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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I made it to the top 500 in popularity.......interesting....never though i would actually accomplish that.....

[#461]!!! w00t!!!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   From here on, I will get this thing back on track, and keep you guys updated from now on!!

Shikamaru: Holy shit, man!! Who would've thought you would actually come back one of these days???

Renji: I knew Chris wouldn't let me down!! You owe me $10, Choji!!

Choji: What?! Ah, man, that's right, fine, here!!

Renji: Heh heh!! All right!!!

Guys, Guys, relax!! You actually bet on my return???

Renji: Well, yeah!! You think I seriously thought you would leave this place forever??? Like these guys??

Well, yes, considering the time I've been gone for....Of course, I would never leave this place.....This place was a life-changer. After finally finding the time and coming back here, I've realized how important this place is to me. The people I've met here, the advice I've been given, the experiences I've read about & learned from.......All were so important to me. Now, I'll return the favor by telling you guys that I've returned, both to tell my life story, and to be able to help others and once again become their friend....

Lee: *sniffle* That was soooo touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy: Yes, Chris!!!!!!! That was, extraordinarily emotional!!!! Especially considering that you're not even all that emo anymore!!!! Ha, ever since you-

Hey, Guy!!! Hold on there!! I'll get to that in a bit!!! but I'm sure people remember that I used to be emo (Hair and all lol), but I got that cut, although I plan on growing it back, for the sake of the fact that it looked good on me!

Naruto: Haha, old habits die hard, right?? Kinda like my, er, well.....recklessness???

Sasuke: Don't forget stupidity.

Naruto: AHHHHHH, Sasuke!!!

Sasuke: Quit your whining, loser!!! Chris finally came back, how about we let him talk? He's been through a whole damn lot since, and once he gets back up to this date in life, he can record things based by daily, pretty much.

Thanks man!! Besides, The entries I keep here are pretty much a place where I can write down my memories........A few days ago, I was looking back at some older posts I made........I cant believe a lot of the things I suddenly remembered....But, I need to update you guys!! Anyone who actually chose to stick with me!!! So, well, the last two posts I made, which started to explain my life-changing experience, can be found and read right over here:

Part One: New Friends...??

Part Two: An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

Now, from where I left off, but first, a correction from Part Two; At the end of the day, while we were all waiting outside the mall (Garden State Plaza, for anyone who lives in Jersey and is familiar with it), Me, Lisa, Mike, Amy, Kacy, Sage, and Cheski were approached by this kid, he seemed older than me, and he was smoking, much like all the other people standing outside, hence WHY they were standing outside. He asked if any of us had a lighter for him, none of us did, so he walked away. we didn't mind him at all, but then he came back. He noticed something about ME.

"Whoa!! Love the wristband! You like BLEACH too??? That's freakin' awesome!!!" is pretty much what he said! He noticed that I was wearing a black wristband on my right had, with the blue flaming skull symbol form BLEACH. On my left wrist, was a white wristband with the Blood Seal from FMA. So he stayed and we all talked for a little bit. He introduced himself, his name was Alex. Despite looking older than me, he was actually my age. He lived in Teaneck, and apparently has his own band, The Muffins. Amy especially seemed to like him, remarking out loud that he was cute (He had fairly long, healthy-looking black hair, brown skin, and Asian-esque eyes. He revealed himself to be a Spanish and Filipino mix). He heard her, remarking that she was attractive as well. Obviously, something pretty interesting just sparked here. So, he gave us his Myspace URL, which was pretty much "Rawrrrrrrrrr, I'm A Tiger". he wrote it down for us, and Amy kept it. After that, Amy's mom came to pick us up. When we were at Mike's house that night, we tried finding him, but Amy left that paper at her house. We spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how many R's were in his Rawr (there were nine), we tried from 3 to 8, only to finally call and find out it was 9(so close!!!! lol). Mike, Amy & Lisa took turns adding him. I added him, like, a few days later, or something. Then, we all left Mike's house and went home. I went home, with a Hot Topic bag in my hand, inside, a white & red horizontal-striped polo shirt. Kacy bought the same thing, and we decided that the Monday we came back to school, we would both wear it that day, to match!

I went home, remembering the entire day. I still remember the entire day, for the record. I remembered everyone I met that day at that moment- Amy, Kacy, Cheski, Sage...........Lisa. They were all cool, but.........Something was different about Lisa. Something.........really nice. I already had a current(ly hopeless) crush, but.......at that moment.......I gave that up.

