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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

   A change
I am contemplating on wether I should change the theme of my site from a dark faerie to another. Either earth,Snow,water,fire,air or light. I am leaning more towards water but who knows.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

"Fly" By Me age: 15
When I run towards my fantasyís arms he disappears. He looks at me smiles and then walks astray leaving me with tears I want him to wipe away. Fantasizing of knowing his embrace. Fantasizing of knowing the feel of his lips on my face. Fantasizing that you would catch me when Iíd fall. But you left me and I screamed and cried but you didnít hear my call. Fantasizing how it would be to have your hand in mine. Trying to fathom how it would be to have our heartstrings entwine. Running towards your image but you donít seem to near. Me never laying eyes on you once more is something that I fear. Dreaming of you in the night and imagining at day. These walls called reality seem to keep you at bay. Come set me free, I need you cant you see? Iím running but you are still so far away. Iíve become weak so I stop to lie. I see myself and Iíve grown old, I look at your face through one eye it slowly closes and then I die.
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