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Monday, January 22, 2007

current band i'm listening to: LM.C
hey everyone hows it going? well i'm gonna make this post kinda short ok.
today i heard 2 songs by these bands, but kyo was singing with them! i was like "omg, i've never even heard of these before" i dunno if you guys have, maybe i'm just slow XDDD listen for you're self *gives you download links*
----- http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=dd866c970ab94b5138a8a0ab695eb91b Vasalla ft. kyo - Tsukigami ~Artemis~
----- http://www.zshare.net/audio/02-moment-kreis-version-ft-dir-en-mp3.html Yukiya with Kreis Project (Jils) ft. Kyo - Moment (on the link you can listen to the song before downloading, kyo comes in at about 2 minutes)
ooh! i also heard a preview to marrow of bone! i'm so excited now! not all of the songs will sound like aggitated screams of maggots!!! YEAH!!! i love love love disabled complexes!!!! heres the download link for the preview also.
----- http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=ff7399491f2b88d3efb527e62340b12b
i need to get to bed, i missed thursday friday and probably tuesday and wednesday of this week, i must catch up....
well, on another note. i just want to once again thank all you guys who have helped me through the death of my uncle. yeah, he finally died friday at around 8 or so. you helped me alot and i'll never forget it.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

song: Balloons - DBSK
hey everyone hows it going??? pretty good here i guess.
today in class christine gave my teacher a mix cd of old rock and stuff for us to listen to in class because my teacher puts music on when we take tests and that kind of stuff. well, she said she'd only play christines tape if it was lyrically ok. well, lets get this straight, in that class everyone already thinks me and christine are weird lesbians, i didn't want them to know i was "dark and depressed by day, super korean boy band obsessed by night" lol :P! ok so i'm taking a test and guess what i hear???? the song that's playing in my background right now! balloons!!! i turn around and this is what i see *insert image of christine wanting me to dance to balloons with her* i friggin' LOVE that song so much but now my class is like ".....loser.....=__=;" gah! but it was still funny XDD!
anywayz...just thought i'd share! hmm anything else random that needs to get off my chest...ah ha! today i read a short interview with jaejoong and he was asked questions about changmin and this is what i want to show
Q: Changmin's ideal girl?
A: Because Changmin is himself quiet, he likes girls who are cute and sometimes "acts spoiled." Like those female protagonists in comics: girls with a cheerful and interesting personality?
PSH!!! i could SO be changmin's type of girl! gah, one step closer to my goal!....ok maybe i need to work on it a bit but HEY, its a start 8D!
i was rethinking my plan about getting massively injured, i think changmin could tell. gah, DBSK even did a drama about some girl who wrote letters to yunho saying she was dying, he went and saw her and it turned out she was fine, but then she ended up dying anywayz...it was actually pretty stupid and sad at the same time
*le sigh* its about 12:20 right now, i made you guys a banner! i just got to thinking about how much i really appreciate your support, hell, even the fact that you talk to me!!! you can do whatever you want with the banner, put it on your site, save it, look at it, whatev! haha it kinda reminds me of this song for some reason :3
~bai bai~
p.s. i still think its amazing how i can be "OMG! HEECHUL" one day and the next "PSH! CHANGMIN"

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

hey everyone hows it going??? pretty great here X3! i FINALLY got my damn camera! i think i told only crimson, but i had wanted a camera for my birthday and that was on Dec. 7th! but i thats all in the past (ish) i'm happy 8D! and since i JUST got it i have a right to do a little bit of camera whoring dont i???
pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

heres a pic of my daisuke drawing that i told you about (i bet you i'll never finish it XDD)

and heres a pic of one of headdresses i made (its the first one i made so its not the greatest T~T, christine has a really cute black one i made her)
its cute
just not on me T~T

ah!~ that feels much better. well, now on to business!
once again me and christine sat outside and discussed our plan to get dbsk, she thinks that if i get hit by a bus or something, maybe changmin will feel sorry for me and give me a hug....AND THEN I'LL TRAP HIM IN A NET!!! christines idea was funnier though. she thought that maybe if she wrote yunho fanmail all the time, sucking up to him majorly, he'd let her meet him. i asked her what type of stuff she'd put in the letter and shes like "well, lets see 'yunho, i admire so much and look up to you, everytime i try and kill myself i think first "would yunho ever do this?" then a stop myself." i know i know, evil but funny XDDD
i really have nothing to post about today. i have a packet book thingy due tomorrow and i haven't started it, i know i should, but gah, changmin's just staring at me saying "you must watch radtastic videos of me!" how can you say no to that?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