I checked my Myspace, and got a comment. From Lisa, it said that she thought I was so awesome, I was added to her Top Friends list. ................Well, it's a start!

Now, Let's get on with the rest of the story!!

Part Three: Marc and Alyssa
You might be wondering who these two are, and what significance they play in my life as of this point. Well, a few days later, I told Mike that I had a crush on Lisa. Mike kinda looked dismayed, so I asked what was wrong. He replied "Dude, I didn't tell you this, and I guess she didn’t either, but...... she has a boyfriend".

That killed me. 2 crushes. Only 2 crushes I've had before this one. Both were hopeless, and with preppy chicks. Lisa was incredible because she was different than any other girl I've ever met. And, well............yeah, I dealt with it. I just decided to try to focus on finding someone else.

We were back in school. Winter vacation was over, and I was still going through some hard times, dealing with my mom's situation. She was getting better, yeah, but she then had a major surgery coming up, which involved removing 3 vertebrae in her spine. A very serious surgery, and the fact that she would remain in the hospital would be very hard for us.....especially since she would still be there even on her own birthday, March 4. but the surgery took place on a Friday before that, the week after that day. That exact date would be March 2. Now, I was supposed to come home from school on time, or by 5:30. I went to Lisa's house for the first time that day, after school. but, I'm forgetting something again, something that happened earlier that week.

Lisa let me meet a friend of hers, a really close friend named Alyssa. She's a grade higher than me, but only 3 months older than me. I actually met her back in November, when Mike introduced me. but now I was actually friends with her now. Well, after school, like I said, I went over to Lisa's house for the first time, with Alyssa and Amy. Now, as a guy, I can take things the wrong way. Especially when Alyssa began to act flirty with me- REALLY flirty with me. Now don’t get the wrong idea, she's no whore or anything. It's just her personality. However, it can apparently cause problems in some cases. We went to Lisa's house, where we hung out and stuff. It was a really nice house too! Then someone else came over. His name was Marc...........Lisa's boyfriend. Now, let me fill you in on ages- I'm 16, so is Alyssa. Amy is 15, and Lisa, at the time, was 14. Marc was 19. ........I thought it was a little big of an age difference, but i didnt wanna say anything, i was trying to get over her. I got to know Marc a little better, and he was actually a really cool guy! he was pretty funny, and it turns out that he knew who i was, because the year before, when i was in 9th grade, he was a senior (Yeah, He's a college freshman, Lisa is a high school freshman, along with Amy.) He knew me from Gym class the year before, and i told him that I knew I had seen him before. Now, I mentioned that I was supposed to be home by 5:30, well...........pretty soon, that time came, but i never left. Some of Lisa's relatives came over, one of which was this little kid named Eddie.......according to Lisa, he was a TERROR. At first, as i got to know him, he didnt seem so bad. He was about 8. He was a good kid at first, and i told Lisa & Alyssa that they were overreacting. A little while later, though,......my opinion of the kid totally changed. He really WAS a terror!!! I could barely deal with him! But somehow, I managed. Lisa even complimented me on how well I dealt with him. She said that she has never dealt with him as well as I did, and on my first try to boot!!

Amy left to go home, I was still there. Alyssa eventually left, I was still there. Even Marc eventually went home, and I was still there. Lisa and I were pretty much just hanging out, just doing stuff on the computer. Midnight came, I was still there. I should also note that Lisa and I live practically on opposite sides of our town. Now, at this point, I decided that it might have been a good idea to go home, so her dad gave me a ride home. The plan was to go to the movies the next day to go see “Norbit” (That Eddie Murphy movie). But when I got home, I came to a surprise…….

My uncle was home, not my dad. My dad was apparently at the hospital, where my mom was, and my uncle was at my house, where………I was supposed to be. I was supposed to watch my brother while my dad was gone, but it turns out I didn’t come home when I was supposed to. My uncle was pretty mad at me, as was my dad when he came home. Thus, I wasn’t able to go to the movies the next day.

