poket-

ok i have math in room 239. ok that shoulden't be to hard to find.... ok weres the office

ok thats all i'm going to write for today... i suck at this shit

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