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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kiss him Yunho!!! You know you want to! Long live Jaeho♥!
hey everyone hows it going? i'm sitting on the computer drinking quote unquote tea but in reality its just sugar water because someone in my house doesn't know how to make it right! sorry i couldn't check your sites! i've been doing this and that around here and haven't been able to get on MyO.
hmm, today was pretty good i guess. i had this BBQ at my house for my grandpa's birthday and then i studied more korean and stuff (i'm getting better!). then alex and devan came over and said they were bored so we left with devan. devan scares me sometimes, like today...
well, we started driving close to the city limits going west and i asked her where we were going and shes like "i dunno, lets just keep going straight and see where it takes us" and she wouldn't turn around, though they had no exits out there anyways!!! after a long time we came to this down called Vega, population 8 hundred and something and me and alex BEGGED her to take us back home and she agreed. it scared me a bit but there was also something fun about it, just driving and driving and not caring where the hell the rode took you. after that she took us to eat and we went to thrift stores and searched for stuff. all in all it was pretty good i guess! hmmm...no news dbsk related today...TT.TT
Bai Bai
»ç¶ûÇØ¿ä (Its in korean but if you don't go to view, encoding, korean you can't see it i guess....ToT)

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm such a dork XP

hey everyone hows it going? pretty good here as usual! well actually i'm friggin happy right now even though i'm sleepy and i haven't even done my homework for tomorrow. w00T! dbsk's choosey lover just came out yesterday in japan and it debuted at NUMBER 4!!!!
so yeah, that's part of why i'm all hyped up. the second part has to do with the fact that dbsk is having another concert in korea today and i can't wait for all the goodies and videos and pictures that will be coming up soon, its been kinda slow lately. haha i've never kept up with a group that does so much stuff! i swear! Jrock is osm and all but one think i like about kpop, more like dbsk, is that i go to there sites after school and ppl have EVERYTHING they did, any news, any pictures, any videos, and theres new stuff everyday, so if i forget about dbsk for like 4 days, its gonna be a living hell catching up with everything that happened, i've learned that lesson the hard way....ToT
hmm..what was i talking about, sorry i just rambled. oh yeah, the concert. i'm really looking forward to it, their last concert was AMAZING, it had this HUGE screen and i mean ENORMOUS. they had little videos that they made of them singing and when they're parts came up to sing, the videos would play and the fans went crazy. ,sigh, i wish i could have gone, i mopped around for like 2 days after that 8D!
In other news, i got diru's album the other day, i already had a copy but its nice to support them and stuff! ^ ^
well i better go to bed, and sleep magically in a pool of fuzzy pink happiness and bliss

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

You know Micky and that kid are effin' adorkable

hey you guys, hows it going? pretty good here i guess, though i'm not feeling too well ToT. i had to stay home today because i was so sick last night, it sucked ;.;. but its ok, i'm feeling a little bit better like every hour or so. i'm about to go DBSK watching so maybe that will boost my health. oh, by the way i decided not to get the membership, not because i didn't want to (believe me i really wanted to!) its just it cost way too much for so little and plus the bank transfer fee, gah i'd be broke TToTT. but all is not lost, i did however decide to buy their new album, Five Men in Black, that comes out the 14th, i can't wait!~ haha plus it has Choosey Lover on there and i just can't seem to get sick of this damn song!!!!
Bai Bai

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Monday, March 5, 2007

¢¨úXiah and his sexiness¢¨ú
OMG!!! i got a new layout! haha sorry, that's why i haven't been on for the past like days. it has both aoi from ayabie and my changminnie <3! what do you guys think of it? there are a couple of things i hate about it but its not too bad.
ZOMG! FINALLY!!! dbsk's fanclub, Cassiopia, is up for INTERNATIONAL membership which means i could join it! its $40 to join for a year though....tough decision really...
I don't really get as many benefits because the benefits are stuff like invitations to go to there public appearances and stuff but i live in texas...
i guess i just want to support them and feel special when changmin says stuff like "Cassiopia, our princesses" or "Cassiopia we love you very much" and i'd be like "Heck yeah he's saying that to me!" lol i'm so stupid sometimes but i'm seriously debating it. what do you think i should do???

