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Hi, my name is Sin. I've been on this site for a while and do still get on just not as much because it's now TheO. I miss MyO though, even though TheO is great. I used to have a LONG list of my anime guys but that doesn't matter. :D Just know that Geikido/Wrath is mine and I'll fight you for it (though I'll win!). More info? Okay!
Food- German Chocolate Cake
Fruit- Grapes
Anime- FullMetal Alchemist
Manga- Wolf's Rain
Guy- Geikido, sry no real BF
BFF- Greedsdoll
Pets- 1 dog, Buddy, and 2 cats, my baby Taylor and my sister's Patriot
Twilight- Obsessed
TwiGuy- Jasper (uber sexiness)
Fanfics?- Hell yes!
Language- English and some German
Singer- Cascada
Now that that's over some other accounts you can find me on:
TheO/MyO- this and Purple Rose
Deviantart- Devilbaby6606
Photobucket- ShippudenVampire
Youtube- ShippudenVampire
Love you guys sooo much! :) Goo original otaku! Whoo!! Lol, love ya lots.

Lil Devil4Life

Monday, December 22, 2008

   See Homunculus Me
Okay so hey everyone! It's X-Mas break and I'm soo excited. Finals are over...for now anyways and I failed them all :) Excpet the choir and band final, I aced those perfectly! Whoo. Anyways, Thursday is Christmas and I'm so happy. I'm getting a Wii (because I know where my mom hides the presents and I saw it) and my Aunt is getting me Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories or something close to it. She said I'll love what I get so I'm very excited about that! Also I put up the third chapter of "See Homunculus Me" which is my Homunculus story with me and my 2 friends, Ren and Leiko. If you want to read it the link is:
Or you can go to my world on TheO which is:

Bye everyone :D

Lil Devil4Life
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

*sighs of relief*
Omg I thought I lost this pw. Good thing I never changed it and had it saved under my e-mail. Gosh, but I thought twice and can't leave this site! It was my first (not really...my first was something with "homunculi" in it) and I can't let it go! :D So no need to fear Lil Devil is here...lol...sry, randomness. Dude so it's close to x-mas (whoo!) (lol) and I want to know what all of you asked for!!

I asked for a wii

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey everyon
Hey everyone still here. This is a goodbye for ever. I'm not getting on this account again and I will miss you guys(on this account)
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