¢¾Heechul Oppa¢¾
song: DBSK's new japanese single "PROUD"
hey everyone hows it going? pretty good here!~ actually i'm sad cuz today is the day i go back to school ToT!!!! i made christine a word pillow thingy that says "YUNHO" cuz she wuvs him the most. i think one of the reasons she likes dbsk is because they'll all pretty tall. christine has this thing with guys shorter then her and its a problem when it comes to jrockers *shes 5'11"* but all the members of dbsk are over 5'10". yunho's 6 foot. and changmin's 6'3" X3!~
today we had an argument over korean vs. japanese. she thought i was stupid for trying to learn korean but its alot easier to me then japanese T~T, so that's why i chose it. oh by the way TigerFantasy17, it is pretty easy to read because it has a small alphabet (well, not as short as ours) and you just stack the symbols on top or to the side. i'm actually learning it pretty easily from this website, i didn't want to at first because its some site but its for korean kids from different countries that haven't learned korean yet, yeah i know i'm not korean but still X3! --- teh site
gah, i'm sleepy. i'm so reluctant to go back to school but this weekend i was so bored i was sewing pillows and lolita headdresses left and right! lol. well, i'll be later after school to visit sites and stuff.
~bai bai~

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Monday, January 15, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? ok here i guess. i been kinda bored lately, i had a four day weekend which is great! i got to stay home friday and sleep because i got straight A's on my report card X3 and my mom let me skip! but for the past week i've been doing little things here and there.....eh, they're mostly korea based things :3! i can now read korean, i'm proud of that. i don't know what the hell it means when i say it, but i can at least read it 8D! uhh, i keep putting my changmin drawing off, i have 4 more days till i have to send it and i'm just like "hmm...i think i'll start a drawing of Daisuke (ex-Kagerou)" i swear i have about 4-5 drawings of jrockers/kpoppers that i have yet to finish T~T....
hmm...forget about finishing my layout, i can't decide if i want changmin or heechul, both are cute/hot but i keep switching from back to forth! haha i was talking to christine (shes not a heechul fan at all!) and i was, omg, heechul obsessing in front of her and she paused and was like "i'm so telling changmin you're cheating on him" and i was like "*le gasp* if you tell him that i'm telling yunho you're seeing miku on the side!" and then we go back and forth and add more to the plot for about 40 minutes then cry because we're retarded TT_TT.
what else...gah! i can't stop watching that dbsk video about the naked poses! heres the video for you guys to watch if you want, its pretty funny. i'm proud that this video was #6 top favorited on youtube the day it came out 8D *dbsk fans unite*! i went back today and watched the other parts to that episode again (its been awhile), man, its great. ok, on the show its just kinda like a "tell all" for yunho, micky and changmin. yunho talks about his man boobs (if his face weren't so pretty i swear.....) micky makes me cry when he talks about how his american life sucked and then theres changmin......well, lets take in part that he's the youngest and is suppose to be the cute member. well on this show, to make a long story short, he talks about how he watches lots of porn! omg, it was so funny, and then they revealed to him that his mom was in the audience and he damn near had a heart attack! it was so funny (in this clip, the host says 'adult video' so you kinda needed to know that to make it funny). well anywayz, here you go

haha i'm just gonna post the porn video so i can come to my site and watch it *is to lazy to look it up* at this part they have a list of things that guys don't want ppl to know (something like that) and the dbsk boys have to give experiences they've had and see if its made it on the list. apparently, not letting your girlfriend know about your porn was number one, they made changmin's mom confirm the answer XD...*sigh* i'm such a dork...

meh, i'm posting these next to videos, just so i can watch them *is lame* shwa! the baby changmin dancing on Xman (greatest show ever) and then xiah dancing on xman (only time i've ever found him hot)

well, that's all. sorry i'm whoring all these videos T~T. on to a more serious note, i'd like to thank all the ppl that offered their support to me in my last post and you too crimson. today was my uncles birthday and the doctors and my grandma decided to send him to a hospice because he's just getting worse. i'm taking it pretty good compared to my mom and grandma and stuff. but the words of comfort you guys say really means alot to me, thanks again.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? ok here i guess. Crimson-Rose pm'd me to see if i was dead and that mad me notice that i didn't even explain why i haven't been on too much lately. i told you guys that my uncle had a heart attack earlier but i wasn't too woried because he's been in and out of the hospital alot lately, but he's not doing so well this time, the doctors say he's not gonna wake up or get any better so i've been at the hospital alot recently. sorry my sites so heechul crazy also, just like miyavi, heechul makes me happy just looking at him or reading his journal, and i've been kinda down so i need this to pick me up so i can be like the crazy, friggin' radtastic girl you all know 8D!
lets see if i can change the subject....
ah ha! i found out that akira hiwatari has watched full house! yes! i don't meet too many ppl that have seen that drama, heechul's in it with the rest of super junior, its pretty cute. hmmm...what else. oh yeah, today i found out that dbsk used to play these games where if you lost you had to strip completely naked and pose as a model for 10 seconds, i nearly squeeled when i heard this, i wish i could have watched this take place X3.
hmm...i haven't anything else to say, i just wanted to apologize for not being on more...
well, heres some of the video's i've watched for the past week that make me feel better,

