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Hey ya ppl, i'm ein, i like to get wasted an do my thing, i luv anime/manga, naruto is really awesome alongside samurai champloo an tenjho tenge, i used to go Thai practice but had to stop because works a pain, i do train my body at home though an also am going to study different styles of martial arts from various books.

I'd luv to go japan because its the best country ever, whilest i'm there would definatly have to somehow meet the gazette band members

hahahaaa luv ya Ruki!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   Haven't been here for a while...
i know i always say that i'm here to stay ab will update my pro... an never do, but hey such is life.

anyways i've uploaded some art i did alittle while ago so all is good, whrn i was uploading it didn't say it had to be a certain size... well i couldn't see it anyways, thats what put me off of this site in the first place, but anyways if its not doing that nemore then might put some more art on here :)

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   Old Friends/How i've been
I've started hanging around with old friends recently, its been really cool, we just did some of the things we used to like skating on the mini ramp in oakwood park an on flat land, also just throwing ourselves about an being stupid lol.

Recently i just got my i.d, life feels so much better now that i'm not limited to what i can do haha, i was thinking of selling my 360... though i'm having second thoughts about it now, even if i dont have any games or anything for it lol... poor thing :p

Anyways i'll be putting updates of how i am an what i've been up to on, so yeah, i guess i'll type later :)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

   My Otaku...
Ok guys, if anyone i know still come on here, i've submitted some art, though by the looks of things i dont think any of the people i know have been on here for a while :S anyways my art isn't to great at the moment because i've just started getting back in to it, these pics i submitted are from a while ago to, as you can see i updated my pro to, enjoy my song...
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   konichiwa ppl
hey ppl i know i havent submited any art for ages an i know i said a while ago that i would, i have been meanin to get around to doing it but somethin always draws my attention away from doing so, anyways i should have some on in a couple of days an i got a few pieces worth lookin at ^-^
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

my friends havin a bbq in his back garden! its so great!, i'm gonna spend so much money on alcahole an so is vihn, its just invitin some of the ppl that we want to come that is the problem cos we can keep in touch with em lol, but hopefuly it'll get soughted an then we can play shot poker happily ever after... thats the best game ever!
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