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"Only in a world this shitty, can we call those innocent people"
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Lauren Louise Guyott

I am nineteen years old.

I am a Student at Roehampton University

I study Psychology as a Single honours Undergraduate Degree!

I was Born in London, but my immediate family live in Essex.

I currently live in London with my 3 flatmates.

I love my family and friends.

Oh for people who may have discovered this, Dark Sephiroth is my sister and RuydoStarwind is my brother, BUT i will not release any information on them unless it concerns my personal feelings towards them (eg if they piss me off) SO....do not message/comment/sign my gb asking me questions about them, i simply will not answer. You wanna know about them, you ask them. Ok. Thanks!!

Enjoy my site >.<

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi there dudes and dudettes,

My life is about to become full time busy. I am completing my final year at Uni, which means a big ass Research Project and holding down a job as a care assistant, so (not that I do anyway) I won't be posting too much.

I've been really good lately, got some major annoying debts cleared up, and managed to replace my laptop with a brand new one AND get some UGG boots which are SOOO comfortable.

I'm looking forward to going back to Uni, so I can start challenging my brain a bit more, and seeing all my mates again.

Anyway, Post soon :) x

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Two nights in a row now I have had the creepiest ass dreams. They are like horror/gore films, and tbh if i wasn't so intrigued by what they mean, i'd be freaked out!!

I won't tell you about the first because I've decided to turn it into a story. My own little creative project XD

But the second one is WEIRD!!

The guy in it looked like christain bale, but he was like all in black and he moved in a very strange way, kind of like the girl from the ring.

But he basically slept with women, where he dismembered them, and there back was always turnt to him!!
But one of the girls (who looked strangely similar to me) fell in love with him during the act, which resulted in her life being spared. (Instead of bosy parts being ripped off, he just removed them from the joints - dislocated them)

So basically she was alive, but unable to move and very gored up, since it was only half way through that she fell in love with him!!

I don't really remember much details, since the main focus was the christain bale demon like person and the girl scene, where she fell for him.

The rest is a little sketchy, and even the "love" scene I can't remember all the details!!

I hate dreams like these because I can't think of a lodgical reason why? what is my unconcious trying to tell me through THAT!

I did watch Mery Reilly before hand, but that wouldnt explain the dream the night before, since i didnt watch a "horror" before i went to sleep that night!

I told my mum i am having weird dreams, and she said i am clearly worried about something, she doesnt know the details. I don't want her to think I'm into crazy shit, because I am not!!

i dunno.

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