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Saturday, April 12, 2008


so yeah, its about 1:41 right now in the morning and i'm waiting for the final hollywood bowl artist list to come out at 2 so yeah...
i made eclairs to cure my boredom XD.
i found out some osm news too!
i'm arriving in LA in the morning on May 16th...
and it just so HAPPENS that miyavi is having a concert in LA on the 16th...so maybe....X3
it'd be osm to see him AND dbsk in one trip, i'd kill over X3!!!!!!!
currently, i'm OBSESSED with this korean show called We just Got Married. in the show, they take 8 celebs and put them in a pretend marriage with one another. My favorite couple, which everyone seems to love, is Andy from Shinhwa and Solbi from Typhoon, they are SOOOO cute! All the other couples on the show are barely becoming good friends, they have the average couple, the bickering couple, and the couple that so romantic you want to shoot them. Andy and Solbi are the cute couple and also the only one that SEEMS like they are actually together, everyone freaked when he he kissed her after losing a bet, which made my day! they're my OTP at the moment, i wish they were a REAL couple, it would be AMAZING.



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