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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Hmmmm wow its been a while yet again


Well hi everyone (lol if anyone even remembers who I am!)
I just thought I'd post....lol maybe I just don't want to get to working on my Fluid dynamics lab...lol anyways, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was a lot of fun and i got some pretty cool stuff like some DDR pads (my whole family played: both my younger sisters and my mom and dad). We had a ton of fun!
Man need to upload some of my drawings! I guess I might do that later today after i finish my hw.
oh here is something fun, for halloween my boyfriend and I dressed up as the fairly odd parents. want to see a picture? well here you go!

Anyways, I'm going to go to my first convention in February! One is going to be at the city my college is at so i thought, what the hey, lets go! Its a pretty much anything convention. From anime, comics, movies, and games. It sounds like its mostly going to be games, but who cares? I love games! My boyfriend, a few friends, and I are going to go. For the longest time my bf and i tried to think of something easy but good. We went through a lot of things and decided on...lol...well just look and see:

lol yup we are going as Videl and THE GREAT SAIYAMAN! lol I haven't seen much of the show, but i love the game and like what little i've seen of DBZ. One of the girls that is going with is is going to either be android 18 or bulma(but leaning toward 18). Lol and the other people might jump in and be DBZ characters. Its going to be so much fun! lol college students have nothing better to do with there lives i guess....lol
well anyways, i really should get to doing my hw. Hopefully I'll upload some stuff today (after my hw....lol this is enough distraction for now right? lol)

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Friday, October 5, 2007



Well hi everyone! I haven't posted in a LONG time....hmmm i don't even remember the last time i have....
Anyways, as you guys can tell I have been really busy this semester! A lot of my classes are ridiculous! I've also been busy with band and teaching a Bible study.
Heh actually I'm procrastinating a bit...I have a engineering statistics test on monday, circuits test on tuesday, Physics 2 (circuits part) test also on tuesday, and 3 phys lab reports due on tuesday(2 I just need to revise), Mechanics of materials hw due tuesday, and i need to work on my mechanics of materials bridge truss lab. FWEW! yeah i was going to work on some today because I have an exhibition on saturday(go to a marching band competition and we are the entertainment at the end, heh its really for recruiting purposes).
Tonight will be fun though, my boyfriend and I are going with another couple to go putt-putt golf! Oh wait! I haven't told you guys that I'm dating someone now. All last year he was a really close friend of mine but i wasn't sure if i wanted to date him or not. This year i just decided i wanted too! :)

Hmmmm I haven't had much time to draw. My drawing pens died about 2 months so i wasn't able to finish a bunch of drawings i was working on..lol and i didn't want to start any new ones! Well I'm almost done with my ferngully one. I drew crysta. I've finished coloring her and I'm trying to decide if i want to put a bg or not on it. I guess I'll submit it later.

Oh and I've created another music video. Another fate/stay night one. You guys should really check out that anime! well here is the link to my music video:
well i g2g. hopefully I'll get a chance to stop by some of your sites! oh and what do you think about my new Shikamaru theme?

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