Well, if I want to make a long story short, due to the fact that it’s now 2008, I’m already a junior in high school, and this was almost a whole year ago, I’m just gonna get to some key points…….eventually I will share some other major moments with you, but here’s the scoop-

-I eventually got over Alyssa. After a while of her not returning my feelings, I decided to move on. To this day, we are the best of friends. She doesn’t have a caring father, & her stepmom is practically Cinderella calibur. She actually thinks of me as a father-figure to her, and claims I’ll be a really good father when I become one

Jiraiya: Uhh, don’t you need to hook up with someone in order to get married and have kids??? Haha you know I’m just busting your balls here, right???

Well someone might just have their balls busted in a moment if he doesn’t let me finish my summary

Jiraiya: Uhhh………never mind then!

Now, where was I…..oh yeah!!

-I developed another crush…….on an old friend…………..I wanted Lisa…….I needed her……

-I went to my first concert! My very first concert!! It’s a rock festival called Bamboozle, it happens once a year in May, in New Jersey. For an entire weekend, Saturday & Sunday, over 120 bands perform over the course of 2 days!! I went on Saturday, May 5 and saw MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!! Along with Boys Like Girls, Paramore, Cute Is What We Aim For, Silverstein, Hellogoodbye, New Found Glory, and many other bands!! 3-count ‘em- 3 mosh pits. My first 3 mosh pits, were fucking awesome!!! The first one (Silverstein- Your Sword vs. My Dagger), my lip got punched and started bleeding a bit. The second one (New Found Glory- My Friends Over You), I got headbutted in my left cheek. The third one (Hellogoodbye- Here in Your Arms), everyone was jumping, and they crushed my right big toe nail, which healed over time. Um, Lisa was also at the concert, with Marc, her boyfriend………I was a fool…..Even though it hurt me so much to see them together, I wanted to hang with them still…..as a good friend………just that alone made the day pretty crappy…..although it was still awesome.

-Within that month of May……..Lisa & Marc began developing some problems & issues that couldn’t be resolved……they took a break, then eventually broke up…….My other friends began to bug Lisa about another topic though……whether she had feelings for me, or not…..it didn’t really affect how friendly I was towards her (well maybe I sometimes was a little “too” friendly to her sometimes lol…

-Then…….on June 8, 2007, a Friday…….something amazing happened……..

Renji: ….that’s to be continued another day!! Hopefully not next YEAR!!! Now, where’s Choji with my $10??

Choji: For the last time, I am NOT paying you anything!!!

Renji: We made a bet!!! Now pay!!!

……I’ll have to settle this one myself……well, you know what??? I’ll say these now- Happy late Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!! And another thing- IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK!!!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

   My life since February

Yeah, i havent technically updated since then, so....for that, i deeply apologize.

So much has happened since that day, February 22, 2007. I cant begin to explain it all.

Ok, now, if you need a reference to what i was talking about where i left off on my story, check my archives, the second to most recent post.

Actually, here's the link to it, right over here.

but anyway, yeah, i'll now start off from where i left off.

As for my anime crew, well.......once i get back on track with this thing, i'll be sure to welcome them back!

Part two: An Offer I couldn't refuse
So, where was I??......oh yeah! If you read the post linked above, Amy(The new friend I had made on Myspace), was going to the mall with my good friend, Mike. I had kinda stalked Mike's Myspace comments(we do that to each other), & i was aware of their plans, esp. since I wanted to hang with him that day. But, now I knew why. Well, I was talking to Amy online, on Tuesday the 20th, and she invited me to go to the mall with her & Mike. She said that a few of their other friends would be there as well, their names as follows-

Lisa- Amy's friend since 2nd grade, although she met her at Dance class, not our school (Amy and I both went to the same elementary school, although she got held back in 2nd grade.). She had known Mike since the beginning of the year.

Kacy- Amy's #1 best friend. I knew her only because I saw her during my lunch period. I recognized that she liked anime a whole lot, as well as other Japanese culture.

Sage- Kacy's little sister (Cool name, huh?)

Cheski- Real name, Alex, but we call him Cheski, his last name. although he's younger than me, he's FRICKIN' HUMONGOUS!! I mean, tall, not wide, dont worry! but yeah, and he's strong!! he picks me up with such ease......I'm easily overpowered by him. He has an older brother, Chris, that I've seen around the school quite often.

So, the day after, on the 21, I went to Mike's house, and then HE asked me to go to the mall with him the next day with Amy & the crew. I told him that Amy had already invited me, and he laughed, cuz she beat him to it. I chilled at Mike's house for the rest of that day, waiting for tomorrow to come, cuz i was really interested in meeting these new people, esp. Amy, since i had gotten to know her.

