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Thursday, October 19, 2006

   well today is friday..so lets through a riot..and make it so we dont do nothing on fridays-sundays..how bout it..yawl with me?

Well yesterday was bad because I was depressed...When women are on their "monthly time" we tend to have emotional problems. I dono why but I do lol.

Anyways..I am having my Halloween Party this Friday. I cant wait!! I like to watch people get drunk and act stupid.

*bringing up memories*

After our Junior Prom we went to my house for the prom party. My bff Marlena looked at the Telephone pole and goes.."whose that hot guy over there?" and winks at the pole. We tried to tell her it was a telephone pole. So then she made a little phone out of her hand and "called the hot guy". It was hillarious.

Also that night I was pretending to fly and be an airplane. And I pounced my other BFF Whitney cause I thought she was a bunny rabbit.

heheehe Good Times. Hope yawl have a wonderful day!

Q:Have you ever heard of Wiccans? If so, what is your thoughts.

A:Yes and I used to be really intrested in it. Simply because they was at peace with nature. Wiccans are those who worship nature in other words. I guess they are kinda like Hippies. I still like Wiccan Religion over a lot of the other religions these days.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

   Hump day..the day of the humping...hah =|

I found these lyrics from this person I hate a lot. Christina Agulera:

I was naive
Your love was like candy
Artificially sweet
I was deceived by the wrapping
Got caught in your web
And I learned how to bleed
I was prey in your bed
And devoured completely

And I think they are cool. The End.

P.S.-Today sucks.


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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

   Tuesday.... I never thought I could hate so much..But I do..I hate preps..

Here is my button please add it to your page!

Well of course like always my mom is going to be late today. So that means I gotta find something to do. So I am going to go to Pleezins and put in an Application with my friend Whitney. Cause I really need a friggin job.

Anywho..Nothing really other than that has been happening. I am writing two stories. A romance/action/animish one and a Romance/action one. So yeah. The second one is more real than the first.

Well here is some pics I found..


Q:What is your sign"

A:The Centaur!

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Monday, October 16, 2006


Well school has started back so that sucks. I am hyper today because I am taking these Green Tea Diet Pills that give me tons of energy AND you can lose 20ilbs. But the pills dont make you lose weight, it gives you the oomp to exercise to lose weight.It has Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, and oolong Tea in it along with other big name stuff lol. But yeah.

The answer to the riddle yesterday was answered correctly by TwistedNightmare. It blew away. lol.

Q:Do you have an accent people use that you just hate?

A: Yup The preppy accent. haha I hate it.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well we didnt go to the haunted house instead we rented movies. I rented Memories of a Geisha. Which by the way was completely awesome. I SUGGEST THAT MOVIE!! I already read the book and of course the book is ten times better. But yah thats about it.

*Joke/Riddle: *answer tomorrow*

What Happened To The Wind?

~*Who can answer it??*~

Q:What is your favorite smell?

A:Coffee or gas. LOL

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Friday, October 13, 2006

   Yay its friday!! I am so happy!!

Finally its Friday. My plans for the weekend is: Tonight go to the Haunted House down at Hidden Cove, cause one of my friends is volunteering there. Saturday going up to the Sipsey Mountains to see the Fall Foliage befor it dissappears. And Sunday just relaxing :). Of course all this is going to be done with Bo!

ANYWAYS!! I am going to show yawl more of my story. I hope yawl are liking it so far! PLEASE COMMENT MY STORY I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ANY GRAMMA MISHAPS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!

Oh shit night time!"Aidena ran and got her Katana, and scurried off to find a place to hide for the night.

She ran through the woods, all her senses open. She ran till she found a small little cottage that looked to be abandoned. She walked inside and saw the skeltons of three dead bodies. It looked to be of a mother, father, and a child. Aidena sniffed the air in the cottage. It smelled of the plague. Aidena walked out and looked around. She noticed a small little shed near the cottage. She gathered up her strength and headed towards the welcoming shed. She opened the door and saw wood and hay. The air smelled clean, she placed a cross on the shed door to keep out the leeches and layed down on the hay with her Katana on her chest. As soon as she hit the hay she was asleep and dreaming of all the horrors that she had witnessed just a few hours ago.

Aidena woke to the sound of banging at the shed door. She jumped to her feet and saw that daylight was only minutes away. Her heart started to pound heavily in her chest.

"Who is it!?" Aidena called out with as much courage as she could muster.

But no one answered they just keeped banging on the door.

"Who the fuck is there?? Tell me your damn name!" Aidena screamed angerly.

The banging on the door stopped suddenly. And she heard someone take in a deep breath.

"Please help..its almost daylight..and I will die in the sun." the strange voice said.

"I will not let no blood sucking leech in here! GO TO HELL THATS WHERE YOU BELONG!!" Aidena yelled.

The stranger exhaled sharply.

"You dont understand, I am not like all the others. I am not a killing machine. I do not thrive on watching others die! PLEASE HELP!" The strange voice said.

