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Friday, March 25, 2005

My weekend should be good :)

Jazzy & Heater (maybe Heather) are gonna spend Friday-Sunday at my house! Today in maybe 7 or 8 hours I am going to Helen's house, just until my mom gets off of work and picks me up to go pick them up.

Thursday I went with my dad and had lunch with him (Burger King) and his girlfriend bought me this kawaii (cute) bunny ^_^ its so adorable I love it, and she bought me peeps mmmm I love those yummy lil birdies.

I watched The Exorsist while I was at my dad's house, it wasnt The Beginning one it was the original with deleted scenes and shiznitte heh of course it was good. Classics...

This weekend HOPEFULLY I will get to see The Ring 2, I am dying to see it! Also my church is doing a play so I'm sure I will have fun, lets just hope my weekend doesnt go awry...

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   Yeah I know my bed has no sheet!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I got to c my Uncle and his fiance yesterday! ^_^ he flew in from Chicago. My dad and his girlfriend are going up there I heard, I'm sure I wont be able to go. I would like to I guess unless they are flying, then its an absolute nooooooo!

I even took a picture with them, I letting people take pictures but hey I havent seen him in like over ~counts on fingers~ over 9 years

I actually cooked for myself! I have boiled things before like ramen or macarroni but I actually fried something! ~proud~

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

   Would yall vote yes on this?
If not I wont add it, so many little bastards running around voting no without even commenting telling me why they didnt like it....

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Monday, March 21, 2005

   The Sims - hard times
So little time! so many rich dirty old men to scope out! *frustrated sigh* the trials of prostituting....
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ahh how could she of gotten passed neighborhood watch?! no old hookers allowed! reeetiiiirrrre
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yesterday I really met my Great Grandma, I saw her before at my uncle's wedding but I'd hardly call that meeting anyone for that brief moment.

My friendz spent the night, so they are here right now but asleep ~_~ so they met her too, and my grandma and I also saw my Aunty Samantha, and then we went out to eat at a buffet! wooohoooo

I still havent found my autograph ;_;

Oh yeah I forgot to say, my great grandma is almost 85! and she is just as prrdy as she wants to be ;)

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

good lord no I cant find my KJ-52 autograph! >:( criminy.... well when I find it I will post up my autographs from the concert but until then... NOTHING! jk I'll just ramble until then


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Friday, March 18, 2005

This concert was the best one I have ever been to! I had so much fun, even though we got there late and missed like half the show I still got to see Falling Up and Seventh Day Slumber perform, it was so awesome! I got to push people in the moshpit and there was lots of jumping and by the end of all that I was sweaty and thirsty.

With KJ-52 I took pictures with him, I got his autograph on the CD cover and I got a handshake and then a hug :D

With Seventh Day Slumber I got hugs from all of the members, I took pictures with them and my mom has their CD so they signed it but put my name >:) they were so awesome! I had no idea he was a screamer

With Hawk Nelson I got a hug from one or two of them, I took pictures but we didnt have anything for them to sign.

With Falling Up I got pictures with them! I also got them to sign their CD cover :)

I got hugs from the lead singer and drummer, the drummer was sooo sweaty! He asked me if I was so sure I wanted to hug him and I said I'm possitive! He was like soaked lol like he had jumped in a pool of sweat and got out and started drumming then hugged me ^_^ I loved it!

BUT! one of the best parts is when....

the drummer told me he remembered me! now that was awesome! I touched his hair! I told him I love his hair and then I reached out and touched it hehe

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

At 7pm is a concert I have been DYING to go to! Falling Up, KJ-52, Hawk Nelson & Seventh Day Slumber are performing! I so hope nothing messes my plans up! I really hope I can go and nothing goes wrong or while I'm there someone ruins it for me V_V

I have seen Falling Up perform before, and they were awesome and I am going TRY to say more than two words to the lead singer.

In the morning sometime I am going to a doctor thing with my mom to get the results of her MRI. I'm sure everything is fine ^^ we all know she is retarded :D lol so that wont be shocking :P

Today wasnt very good, I got in trouble for something v_v and I got my feelings hurt over what someone said to me and cried. . .and people wonder why I am the way I am, or why I put myself down... but anyway I'm fine now!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   starting anew......
lol I am reformatting my computer... again ^^''''

I bought the blank CD's and got the program to burn them from my dad so I am all ready ^_^ but no telling when I am actually going to get around to doing it.

I saw Shall We Dance (with J.Ho)

I didnt laugh once, but I wasnt bored, I'm never really bored though so thats nothing. I couldnt find it amusing and I didnt find it cute like some movies. Its supposed to be a romantic comedy (chick flick) but I couldnt find the comedy or romance .....

oo romance, now I want to see The Notebook again. Talk about romance and hot actors! he needed to shave though.

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