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Monday, February 4, 2008

Jennifer. I hate Jennifer. Her birthday is Saturday and I can't go into the living room or watch the movies she's gonna watch with her friends and I can only have ONE friend over and do you know how bored I'll be!? Gosh. And I told my mom that I wanted at least two friends over just because we will be gone over my birthday and she said during Spring Break WHICH IS IN MARCH I can have a small birthday thing. Gosh. I'm pissed. This morning I was so depressed about it I almost cried NO JOKE! Well, have nothin' else to say. Bye.

I'm gonna go post this to Purple Rose, bye.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   Soo Sorry!!
I'm soo sorry I haven't been on in forever. I haven't been on line for a while and when I do I only check on thing or just search up stuff and don't update.

I'm at school. I wish today was a snow day but we didn't even get snow like we thought we would. My mom said we might have a snow day tomorrow if it snow's enough but the news people don't think we'll get as much as they thought before. So yeah...

I've been hanging out with my friend almost all week! Tuesday she came over to my house then we went to her's for a few hours. Yesterday, she picked me up after school so we hung out all afternoon and started making a tent type thing in her room.

I got a new playstation2 game! Final Fantasy X-2!! It has Rikku, Yuna, and Paine on the cover and it goes everywhere with me (except school) and I got re-attached to Kingdom Hearts 2 so that stays with me too.

I don't know what else to talk about, I'm gonna go copy and paste this to Purple Rose's post so I'll talk to you all later! Bye!!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on...I'm missing my show to watch this but I figured I should update before I forget. I've been busy with school and trying to hang out with friends and remembering to eat food and shit >.< This sucks. I also hit my cheek on a door earlier and it hurt. This week is Spirit Week at school! Yesterday was, Twin Day. Today was wear a character on your shirt day and I wore my OtakuOmaha shirt with a random neko and tomorrow is Black and Gold day then Friday is PJ Day!! XDD Some people said they are just gonna get up, comb there hair and go to school!!

I caught Rayquaza on my Emerald game and I was happy! I'm gonna go watch my show and update my other account! Bye

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Heyy, ppl!! I just got back from my friends house and the vets. We went to the vets office because yesterday my mom saw they had two cats for adoption and my mom was thinking of adding to our cat family and getting one but when we got there they were both adopted by the same person. My mom said one was a 10 year old calico and the other was a black cat that was younger but she had a special diet. My mom said that since they were gone then maybe it just wasnt the right time to add to our family but I think if I had called the house and told my mom I had to be picked up by 7 instead of calling her cell phone we could have gotten one!!

The dance was kind of boring because yes I went because there was a change of plans with the family my friend had to babysit so she didn't have to babysit. My friend Lizzy wore this really pretty black dress with sparkles ALL OVER IT but it was sooo pretty!! I liked it alot. Then my other friends wore other dresses and they played "Crank Dat" twice and both times people were running to the gym and I watched them dance...I didn't dance but I sang!! I only know the 1st 2 steps so I couldn't dance to it. *sighs* I ate like 3 cookies and drank 5 cups of water!!!

If you didn't know we got a pretty crappy laptop...as in we've had it. We have two keys broken off and the mouse thing sucks but we had a wireless mouse that came with it and my sister didn't know it needed batteries so it works and yesterday we got a keyboard so I'm using it and don't have to touch the laptop at all!! I like it soooo much! It rocks my socks off...but yet...I'm not wearing socks...oh yeah, because these new stuff rocked them off!! ///.^ Haha, that's my friends smily that I'm taking because I called it stupid but then she told me what its supposed to be and I' m like "oh that rocks!!" Okay I'll tell you the /// is supposed to be hair over the eye so ///.^ See!?

That's what I posted on Purple Rose so if you already read is sorry!! ///.^ I'm listening to my Disney Mania 3 CD because yesterday I just was like dieing to hear it for some strange reason so...how is everyone?? Oh, okay I'm going to list names of characters from diff animes tell me which one should be my new layout!!
Edward Elric (because he is just so smexi...and my friends!!!)
Riku (not Rikku on my Purple Rose account)
Namine (sp??)
Those are the choices cuz they are all I can think of!! Well, tootels!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

::sigh:: hey everyone…totally bored. ::starts dancing:: Haha, oh right! My sister is in her room singing (really loudly) to her Beauty and the Beast Broadway soundtrack. I just finished my math homework and my teacher is annoying. She’s like “the ones with questions are fun and they make you want to do your work” I’m like just give me the damn work and don’t include such stupid questions…okay this was the question thing on tonights homework.