super junior - u
why? there are 13 members of super junior, you're bound to like at least one! heechul just happens to be the one i love most X3 (hes the 3rd one to sing)

goose's dream sung by alot of ppl but more importantly, jaejoong sings in it (hes' the 4th to sing, and his voice is to die for!) and the song makes me sad and happy at the same time, its so pretty,

dbsk - Balloons
THE CUTEST SONG EVER! at first you hate it then you love it then you hate it again for getting stuck in your head. me and christine and do alot of the dance moves from this, we do them in the cafateria at school XDD. this video, has english subs too, pretty gay lyrics but i still love this band, changmin's so cute (hes the reindeer thing)

ok, that's all, i'm gonna sit and watch these vids over and over again 8D
~bai bai~

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Monday, January 8, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? ok here i guess. no, i'm not dead its just i've been a bit clingy to my friend christine and i just haven't been on the computer as much i guess. hmm...my uncle had a heart attack yesterday, i don't really freak out about it, its the second one in the past 2 months. this last one was a bit worse so i was stuck in the hospital for a good 5 hours, haha i sat there and hand sewed 2 gothic lolita headdresses, they're really cute. i made a black one for christine and a red one for me. i was sitting in the lobby sewing with a bag of materials (lace, fabric, glue gun, flowers, everything XDD) and stayed quiet for a while. i need to take a picture of them sometime. i've been sewing random stuff like crazy lately, i need to stop and work more on my changmin card though :3, the card needs to come first. hmm...what else, oh yeah i'm working on a new layout for my site, most likely it will be of heechul or asagi (very different i know...) but i want to try a couple new things and see if it works, but it won't be done until the end of next week....hopefully 8D! well that's all i really need to say i guess. i'll leave you will smexy pictures and other randomness.
saga's new look *is still sexy*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
newest picture of asagi *is UNBELIEVABLY sexy*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and last, heechul oppa! sexy and cute at the same time :3
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
heechul is such a cutie! i think hes just fun to watch. more randomness....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
other random heechul stuff! he's the little orange haired guy in the first vid :3!

i love to watch this vid and i don't know why. its a clip from rainbow romance, a drama that heechul was on. he's suppose to be an angry korean mom. translation is below, very cute X3

Minki: Heechul, ta da! I brought you a present. Next time, I'll get you something better.
Heechul: I don't need anything! A wretched boy who's so lost in a girl's skirt that he treats his friends like he doesn't even exist. Is this how I raised you?
Minki: What are you talking about? I think you are under a wrong impression
Heechul: The more I think about it, I don't think Borah is right for you. Kibum introduced a couple to each other and they were so grateful that they gave him 3 presents. What does Borah do? She doesn't even so much as visit to thank me. She's got no manners.
Minki: Don't you think your words are a bit harsh? She's my girlfriend, you should show some respect.
Heechul: Minki, are you expressing anger at me?! How dare you. Is this how I raised you?
Heechul: I don't need any of it! This is the kind of friend I raised. Kibum, it's your fault that Minki turned out this way, leaving me to raise him by myself while spending all of your time at the office.
Minki: Heechul, that's not what I meant.
Heechul: That's just great. When you had your one sided crush and was so depressed, I was so worried that I gave you food out of my mouth, clothes off my back, I took care of you. How dare you forsake me for a girl?
Minki: Please snap out of it, it was all my fault.
*sigh* too much heechul for one post i guess, but oh well ^ - ^
~bai bai~
p.s OMG! all of an cafe in a dress. everyone looks...odd...except for bou
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? pretty good here i guess. well, today i found out that miyavi's gonna start a new band! i'm so excited! look at this ----
Translation from LJ by miyabina_hime -masakarasu,
@ 2006-12-30 15:48:00
He said he's back in Japan, and that 300 grams of tenderloin steak, two smoked salmon and something salads, 2 something asparagus, and 200 gram delicious hamburger, but he's not any fatter so no worries.
(I'm not worried at all about fat but look at HIS HAIR AND HIS SKIN! ouch)
He said that he has something he wants to tell everyone, but not in a text, rather in a comment, in person, right there as he's tired, as he's wanting to tell everyone.

