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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I made more on a whim, see them, love them, send them.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

   Yea so...
I am updating again for the heck of it, I am spending the night at Jazzy's house (thats why I'm online because my net is off).... I know I am sooo behind in movie reviews I cant even catch up..... BUT I am working on a list of all the movies I have seen (not including most disney movies) and so far I am atleast at 450 (get a life right? f*** you) :) but when I get home I can add more movies to it, yay. Although I forgot what they are at this present moment....

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No one will read this really, I just felt like typing it out. I am mostly happy in my life right now. But something I have found out really should turn my world upside down. But its not, and if I was someone who gave her heart away easily it would of. I'll be single soon enough
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

   REALLY slacking
I never come on here, I am neglecting my fans! oh no *fake gasps* well anyway, I replied to everything guestbook and message wise, and I shall descend into the shadows... after I float around everyone's blogs for a while
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I remember to update.... hmm wow alot has happend, I dont feel like breaking down reviews for all the movies I have since MARCH (whoa) but know I have gone thru alot (alot of BAD) and I am kinda getting back to normal.. but umm, I'm still not gonna keep updating this, it'll be random but whatever ^^
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

   (Sick) here I am updating
I lost my voice, right before I went to John's birthday party, so that sucked.. my grandma bought me some cute shoes, umm I saw transamerica (<3'd it) Capote (it was good) erm.. Madea's family reunion (funny mostly, utterly cheesy on a couple) I saw THE HILLS HAVE EYES! I was dying to see it and I wasnt disappointed at all :D very cool.. and I hear its based on actual events, like texas chainsaw massacre

I dont think I posted that I saw Something New, its a movie... it was good also, cute romantic comedy or w/e...

I am currently watching The Ring 2, which is not as good as the 1st one...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well time to update everyone, I saw Date Movie, When a Stranger Calls, Last Holiday, Underworld 2, and umm I think thats it.. anyway

the 1st movie I named was funny, it would probably be better a 2nd time one of those movies that get funnier and funnier but you never know. Spoofs are normally always funny as long as you've seen the movies they're spoofing, but it wasnt the best, 6.8/10

2nd movie I named, had a lot of potential but wasted it... sure a movie needs suspense and sometimes the suspense should lead to nothing so we wont be expecting something to happen when the suspense is happening again... but for this movie, it wasted many oppurtunities to scare me, it needs to get back to the drawing board.... 6/10

Last Holiday, overrated, it didnt suck, but it didnt rock... I've seen worse comedies but have seen better. This movie got really cliche when the bad guy suddenly had a change of heart... too suddenly, irrating.... 5/10

Underworld 2 wasnt as good as the 1st, it seemed short, it wasnt bad but the preview made it seem like it was going to be a huge battle between a new species of half vamp and half lycan... it wasnt, but it wasnt bad! 8/10

I got great Christmas and Birthday Prezziiies! 2 new cd's, a purpse, chocolate, more chocolate and more chocolate (for Valentines day also), and muchies more. WOOO!

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

   My Birthday...
Was yesterday, as much as I'd love to say it was memorable and full of fun something happend to my grandma and I spent 4 nights there with my mom, I had a good time but you know.... we did stop and see Brokeback Mountain since my grammy never saw it, I thoroughly enjoyed it even MORE than the 1st time, it was really deserving of every award it got... anyway I am now 17..
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Sunday, January 29, 2006

I have the flu, I got it from my mom... sadly its not just a cold, I hope I'm well by Heather's birthday.. and my own.. and jazzy's and their mom, and Jeremiahs's.. all in Feb
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

   Movies...... and a show
I went to see Sanctus Real live but mostly hung out in the CD store, but the songs I did hear were exactly like the CD, I met the band afterward and got them to sign their drumstick for me :D yay

I just got thru watching Hustle and Flow, and Skyhigh... Hustle and Flow was really really good, and Skyhigh was good, corny but good... such as the villians and the "secret sanctum" could of looked way better, but it didnt kill the movie much...

I also saw Brokeback Mountain the other day, that was very good.

BUT for the movie I have been wanting to post about is... Hostel, yes everyone I saw it... I was expecting a gore fest, and got tits... and alot of them, BUT after the 1st hour or so of women and screwing and nudity and the 3 guys expressing how much they want it, THEN came the stuff I was looking for :D I was so happy..... my mom gives it a 6 I dont know what I give it, I mean it took forever before it got good, it was seeming like a teen horror flick for a while, you know how theres always nude women in them? or half nude anyway, but when it got gorey some of it was pretty gorey, dont ask why but just like in Saw 2 I laughed... but thats just me :)

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