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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   Samurai Champloo Manga!!!
yey!!! samurai champloo manga is finanly out now ^^ though its weird in the neo mag i think, it says that it comes out on the 1st of may but i got the second vol yesterday lol
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   My Art
i've been abit lazy lately i haven't been asked to draw much, though i have got some pics to put on here i haven't scaned them, everytime i go around my friends i forget to scan them an then dont see them for another week lol, but yeah i'm gonna put some art on soon an hopefuly it'll be good!!!
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   i'm weird O_O
i havent drawn for almost a year an for some reason my art is better than it was before lol, the last pic i drew was photo shoped naruto an the pics i've been drawin are the uncoloured kakashi an the lance pic, i put loadsa effort in to the naruto pic an with these two pics i didn't really pay much attention, i know i'm makin it sound like its a bad thing but i just find it weird thats all ^-^ i'm never usually good at stuff if i just stop like i did, but anyways i'm gonna start being serious about manga from now on an if i can get as good as my friend ben i will have a good oppertunity to push on ahead an maybe make some money from it ^-^ me an ben already have some ideas but with my lack of skill at drawin it wouldn't go to well cos i'd get frustrated an give up, i've gotta understand how some things are drawn before i can go anywere with my art ^-^
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

   Drawings ^-^
yeah i'll be puttin some drawins on soon, well you'll see what i can just abouts do now *sigh* though its ok i just got some new fine liner pens an i got a how to draw manga book, vol:6 martial arts & combat sports ^-^ so yeah i'll be studyin that for a while an hopeful start gettin like how i used to draw! an maybe better hopefully, we'll see
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

   Get Backers!!!
YEY! i got vol:1 & 2 of get backers i can wait to read them, i got them from water stones gaz, it took me ages to find the manga section! its one little wheely shelf, but anyways i still wanna find some tenjo tenge manga novels, thats one of the best animes ever!!! i also wanna find some samurai champloo manga novels if there is any, i know the anime was pretty short, only 26 episodes so i'm not sure they'd have a manga, but yeah i'll check when i can be bothered lol ^-^
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

yey! i have this most beautiful girly friend an she's so cool!, i wanna see her art but she wont show me lol, she thinks her arts crap but it isn't cos i saw a page an its really good, atleast thats how i saw it, she likes all the stuff i do at the mo, its really cool! it took me a while to get to her but it all worked out in the end an i'm really greatful to have her, she makes me feel happy! ^-^ then my arm falls off
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