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Friday, December 22, 2006

   Ugh Work....I hate christmas..blugh!

Chibi cuteness!!

Well Thursday I was supposed to be off but I wasnt. I was going to go out with my friends, but my mom said no. I only got $64.00 for a check, but I have like $160.00 including tips. I have to work Friday too and more than likely Saturday. Work really sucks, it makes it where your social life plumets..humph. Other than that nothing much has been going on. I just can not wait till Christmas time is over..I HATE CHRISTMAS!! My whole family gets depressed around this time, which makes me depressed so it sucks. I hope yawl have a wonderful christmas and a happy new years! Stay safe, and have fun!!


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

   Today is my last day of school..BUT NOT WORK :(!

Well today is the last day of school for me. YAY! I is happy about that. School resumes on the 4th of January though. Alot of stuff has been swimming in my head. Bo and I have been together for a whole year but I am thinking about taking a break. I dont know I am lost and confused about love. I think I still love one of my ex's but I am not sure. GAH!! I hate it.

well thats about all have a fun and safe break!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

What a horrible birthday and weekend...:(

Well..My birthday was the worse ever. I hated it. I did get to go clubbing, which also sucked. I hated it. I had fun but then again it sucked. There was drama all weekend about everything. And work has been hard. But it has been fun also, and I am still learning a lot of stuff. Today I am hoping to go shopping with mom for some bday clothes since my dad and boyfriend got me jewerly which we are taking back cause I dont wear it. And also Bo and I (my boyfriend) is suppose to be able to go somewhere for our 1 year anniversary. So we better or I am putting my foot down.

hope you all have a good week. Tuesday is my last day of school. YAY!


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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   I feel like shit..and I am depressed..*sigh*

this is my mood ^..but i must try harder to look on the bright side of things.

well work went well i suppose. I am still learning A LOT. Today we have to go waitress on our own. And its my birthday! :( oh well cant expect anything special :). At least I can say I made some money on my birthday. WOO HOO. Hopefully I will still be able to go to the club. If not then.. I dono. I guess all the stuf I wanted for my 18th will be ruined. But its nothing new there. oh well. I guess you cant always have what you want.

I feel like shit and I hope it doesnt affect my work skills. *sighs* oh well if I get fired..more rest for me!! hah..


P.S.-sorry for the few cuss words, i know some of yawl feel disrespected by it, so i apologize! :)

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Well tomorrow is my birthday. Whitney still hasn't gave me half. I did ALL the work, I came up with everything. But she wont give me $25.00 that I deserve, which isn't half. If I took half it would of been like $50.00. So yeah that has pissed me off and now we are not friends because of it. I think its such a stupid thing to end our friendship over, BUT I will not take getting used. Ya know?

Well, tomorrow is my 18th birthday. WHAT a wonderful birthday it has been. *sarcasm* my feet hurt from work, my whole body hurts actually. Waitressing is harder than I thought it was LOL.

I hope my birthday gets better..*sigh*


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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   Thursday..and I have a job.

Believe it or not I got a job last night. I am waitressing at this little bitty down in arley. Which is a 2 mile long town. So yeah...I dono how long I will last but I am hoping to make some money. Though its like..$3.50 an hour plus tips. LOL. You never know I might get lucky and get a REALLY good tip..yeah right..lol oh well.

Well in 2 days I will be 18 years old. Isnt that just lovely. I am legal and an adult kinda..oh well I will always act like a 10 year old LOL.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend!

oh and I am depressed cause I have to take like one test. So there for I have to go all day and be fucking bored to take one test. It pisses me off because I have a C when I know I should have a B. Its big bull shit. Grr..oh well.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

*yawns* only hump day *groans*

I can not wait for this movie to come out. hehehe. I wanna see Happy Feet too :).

I wrote a song for my boyfriend. Tell me what ya think ;)!

Your eyes of deep blue seas
Calls out to me
I drown in your eyes
As they was away all of my cries

Your voice is so tender
that I must surrender
Calming the beast that lays inside
Beckoning it to hide

Your arms wrapped around me tight
Protecting me with all their might
Making me feel safe for once in my life
My struggles becomming less of a strife


What would I do
If I ever lost you
Your all I hold dear
You was away all that I fear
My smile awakens only for you
Your the only one who makes me true

I love you more with each breath I take
These feelings for you I can never shake
What I'am trying to tell you
Is thank you for everything that you do

Well I am sleepy hungry and ready for this week to be done with lol.

Love yawl!


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Monday, December 11, 2006

5 Day Till My 18th Birthday!!

I can not wait till Saturday. I am going to club red, getting drunk, and dancing in the cages and on the strip pole. My weekend was really good by the way. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of drama as welll.

School was SOOOO dramatic but at the end it finally turned out okay.

Marlenas ex boyfriend Nathan is wanting to ask her out again but he is scared that hes going to hurt her, and same with her.

So yeah thats about it.



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Sunday, December 10, 2006

   what a wonderful weekend :)! SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG :(!

I really like this drawing. I think its awesome!!

Sorry its been so long. A lot of crap has been happening here lately. A LOT OF DRAMA. Let me tell ya. But its getting better now :). Guess what!?!? I AM TURNING 18 IN LIKE...6 DAYS!! hehehe I can not wait!!

Well I hope you all have a fun crazy weekend!!

Stay in trouble *instead of out* hehehe.

Q-What is your holiday plans?

A-I am planning to spend time with my family and of course my boy friend *since he DOES live with me*. Also to sleep in when school lets out for the break. I AM IN NEED OF REST!! *growls* hehehe :)


once again i am sorry i havent updated in forever!! forgive me :(?

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   YAY!! THE WEEK IS ALMOST OVER WITH!! :) I so happy!

Cute Funny Picture hehe.

Yay!! Its almost Friday. I can not wait. This has been such a cram packed week. I am turning my logos and slogans in too!! I dont care if I dont win, I just want some extra points. Plus it was a lot of fun doing 'em.

Anyways I might go Prom dress shopping next weekend :). I can NOT wait! hehehe. I will be able to put one on layway after Christmas. blegh..

Nathan is reading over my song...that I am thinking about recording. Its about certain people that is in religion saying that your going to go to hell for this and that and blah blah blah. yeah..lol.

Other than not nothing much has happened :).

Hope yawl have a good one!


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