That night, i got a friend request from Lisa, so i added her and we talked for a bit. She seemed cool as well, and i wanted to meet her even more.

Part three: A Day I'll never forget- 2/22
Next day, I wake up early. My mom already said I could go to the mall, so I headed to Mike's place at about noon. I stayed for a few minutes, we shared a bagel. His mom wasn't home, so we took the bus (I had no clue which bus to go on, but thankfully Mike knew all about taking the bus). We got there at about 1, us being the last to get there :[. We met them at Border's, a book store for those who don't know. The first one i was interested in meeting was Amy, since I had gotten to know her best. it was a very outgoing greeting, as she was......loud. Really loud. But VERY friendly, and nice! So, she was cool!

Amy = check.

Next was Kacy, since I had already known her from lunch. As i had figured, she was a bit more reserved (wayyy more reserved than Amy), but she was nice. Just a little quiet. Like, Hinata quiet. Just not as fidgety.

Kacy = check.

After her was her sister Sage. .....she was pretty anti-social at the moment, but i managed to get a hi out of her.

Sage = check.

Lisa, she was really nice! not too loud, not too quiet, fairly outgoing, and seemed pretty fun! She was one of those people that I could tell I would be pretty good friends with. She just seemed really cool! Maybe, the one offset was that I later found out she had a boyfriend...

Lisa = check.

At first, I hadn't noticed Cheski. When Mike and I first reached Borders, I did notice i large kid, tan skin with short black hair. When I found out that that was him, i was surprised, since he did look at me and do nothing, even though I was with Mike. Cheski was a relaxed kid, like me. he was really cool, and mad chill. I liked this guy already.

Cheski = check.

So, the gang then got to know me. We all had something to talk about, and there was never a moment of dullness. We had so much fun that, i did things that i never thought I'd see myself doing. At one point, we skipped through the mall for a good 5 minutes. Yeah. We had fun just running around, being idiots, taking pictures, cracking jokes, and just enjoying ourselves. I swear, that was the best day of my life. That, and another day, which I will tell you about sometime in the future.

We left the mall at about 9, then went to Amy's house, which was a lot closer to mine than I first thought! We had pizza, and I met her mom, who .....likes FMA O.o. but she was really cool, and really nice! After that, we went to Mike's house to just chill. We stayed there until about 10, then i went home. I checked my Myspace, and got a comment form Lisa saying that i was moved to her top friends, since I was so awesome :]. I added Cheski, then I went to bed. That day.......I'll never forget it. NEVER.

.......Many things happened since that day. A few days later, during the next week, I met a girl who, in a way, made a pretty significant change in my life. A change that taught me some valuable lessons, as well as propel me into finding a new happiness. Her name was Alyssa. That part of the story, i'll have to save for another time, so, until then, which will be soon, dont worry, see you guys later!!

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Monday, June 4, 2007



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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

well, i'm back, and now I can tell you all what's been going on!!

Orochimaru: Not until you fucking get me out of this damned bathroom!!

Sasuke: Yeah.....I don't think so.

Uryu: Why not?

Sasuke: I have nothing left to learn from him. That is absolute....that, and, he was getting kind of annoying. I'm glad Chris did what he had to do. Thank you, Chris. Thank you very much.

Orochimaru: Hey, HEY, I heard that!!! Sasuke, you will get me out of here, right? Please help me out!! I taught you everything you know!!

L: Well, ain't that just a bittersweet moment...

Yes, indeed it is. So, anyway, time to get on with the exlpanation of what has happened within the past near-month.

Part one: New friends....??

So, I had my Winter Break a few weeks ago back in February. By winter Break, it's another week-long vacation they gave us, aside from our Holiday Break in December. So, My mom hasn't been feeling too well. She was in a lot of pain, and could barely even move. At one point, she wasn't able to even get out of the bed for half of the day. So, I was the main guy taking care of her while my dad was at work. Things were getting pretty stessful, because my mom has had similar pains like this before.

Lee: What made this so tough for Chris, is that something similar has happened to his mom before. Obviously, this is a fairly devastating blow to the entire family.

