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I am the shadow that hides in the darkest corner of your room. I am the evil that lies within your heart- the embodiment of your hatred & sorrow. I am the demon that haunts your every thought with everything you despise and everyone you hate. I am...uh, hold on. Just gimme a second. Um, wait...I am, the thingy that...no, wait, I got this….I totally got this...Just one more minute, one more minute is all I need…aha! I AM-…ya know what, forget it. Just forget it.

I am KyuubiKhaos("Kyuubi" is the Nine-Tailed fox demon living inside Naruto, 4 those who dont know). dont worry, im just a fellow otaku trying to find his place in the world. I'm also referred to as "Shichidaime", so Hokage-Sama would be really appreciated. be sure to sign my gb & add me as your friend. i'll catch ya later!!
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Sasuke Uzumaki

Monday, January 21, 2008

   Oh God, even less time to make a post

Wish me luck guys, i hope i return safely

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