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Monday, February 26, 2007

"two people who are not in love got married, but does it mean that they won't have love, forever? there are many different ways of expressing love but to people the most important thing¢¢ç¦ it's still love."
-Goong, it's not some Cinderella story but its still the best story you'll ever watch

hey you guys how are you doing? pretty good here i guess. sorry for that little bit of goong up their, i've been watching some of the old episodes lately. i haven't posted since changminnie's birthday, gah, sorry T~T. i didn't wish shinya happy birthday, i'm sorry shinya, i didn't have access to a computer at the time ToT. my friend alex shares shinyas birthday, shes so lucky.......
well, i spent the night at christines this weekend, it was fun. of course we looked at dbsk and other asian men XD! we watched moonchild too, we had it at our hastings and she asked if they could order a copy of it for her so now she owns it! thats pretty osm.
we finally finished our dbsk/korean boys/jrockers card game. i know we've been talking about it for a while but we actually sat there and finished it. their attacks and stuff are pretty funny and stupid. lol we gave kyo madtastic bucket handling skills as a defensive move 8D!!! haha we're so lame TTuTT
gah, these past couple of days have been so busy! dbsk's 2nd asian concert tour started the 23rd and i've been keeping up with every single thing that happens. i left the dbsk soompi forum for about 3 or 4 days and they updated over 60 pages! gah, it really kills me coming home from school and looking up stuff on that thread, but its worth it because they know everthing that happens. i saw clips of dbsk's concert and it looked SO kewl and osm, i wish i could have gone *hits herself for not being born in korea*
oh well, one of these days i will have such and HUGE love for changmin that i will in fact be able to mentally talk to him and tell him that they should have a concert in america....and that he should let me have his babies....

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

¢¢®¡×úChangmin's such a Choosey Lover¢¢®¡×ú

i'm sorry i haven't posted or been to anybodies sites in a while. i'm really busy and just exhausted. i dunno, i just don't feel the best right now T~T. i wish all you a happy valentines day though, mine was ok. me and christine had been fighting for a while and we barely made up so i had no time to get her something. but she gave a stuff and i feel bad that i didn't get her anything *sorry kim*
well, you guys, give me a little more time and i promise i'll be back!
haha, i'll leave you with dbsk's new japanese PV, Choosey Lover *changmin is sex*

Love you all!

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Monday, February 5, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? pretty good here i guess. this post isn't gonna be too long.
i vow never to watch another kmovie or kdrama ever again, they depress me T~T.....
i just finished watching Princess Hours, it was really REALLY good but its sad that its over, i miss the characters and the story, i was all moody on saturday because it was over. and everytime i think about yul, i just want to cry (he made me cry many a times while watching this drama)
characters are....
the oh so cute (and too damn lucky to snag shin!) Chaegyung or her real name, Yoon Eun Hye
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the guy she SHOULD have gotten with (because whenever she turns him down, he makes me cry T~T) Yul, or Kim Jung Hoon
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and one of the best looking, not only korean, but asian men EVER, Shin, or Joo Ji Hoon (i can't put just one picture X3)

one of my favorite pictures of him
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and his amazing smile
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yeah *ahem* its still an osm, show, i'd recommend it to anyone! its all i've been doing since dbsk hasn't been doing too many new things (though they'll be on hey! hey! hey! today) and plus christine is mad at me for the gayest reason ever, so yeah, thats what i've been doing, me and alex and amanda, sitting at my house, by my computer, watching korean dramas......T~T....
*le sigh* now that i got that out of the way, did you know diru's new album got leaked???
i'll give you the link to download it if you want, by all means, this doesn't mean i'm not gonna buy their album, i still am ^ - ^.
Marrow of Bone got it from batsu. i haven't listened to it yet though, so i have no idea if its friggin osm or not, i read a couple of reviews from concerts, it seems pretty osm. man, i wish i could have gone, the only thing that was holding me back was transportation, dallas and houston are about 6 to 8 hours away from me (and thats the closest) gah, that sux.....
well, i better go, i don't want to rant on and on ^ - ^
~bai bai~