Yeah, i was honestly pretty scared. However, i wasstill able to go on the computer for a while, to watch stuff on youtube from time to time when i had free time, or in between helping my mom. So, I was on Myspace, when i recieved a new friend request. It was from this girl named Amy. I knew her only because I saw her on my friend Mike's top 8. Well, i figured since she was a frind of mike's, I figured "Why not?", so I accepted.

A few minutes later, I receive a message from her, saying that she has heard quite a bit about me from Mike, and was really interested in adding me and being friends. I then told her no problem, and asked how she knew Mike....and what else Mike said about me. She said that she goes to our school, and that she's seen me around(Of course, me being the total oblivious one, i didnt notice her. I kept that part on the down low.). She also said that Mike said that i was a really cool guy to hang out with. So, we've been just replying to each others' messages, getting to know each other a bit better. I even found out that-

1) She went to my elementary school, Gilbert Ave.
2) I knew EXACTLY who she was when i actually bothered to check out her other pics, cuz i KNEW I had seen her before, espcially at Gilbert, cuz i had remembered that face.

So, from reading Mike's comments, I knew that he and Amy were going to hang out at the mall that upcoming Thursday, but that wasn't any of my business.......yet.

The rest of the story....tomorrow.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Man, over a week of not posting, and a WHOLE lots happened...i gotta tell you guys about this...

Orochimaru: About TIME!! It's been way too long, and you had to go be all emo about it, and abandon your friends like that...

Sasuke: Hey!!!

I didn't abandon my friends!!....and HEY!!!

L: HEY!! *assumes his position* I resent that statement!!

Oh, that's right, man, I've been gone that long?! Well, in honor of one of my new all-time favorite anime, Death Note, I changed the background, the song to "L's Theme", and now, I've added L to the gang!! He's moving in, boys!!

Naruto: Hey, what's goin on, L?! Welcome to the post-space-crib-place-thing!!

Ishida: "Post-space-crib-place-thing"???

Ichigo: Yeah, see, we all had a meeting about what we should call this place. You weren't here at the time, but, this is what we came up with.

Sasuke: Yeah, everyone was there....speaking of people who should be here, where's Renji?

Byakuya: Frankly, I have no clue. And I'm supposed to keep tabs on this kid. How am I supposed to do that when he's never fucking around?

Well, let's not worry about him for now. I think he's fine. I need to focus on getting my revenge...

Orochimaru: On who??

On YOU!!!!!! You insulted emo kids!!

Sasuke: Yeah!!

You mock the intellectuals of tomorrow by calling them the idiots of today!!!

L: Yeah!!!

You…..you….did something to me a long time ago, and even though I can’t remember what it was, I’m still gonna get my REVENGE!!!!!

Sasuke: YE- …huh?

L: What??

Gaara: Even I don’t have any idea what’s going on, and I’m the Kazekage. On top of that, I’m emo too…

Well, Orochimaru did something to make me mad one day. I still hafta get back at him for it. One of these days, Oro….One of these Days!!!! But for now, who wants something to drink??? Ain’t it hot in here??

Orochimaru: Yeah, man. I’m parched!!! *takes the glass of soda out of his hands*

Geez, ya didn’t have to rush it all. Anyway, I mean, it’s just been waaay too long, and so much has been happening, so im gonna be a little brief about the events that have happened.

Orochimaru: Yeah, there’s just so much to….to….to…WHAT’S GOING ON?!!?!?!

L: Huh? What’s wrong, Oro?? You don’t look so hot.

Sasuke: As if he ever did!!

Orochimaru: Dude, I’m not sure, but my stomach is starting to hurt really bad!!....oh, c’mon, Sasuke, that wasn’t necessary!!

Sasuke: Actually, yeah, it kinda was!!

Well, I’m sure it’s nothing too seriou-

Orochimaru: BATHROOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!! *rushes to the bathroom*

O.o…..ok, I guess it is pretty serious….

L: Hmmm……something’s up here. He was just fine a second ago…

Sasuke: Yeah, well, looks like he finally got his just deserts, huh?! I mean, somehow it happened, but at least it did, right?

Yeah, I guess you’re right!!

L: “Just deserts”….wait a minute….

Huh? Something bugging you, L?

L: Well, you wanted revenge, and then you suddenly give him something to drink, and now….

Orochimaru: *on the toilet* Ah, man, that feels a LOT better!! Now, I’m gonna get outta here and- …..oh, no way….oh dear GOD!!