Did you hear about the two bed bugs that fell in love and got married in spring?

I mean who gives a shit about bed bugs and getting married!!
O.O something happened with my sister. I guess something broke maybe cuz she’s in her room “what the fuck! God! Shit!! Gross!!!!!” and I’m down here like…should I go ask what happened?? But I didn’t…she scares me when shes mad!

Haha, I’m gonna go! Byee!!

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hehe, hiya everyone! ^-^ I’m starting a frickin YRP fanfic!! If you don’t know that’s YuRiPa fanfic, which is Yuna, Rikku, and Paine! =^-^= Right now I’m searching for bios of the girls and my search is turning out completely dead…::sighs:: this sucks. I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow… Oh, kinda random question and I would like everyone to answer it!! You have to go to my post earlier today (or yesterday??) and look at the picks.

Who do you like more: Rikku (the blonde); Paine (the gothic looking one); or Yuna (the brown haired)???

I like them all but my fav is Rikku! =^-^= Haha! Okay I found some info, out of the three Yuna is oldest and Rikku is youngest. Rikku I guess has a brother…named…Brother…how great is that! I don’t actually have the game Final Fantasy, none of them. But I realize I want Final Fantasy X-2!! I mean it has like my favorite characters and I haven’t even played it yet!! =^-^= Well, can’t think of what else to say! Just have a great day or night or whenever you are reading this, bless America, and OH! I have a joke I got from Achmed (sp?)…this one popular guys puppet.

Achmed(sp?) is trying to joke about Jews and he says “No no, I won’t kill the Jews I will throw a penny in between two and watch them fight to the death!”
Then the guys says he cant do that. Then Achmed replies, “Why not? I did that with two priest but instead I threw in a young boy. The winner had to fight Michal Jackson!”
And long before that the dude asks Achmed, “So what kind of terrorist are you?” Because Achmed is a dead terrorist. Achmed replies, “a terrifying terrorist.” XDD I love Achmed, go to youtube.com and type in Achmed and you should find his funny stuff!! Check out Jingle Bombs that’s funny…also if you see something to check out Walter do it!! He’s funny. He’s like, “you know the part when you get married and you say ‘till death do us part’ you find out you created a goal”…love you all!! Good night or day or whatever!!!


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Okay, they are my favorite characters from Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, YuRiPa!! Who are they!? Yuna, Rikku, and Paine of course!! Now some pics:

Those are the only good ones...I'm putting the 2nd one on my iPod!! Well, ttylater everyone!!

How are you all?????????

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Friday, January 4, 2008

I found a pretty kool site and song! The song is called Sorry, Blame it on Me by Akon. Holy crap I love it!! But the site...its kool. www.pokeballs.dollclique.com, its just kool. Here somethings from it.
Grab Your Own Pokemon Sprite!
Grab Your Own Pokemon Sprite!
Grab Your Own Pokemon Sprite!
Grab Your Own Pokemon Sprite!
Some Pokemon I can't wait till they hatch!

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I hate school. We went back yesterday and my math teacher gave me a huge packet...well, the whole class. My best friend has a different scedule so I don't see her after 4th hour anymore so I have to walk by myself to my locker and stuff PLUS she's grounded off the computer until monday so I have no one to talk to and nothing to do. The only thing good right now is I'm going to change my theme...to Axel. So some pictures to get you into the Axel feeling or mood or into my new theme! =^_^=
Well, that's it. I'm gonna go work on my gaia account. See ya all later!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ow, I ate two to many green beans and my stomach hurts and I just almost choked on coke...man, since I left Greedsdoll's party my day has been...has been...a drag (in Shika's words). In my words, there would be cussing. Not the point. I'm totally bored, having no fun, and tomorrow even though I love my grandma I really dont want to wake up at 8 get completely dressed (contacts and everything) and drive 2 hours to wish her a happy birthday, play my DS the whole time I'm there since I don't really know what to ever say to her or anything, and then drive 2 more hours home to find out I'm not tired and then probably go to a friends house...which would totally rock...mostly my friend that lives by WalGreens (or how ever u spell it) cuz they have really kool lip sparkle stuff that I want.

We went to the mall yesterday and I went to Hot Topic and got a Skeletion Animal...okay a Skeletion Dog plushie!! I wuv it!

I'm totally bored and gonna go. Bye-bye peeps of the underworld ::faints::
Geikido: I think she has a hangover...maybe...doubt it but..maybe

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