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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

   Hump Day

Yup..today is wednesday 2 days till friday. I really really cant wait till friday. I did write a poem thingy. Ill show yawl the first 4 lines.

Torn and Beaten I lay here,

Swallowed by the darkness of my pain.

On the outside I'am alive,

But in the inside I'am dead.

Hope yawl like it!!


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

   Rainy Depressing Day

It is rainy and my mood = depressed. I dont like rainy days at school. I hate the class I am in, the teacher is all for the sluts. Its kind of weird. He's really old so that makes it even more weird. Well I suppose today is a good day to let my writing ability come out. WOOT!


3 more days till I go to the Fair Yippe!

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Friday, September 8, 2006


THANK GOD TODAY IS FRIDAY WOOT WOOT PARTY AT MY HOUSE!! Yeah Marlena, Whitney, Margaret, Jimmy, Bo, Alicia, and maybe Nathan is comming over to my house today. Woot

Anyways the principle at carrer tech laughed in my friends face when she told him. Literally laughed, made her cry too. He said that people are going to talk that she might as well get used to it. But what ever hes a dumb ass. Then the teacher made her cry again but I dono what she said. So yeah people are complete ass holes.

So yeah they are checking for piercings and marlena has her nose pierced so there for when he says something to her shes going to go "Well peoples going to wear them anyways might as well get used to it" HAHA greatness

WELLLLLL This weekend I am going to DG and buying some Anime and ADOPTING A DOGGIE!! WOOT!!


Have a great weekend you guys!

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

   Royaly Pissed Off

Well today I found out that some stupid bitch was talking about one of my friends. She said to a teacher that my friend talks to herself and her gum. And she wanted to go and talk about her Drawings of Anime. So yeah I am so pissed off you just dont know. For one my friend NEVER talks in class. Hardly ever to her friends either. She keeps to herself and bothers no one and she doesnt even know this gurl *kathy* that was talking about her TO A DAMN TEACHER!!

So there for you can miss with me but not my friends. So there for that means I am going to beat her butt. Well not really but I am going to the counselor about it. She has no right to talk about her. ITS SLANDER AND ITS AGAINST THE LAW!!

Stupid slutty ass bitch..>=(

Ill keep yawl posted :D


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Wednesday, September 6, 2006


I am so friggin sick. I hate being so sick. It sucks big time. Well I love mountain dew!!

What is your favorite Soda?

Mine is Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Bo and I are back together. We got back together Monday. He got on his knees and begged for forgiveness it was GRREEAAATTT!! Ahh yes..power..yum. Anyways I am going to go and drink my Sunkist. ^__^ Thanks for all the comments. I hope yawl had a good weekend. Have a good week!!


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Friday, September 1, 2006


Thank God it is the weekend. I dont know how much longer I could put up with some of these people. Well Bo and I are still on a break. And will be prolly all weekend long. Until he can prove he cant treat me better.

I just need a break from EVERYONE!! So yeah..woot! Hope yawl have a great one!!



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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Bo and I are on a break. I decided this. Because he was cussing me out and screaming at me for no reason.Yeah I am really depressed...


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well yesterday after school I had to wait all alone in the rain for 3 hours. I spent 2 hours doing homework though..wow I actually did HW for once..amazing. Bo is doing good now but he still has stiches. Margaret is living with her grandparents. She dropped the charges so I guess she is going to be raped..oh well I tried to help. But no one wants it soo..oh well. I dont care anymore.

I am listening to my AWESOME cd I luff it. YAY..yup well anyways gotta go before I get introuble with the stupid teacher..


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   Weekend Activities

Well..Bo came over Friday and we had lotsa fun togther. And today we went to cullman Pet Depot *its like a wal-mart to me* i ♥ animals *hehe* I wanted this cat named Dizzy because it had perm. crossed eyes and I was guna get him but someone already adopted him. SOOOO yeah I got my Hamster a new cage! hehe he ♥ it i so happy :D!! But yeah we rented movies so I am guna go watch 'em. We got Herculese(sp?) the newest movie of that and The Hills Have Eyes. *i dun like scary movies*

So I hope all of yawls weekends have went well!!


P.S- I have started playing Dragon Fable it seems fun.
check it out!

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