Orochimaru: *grinding his teeth* …Alrite, you got me this time, Chris. So, how long are you gonna keep me in here, huh??

L: You planted something in his drink, it shows in the facts that you wanted revenge, and the fact that he’s been sitting on the pot for the past 20 minutes.

Jeez, man! How’d ya figure it out so fast?!

L: I’m not stupid, Chris. That’s why you brought me to your post in the firt place. Although, there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out….

Kon: Is there really? What’s that?

L: I still haven’t figured out where Renji could be…

Byakuya: Didn’t I tell you to just drop the subject? I tried looking for him, but couldn’t. There’s no point in-

Renji:*from outside* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!! Hey guys!!!! HEY!!! OUT HERE!

Renji?! He’s actually- GODDAMMIT, where’d ya go?!!?

Renji: Why don’t ya take a look outside??

*Everyone looks out the window*

Everyone: ….HOLY-

What the hell, man!! Where’d ya get that?!

*Renji is sitting in a new motorcycle, all nice and tricked out. Looks new…*

Renji: Ya like? In honor of Ghost Rider, which was an awesome movie by the way, I went out shopping for bikes like this!! It’s alrite, I’ll let you guys take it for a few rides, if ya want!

Byakuya: Can it, Renji. We have no time for stuff like that. Chris has to get on with his goddamn life, am I right? He has a lot to tell his…..readers.

Wow, uh, thanks, Byaku! That really helps straighten things out here!

Byakuya: …Byaku??

Yeah! It’s easier on the jaw to say ur name shortened, so I’ll do it that way from time to time, is that ok?

Byakuya: ….well, alrite, but ONLY YOU, since you were skilled enough to make your own Zanpakutou.

Which I’ll share with you guys another time!! Even though I didn’t really get to tell you all what I wanted to, I’ll hafta…..do it another day. So, see ya then!! Cuz I ain’t gonna be gone forever!!

Naruto: See ya!!

Renji: VROOM VROOM, later!!!

Byakuya: Until then…

L: Goodbye for now!!

Orochimaru: *still in the bathroom* Hey, hey, HEY!! I’m still in here!! When are you going to get me out of here?! Guys?!?!?!

Sasuke: Yeah, like we want to go in there after what you did in there!! Whatever, I’m calm now. So long-

HEY, don’t jinx me, Sasuke!! I wont take that long…

Naruto: Yeah, that’s what you said last time….

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Monday, February 19, 2007

   Current mood: Totally all over the place...


Hellz yeah it was!!! I mean, DUDE!! DId you see the part, in the beginning!? When they all found Sasuke?!?!

Sasuke: Yeah, I mean, it was pretty tense doing that part, but SO worth it!! I mean, I looked MAD cool standing up on the cliff like that!! Y'all saw that part!!

Ichigo: YEAH, I mean, did you see, did-did ya see the part, the one where he just jumped down at, like, totally the speed of light or something?!!?!

Ishida: Yeah, and then-and then he, like, pulled his sword out, but it was all, like, slo-mo!!

Neji: And then, it went all, black and stuff, and then, there was...

Everyone: The Sealed gate!!!

Naruto: Dude, I was like, standing right in front of it, and, like, then, the Kyuubi came out, and he was like, sticking his head out and everything!! It was fuckin creepy!!

Yeah, and, then, like, Sasuke just popped outta nowhere, and, like, pwned the Kyuubi like it was nothing!

Kiba: Yeah, but it's more than nothing. It's WAAAAY more than nothing, trust me!!

Choji: He just grabbed him on the nose, and, then, he just, like, popped him!! That was INSANE!

Shikamaru: I know, man!! That was SO not a drag. I totally enjoyed it!!

Best 8 anime minutes of my life.....and then, we all sang the theme song!!

Renji: Yeah, we so rocked- oh, wait, they dont know, do they?

I bet they don't!! Yeah, if you saw the first/second episode of Naruto: Shippuden, then you saw the theme song. Well, dudes & dudettes, that, was US!! By us, I mean it was Me, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Lee. WE are "Nobody Knows"!! And THIS is our song!!

Lee: Yes, cuz we KNOW how to rock!!!

Jiraiya: Of course!! ANd plus, when you're a rock star, you get ALL the ladies!! I've never been flashed so many times in one day in my WHOLE LIFE!! So pwnsome!!! Anyways, how are you doing, Gaara??

