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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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HI I'm lazieNinjaFrog. Welcome to my site. Enjoy your stay. Rules of my site.

1. I take art requests, but no yoai or yurei, as I do not believe in these.

2. Plz refrain from cursing as much as possible,

3. I won't kick you off my friends list unless you do something really bad.

4.I will only comment on your sites if you comment on mine.

Okay, nuff formal speak. Take off your hat, let my elf take your coat, have a seat, and relax^^ LOL ~I believe in christ and I'm not ashamed to say it, if you believe in christ to copy and paste this to your site^^~ Go ahead and sign my gb. =^^= I'll be sure to sign your gb soon.=^^= Hey Guess what ALL!! IT's the year of the... RAT!! XD

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Heres something I copy and pasted from Ezel's site and edited X3 I hope you dont mind Ezel. X3 it just gave me something to post about. Other than life. And that been pretty boring so far. X3
ALthought I do have a few more comics to post. Idk how soon I shall get to them. But the fanart will come faster. Anyhooo..moving on X33 LOL

1. Do you have a job? Not yet! X3 But I plan on trying to get one in a year or 2 X3

2. How old are you? 16

3. Do you have any tattoos? noperz X3

4. How about piercings? three pericings for me ears. X3

5. What do you study? Art 'n' writting I suppose X3

6. Are you in school? Yah, I'm talking a GED class. LOL X3

7. What's your dream job? Manga/artist/writter. X3 I'll take one or all of the above X3

8. Do you believe in ghosts? Depends on what you mean by ghost. .o.

9. Are you superstitious? Superstitious, or obsesive X3

10. What's your favorite hobby? drawing and writing and thinking of new languages and story lines for meh storys X3

11. What's your bad habit? Folding paper b4 I throw it away .o.

12. What sport do you like? I not good a sports X3 and I know nothing of the rules anyway X3LOL

13. What color is your room? LOL x3 Some kinda wall paper LOL X3

14. Do you like Jewelry? I luv to make jewlery. I also like to wear it, but not all the time X3 LOL

15. What's your clothing style? Usually what ever fits my mood X3

16. Who is it that you admire most? God

17. What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? .o. I was in class. And I couldn't find the place to fill in answers on the work sheet. So I asked my teacher -.- it was on the other side of the paper .o.

18. What's something most people don't know about you? I figure, if they don't know, why tell LOL X3

LOL thats the end of it X3 Copy and paste this thing if you want. X3 LOL

Frog-Has left the building! X3

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