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

hey everyone hows it going? pretty good here i guess. just been crying my eyes out TT_TT
OMG!!! i just watched the saddest movie on the face of the earth, well me and christine did. Its called the King and the Clown (its korean), have any of you heard of it? i've watched little bits of it here and there but not the whole thing...until today ;__;. but i will tell you one thing about the movie, Lee Junki is the prettiest thing i've ever seen! lookit!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

but lee junki wasn't the manliest of men to start off with, really pretty even when his hair isn't long and he's not all girly

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this is kinda a little intro to tell you what its about (copied and pasted from a site 8D)
"The surprise success story of 2005, King And The Clown shocked everyone by coming out of nowhere to become the highest grossing film of the year in Korea, and making a star of its androgynous-looking lead, Lee Jun Gi. A modestly produced feature, with a cast featuring no A-list performers, the film is set during the reign of infamous king Yeon-San. Two performing clowns (Lee and Gam Woo Sung from Spider Forest) produce a satirical play, which criticizes the country's ruler. While this makes them highly popular amongst the common people, it gets them into a world of trouble with the authorities.
The two performers are arrested and accused of treason, a crime that carries the death penalty. The clowns then make a deal with the King (Jeong Jin Young - Hi, Dharma) - if they can make him laugh with their play-acting, he will spare them. They are successful, and become the official entertainers of the royal court. Things become more complicated, however, as the king shows increasing affection towards one of the clowns and they realize that their lives may have begun down an irreversible path. A thrilling drama exploring secret desire in the top echelons of power, King And The Clown is a taboo-breaking cinematic treat that tackles subject matter so rarely seen in Korean Cinema, but that this one time, has now been seen by a quarter of Korea's population! "
heres the links to part one and two of the movie with english subs, you have to have an account to watch, but its so worth it
Part 1
Part 2
i know you can watch it there or at this site which i HIGHLY recommend. you have to download Winamp 5 but they give you the link to it at the site. but they have lots of asian movies, japanese, chinese, korean, thai....they have lots. they have dramas also, like whole series to watch and whole anime series too. the best part is THEY ALL HAVE ENGLISH SUBS X3!!! so you can actually understand it and everything. right now, since i watched that movie, i'm watching a korean drama with lee junki called "My Girl". *le sigh* all this osm-ness to watch XDDD. here's the link, once again, its an amazing site and i bet anyone who would want to watch asian movies, dramas, or anime should so check this site out ----- best site eva
haha i've been ranting on and on.... well, i did do a little bit more on my daisuke pic today, i'll try and finish it really soon because i have a picture of my cousins that my aunt asked me to draw, i kinda don't wanna do it because that picture of uruha keeps asking me to draw him X3!!! oh well, i'll get to him eventually.....
Daisuke pic preview, sorry the lighting is HORRIBLE i'm lazy and didn't bother to retake the picture, i mean its not even finished yet.....
~bai bai~

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

song playing: DBSK - Step by Step
hey everyone hows it going? pretty ok here. i'm about to go to bed but i'm staying home tomorrow to finish make up work from school T~T.
yeah well, i don't have much to say or post about. i should make myself a new layout but i don't know what of, i know it should be changmin but i just keep seeing wonderful jrock/kpop pics that i could so revolve a theme around. grr....the frustration.....i will tell you this though, i'll eventually get to it X3.
hmm, you know that daisuke pic i was working on? i will almost guarantee that it will never be finished, i got scans today of gazette from neon genesis Volume 7. omg, the hottness is oh so much!!! in my head its like "omg, uruha *drool* oh oh wait! reita, you're so smexy! *looks to the left* gah, ruki when did you get so friggin hot! *looks to the right* uruha why do i keep coming back to you!!!" lol uruha won, but that's cuz hes my favorite member X3, he's whole facial expression is "sex" period! and i'll give you guys the scans if you want to see, they're just too hot! i get alot of jrock scans, if i find some really really good ones, i'll post them here for you guys!
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8
Sexiest picture on the face of the earth
Pic 9
Pic 10
Pic 11
Pic 12
Pic 13
Pic 14
Pic 15
Pic 16
Pic 17
there you go, hope you enjoy!
also i'm super happy because dbsk released their japanese step by step single (the song in the background) today.....and they debut at #5 on the Oricon charts!!! yesh, nothing can bring be down today.
well that's all today!!! i'm just kinda excited for some reason X3! love ya all!~
~bai bai~

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