He said it's been four years since his old band broke up, and he debuted as a soloist in 2002. Being in a band was amazing, as it was said in magazines as well, but it didn't work out and he had to go solo. And now it's been four years, and it's all thanks to everyone. He said he's really feels that from his heart.
He said he thought that soccer and being in a band were over for him, but that next year, he's thinking of being in a band, playing guitar. He found an amazing guy (older than him), and he thought he'd like to try screaming in the background once again (laugh), so he hopes we look forward to it.
He can't say who's going to be in the band yet, but he hopes that they can in the new year. He's sorry for making everyone, especially Comiyavi, wait for so long this year, so that's why he decided to make a comment.
But of course, he still wants to continue his solo act as a solo artist, so he wants everyone to look forward to it.
He said he'll be working on pre-productions and he's thinking about going back to Los Angeles again, and he knows everyone's going to miss him but he's still going to play guitar, doing neo-visualism.
(Miyavi deshita.........)
Oh and he's going to make sure that he can write Japanese in his journal again.

w00t! i bet his band will be osm X3! what else, oh yeah, i got that miku magazine on sunday, my mom thinks its pretty stupid because i sit there and look at the pictures XDD!
ugh, sorry i havent' posted though, i'm korea obsessing :3! theres this guy that i love from the korean band Super Junior (he's also in k-dramas like rainbow romance and full house) his name's Heechul and i just think he's adorable/gorgeous! He reminds me of die alot (in the face) maybe if die was like 18, acted like a fusion of crack and miyavi, was in a boy band, and korean, he'd be heechul XDD! here's some pics, maybe its just me i dunno.

Pic 1

Pic 2

same pic of heechul from pic 2, different die though X3
Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

haha i'm weird to notice such retarded things! well, that's all for right now. i'm working on this birthday card thing for changmin's b-day. the front pic of the card is going to be like a mass drawing of him from 15-19, hopefully i won't get frustrated and finish the pic, its due in 3 weeks X3! well...
~bai bai~
P.s. this was on vf. haha
so funny
p.s.s. its 1:00 a.m. but i just got some new jrock scans....argh! they're so osm X3! i got some an cafe, alice nine (tora changed his hair, its like a light brown! and saga's look reminds me of gackt for some reason XDD) i also got some new gazette scans. omg, the ones of uruha are so hot X3!!~ uruha has always looked like a pretty jrocker to me but in the pics i got he was like rockstar hot <3! lets see what else, uhh....T.M Revolution, asagi (absolutely gorgeous), and some 12012...sorry i just needed to say that *goes off to stare at uruha and asagi*
......heechul how could i have left you so fast XDDD

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Friday, December 29, 2006

omg! bad news for some of you guys =O! phantasmagoria is going to "disband". well, a couple of members are leaving in feb. and stuff. why??? BECAUSE OF KISAKI AND HIS LACK OF MONEY MANAGING!!!! read here if you don't know what i'm talking about ------ click me!
i don't care too much about phantasmagoria but, as one girl said on vf,
"the problem with kisaki having problems managing his money is that its not just phantasmagoria this will affect... kisaki is the owner of undercode productions. his previous record label (matina) failed... and without being financially managed correctly, undercode is likely to fail, too...

so by not managing his money wisely, he is also putting 12012, vidoll, codomo a, dari, hurts, and pashya in jeopardy... not to mention some former disbanded undercode bands (such as karen) who still have merchandise being sold on undercode's official website."
gah, that just sux so much ;__;
hmm, i was gonna rant about the biggest dumbasses EVER but unbelievably sad and unbelievably funny is too much for one post so...
~bai bai~
--- UPDATE ---
its 1:30 in the morning and i'm bored so i'm gonna post more crap.
here a link to a couple of diru pics from the family values tour DVD, the group pic is the best X3 ------ click me!
heres some videos of them from the dvd performing, you've probably seen lots of clips of them on that show but this is from the dvd so its good quality and the whole song
click me!
click me!
oh yes and guess what was in Revolver magazine ----click me! i so can't wait and because everyone has been able to see a diru pv on tv and i have yet to catch them!
and last, a small (very small) interview of diru from the dvd, i couldn't find it on youtube so i had to upload on my youtube account.
part 1!
part 2
ok that's it. its now 2 in the morning and i'm sleepy

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

YES! finally i'm back! sorry i haven't been on in a couple of days, i had my internet removed but i got it back X3! i've never felt such a massive withdrawl, proof that the internet is in fact crack.
sorry this is short, i just have so many other sites and stuff that must be updated and checked on! *flies off into the distance*
p.s. i also hope all of you had a wonderful holiday :3

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