Gaara: Dude, it fuckin' ROCKS to be Kazekage!!....well, except for the paperwork....and the constant meetings....but it STILL fucking rocks!!

Naruto: I know, it must be!! Man, I'm going-

Ichigo: TO be Hokage one day, yeah, we already know....Jeez, we thought you at least grew out of the "constant-bragging-about-being-Hokage" phase...

Shikamaru: Sakura was right...you really havent changed much, have you??

Naruto: Aww, way to put me back down...fuck

Yeah....dude, I just totally burned out all my excitement over that....and I still havent even talked about MY life yet...

Urahara: yeah, i'm going to be serious this time. This week, Chris was going through quite a bit...

Current song: "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional

Why? It calms me down, everytime I listen to it. Sadly, and strangely, I can only listen to it on Myspace...

Ishida: We tried downloading it, but we got a different version. it was a slower beat, and, we didn't like it. The version we do like, what we saw on tv, apparently, it's just the "single" version. As in, the single you hear on radio and see on tv. really weird...

Anyway, this week, well, on Thursday, I got into an arguement with my mom. A BIG arguement. There were....many things that shouldnt have been said, especially by me....I was so stupid...

The only reason you can't be a good mother is because you never had one of your own!

....Was I really that angry, that I would even dare say such a thing?? I didn't know what to think...I made her feel terrible, I bet I did. I felt worse. I was really sepressed after that...so much so, that, I...

Renji: ...

Byakuya: ....

Naruto: .....that thing you found in your drawer...you were looking for it for, how long?

A few years...I never would've guessed it was in there, of all places...I also never though I wouls use it right then...my first Swiss Army Knife, given to me by my friend's dad. He told me to be careful not to hurt myself with it....and, what do you know....I did just that....yes, it was my first time...no, it wasn't anything serious. Just a few dozen nicks on the top side of my arm...they barely bled. I actually tried to make one of them bleed by squeezing it....man, I was sick that night. Messed up in the head...they saw the marks yesterday, but I lied, saying I got scratched by my wooden bedpost....they bought it, I think.

Other current song: "It's not Over" by Daughtry

This one helps me to reflect the events of Thursday night. Another one to calm me down. It helps for thursday, and every day afterwards. Ya see, on Friday, in the morning, my mom woke up with extreme pains throughout her whole upper body. She could barely get out of bed. I was really worried, despite the night before. While I was in school, she went to the hospital for a while, and when I came home, she went for an MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a full body scan). it lasted from about 3:00 to 7:30. My brother and I were home alone for that time. First, we played in the snow which was still there from last Wednesday(It still is). In fact, most of it was actually ice, so we played on that. After we came back in, my brother and I watch the hour-long Naruto: Shippuden together on YouTube. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm 16, and my brother, Jacob, is 7. He'll be 8 on St. Patrick's Day. Although we're pretty far apart in age, nothing will tear me apart from him. Honestly, I wouldn't have watched the new Naruto without him. He wanted to see it too.

Anyway, when my mom came home, she was in a not-so-good condition. She walked in with a cane, and explained to me the situation with herself. Apparently, another vertebrae in her spine is acting up, and causing more problems-

Shikamaru: Chris, they don't even know what happened to her in the first place.

Right, sorry about that. See, my mom, back a few years ago, had big problems with her spine. Turns out there was a tumor lodged on one of her vertebrae. A malignant tumor, meaning, it had cancer. For a long time, she was practically immobile, and in the hospital. my bro was still too young, so it was very hard for him...too hard...even when she came back, she still had to take it easy. Over the next few years, she slowly recovered back to almost normal. but now....although the cancer no longer affects her(as the tumor isnt there)....there's, supposedly, another one....even worse than the last, in terms of the pain it causes....I try my hardest to help out....but i can't help but think...what might happen, if...

Neji: STOP RIGHT THERE. Don't ever think of such a thing!! She wouldn't, so neither would her son. She wouldn't put you through what happened to her, not ever.

Funny thing, hearing that out of you....yeah, you're right....i gotta have faith, in....whoever I should have faith in. Who? God...? my mom..?.....myself? After all....it's not over. not yet.

I had a great time last Saturday. But It's too sudden a mood dhift. I'll tell that story tomorrow. Tomorrow.....for sure.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a cold, a snow day, V-day, and the death of a poor mockingbird....