"I will not stoop down and help you. Got to the cottage and sleep vampire." Aidena said calmly.

"Thank you kindly." The vampire said and everything went silent.

Aidena sat on the hay pile watching as sun began to leak through the cracks of the shed. She rose up and took the cross off of the door placing it around her neck. She picked up her Katana and placed it in its sheath around her waist. She opened the door and breathed in deeply smelling the morning air. She peered over at the cottage and began to walk towards it.

' i must find out the truth. i have the advantage now. he can not harm me' Aidena said over and over in her head.

She came up to the door and took in a deep breath then opened it. She heard a loud hiss and saw someone move towards the shadows. Aidena walked in and cracked the door, standing in the sunlight.

"Who are you vampire?" Aidena asked.

"I am Ash." The vampire replied. "And you are..?"

"My name is Aidena and I am a slayer of all thats evil. And I have tooken a vow to kill every THING like you. Because your kind destroyed all that I held dear to me. And you shall pay.." Aidena put her hand on her sword ready for his move.

If your lost go to last times post to catch up on the story. kk?

Thank you

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   Happy Hump Day To Everyone!

Well nothing has really happened here lately. I took my friend Marlena home about and hour ago. AND now I am bored half to death and just messing around with myspace. Which yawl should get one its fun..and addicting..to me anyways. But other than that nothing so I am going to post some more of my story!

There was a faint smell of blood in the air, and a whisper of death upon the wind. The sky was very dark, the sun disappearing behind the blackened clouds. Life was no where to be found. Only death every where you turned. Except for one girl , lurking in the shadows, hiding from the evils that pursued the land. Her family and friends burned and tortured to death infront of her very eyes. Her one true loves blood drained from his body by the blood sucking leeches. She vowed Revenge for all of their deaths. Her name is Aidena, the slayer of all thats evil.

Aidena rose from her dark hiding place with a katana in her hand. She searched the land carefully for any signs of movement, or the smell of rotting flesh of a leech. She wiped her forehead with her right hand, the wetness of sweat on the back of her hand. Aidena sniffed the air and started to walk around. Looking at all the people she knew. Their eyes wide in fear, their bodies cringed in horror and death. She looked down at her true lovers body. Lifeless and pale, his eyes wide in horror, with wetness upon his cheeks, as if he had been crying. Aidenas legs gave and she fell upon her knees shaking trying to hold back the tears she wanted to release for so long.

"Why!? Why him!? WHY COULDNT YOU OF KILLED ME!? Why must I suffer.." Aidena screamed with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Aidena stayed hunched over for several minutes sobbing. Then she rose to her feet and wiped away her tears. She looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was soon to set.

"I got to bury all these people before sunset. Or they shall have to live a life full of pain and death."Aidena picked up a stray shovel and began to dig a hole.

Right when the sun had set she buried the last of the bodies. Her body aching with pain from all the work. She held herself up with the shovel and rested her head on her hands. She stayed like that for a few minutes then tilted her head back to look at the sky.




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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

   Bored on second day of FALL BREAK! *tuesday*

Well I havent really done much. Just went shopping for some clothes and a purse. And I went to my friends house and helped her babysit. Then she came to my house and now we are stuck here about to die from boredome. So yeah thats about all so far. I am hoping to see Bo today.

Anyways about that boy. I talked to the counselor and she KNEW that Tertle didnt do it. And she LAUGHED at him *growls*. And now the poor boy is recieving counseling for something that he DIDNT EVEN DO!! THIS PISSES ME OFF SO BAD YAWL JUST DONT KNOW!! SOOOOO I am calling Mrs. Reid The Superintident of the Board of Education and talking to her about it!!

*as for it being ya'll thats wonderful for YAWL yankees, but as for us southerns its YAWL YALL OR YAUL!*

Well I hope yawl have a great week.


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Friday, October 6, 2006


Well today I am going to go talk to the counselor. Because there is this boy in class that has been exposing himself. And also the other guys have been picking on this one dude nick named Tertle. So now he is getting in a lot of trouble. They wrote very rude letters about Coach Ed *and he knows it wasnt tertle* and the teachers and students laughed when he got sent to the conselor and that IS so wrong!

After school I am going to help Bo move into his trailer! I am moving in with him in January or hopefully sooner :D! I am out for a week and I sooo can not wait. I get to sleeeepppp!

Well I guess that is about alll.

Q:At what age are you moving out? Or what age did you move out at?

A:I am moving out when I am 18!! woot! Which is Dec. 16th !



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Thursday, October 5, 2006

   Today is Thursday

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. I am about to die. I need a break from all these stupid people. 13 years is enough to make someone go insane!

Well I didnt do much of anything at all. Fall Break is next week. So I get to sleep yay!!

*Random Thought*

I hate when people talk about stuff that they dont even have a clue about. How can you think you know everything when you haven't done half of the stuff you rant about. Sex for instance if your a virgin dont talk about how much you know. Cause you dont

Q:Do you dress up for Halloween?

A:I do every year and I love it!! And I love candy!

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