Naruto: *gasps* A mockingbird?? Aww, the poor thing!! What happened!?

Renji: Baka!! There's no real bird!! It's that damn book Chris is reading in his stupid English class, To Kill a Mockingbird. It's so GAY!!

I know! In fact, I found it so interesting, I think I'll write a sequel!!

Neji: ...a sequel?? You mean, you hate the story so much, you want to continue it?

Nah!! I'll start a new story!! In fact, it ain't gonna be a story at all!! It'll be a guide book!!!

Urahara: A guidebook??.....Oh!! I get it!! What's it called??

I'll call it, To Kill Another Mockingbird!!!

Ichigo: Wow.....how original.

I know!!! In fact, I'm going to type it up, the whle thing, right here!!

Ishida: Wait, wouldn't that make this post, like, really long!? A little too long?!!?

...your point? Anyways, here it is!!

Everyone: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Kill Another Mockingbird

To kill another mockingbird like you did last time, pick up your throwing stone. Aim carefully at the target, and fire away. BULLSEYE!!! However, if you did NOT hit the bird, pick up your spare throwing stone. If you do not have a spare throwing stone, a dumbass like you should not be reading this book in the first place!!

But thanks for buying it anyway!!

Byakuya: .....that was it? That was the whole thing???

Renji: Huh? No super-long tip guide? Just that??


Ichigo: Well, I for one am not impre-

Guy-sensei: EXCELLENT WORK, CHRIS!!!!!!!! *thumbs up and tooth glimmer* I knew you could do it!!

Lee: *in tears* YES CHRIS!!! A wonderful story indeed, truly a magnificent piece of literary art!!!

O.o....glad somebody liked it at least.... Ok, so, onto more pressing matters...Let's see.....where'd I put that index card thingy....

Urahara: Today's Valentine's Day, if that makes you feel any better-

It doesn't. Me? I don't care too much about that day. In fact, I practically don't like it at all!

Ichigo: So....you hate it, then?

Pretty much, yeah! I mean, it really is nothing more than a commercial holiday. The one time of year when sex sells the most, and people try their hardest to show their loved ones that they really love them. WELL, if they love them so much, why can't they show it every other day of the goddamn year?!

Kon: Aww, dont be that way, Chris!! Just imagine all the hot girls at your school.....wanting you....touching you....LOVING YOU!!!

Byakuya: Can it, Kon. But even I think you shouldn't let this get to your head...

Naruto: Yeah, way to spread your cynicism out to everyone else reading this!

I am NOT being cynical!! What kind of person do you take me for!?

Urahara: Hey, I just noticed!! The words "cynical" and "single" actually kinda souns very simil- *gets bricked by Chris and is knocked out*

*teeth gritting*Next.....topic......Now!.....

Ishida: OH, um, well......today you had a snow day!!

*Cheers up* YAY SNOW DAYS!!!!!

Ishida:*in his mind* Wow, that was fast...

So, Yeah!!! For the past few days, we've been getting weather reports about a big snowstorm this wednesday!!...well, not just snow, but a mix of snow, rain, sleet, and such. This would make the roads totally unsafe, and on top of that, SNOW!!! The possibilty of a snow day, awesome!!!

Sasuke: However, the weather guy has been making some really bad reports this past few weeks, so not a lot of people were putting their trust in him....but for those who were...it was getting a little hectic...

Jiraiya: Yeah, even Chris's Math teacher wanted the day off today!! it was pretty funny, oh, and his science teacher too!

Kiba: So, yesterday, we waited, and waited for it to start snowing. Then, it finally started!! but....

Shikamaru: It wasn't a lot, at all! It was just coming down slowly....so, with no hope for a snow day, We went to sleep....only to wake up from this loud siren far away...

Choji: Man, I was hungry when that thing woke me up...oh, um, well, Chris's mom told him to go back to sleep, since the siren...


YES!!!! I just blew off the whole day, just playing video games, and on the comp, while rejoicing the fact that my snow day dreams for this week have come true!!!

Sasuke: Yeah, all right!!! So.....any more news for our loving fans out there??

Hmmmmm..........oh yeeeah!!!!


Everyone: NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN IS GOING TO PREMIERE TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!! REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee: Aw, HELLZ YEAH!!!! Finally, the fillers are O-V-E-R!!!!! YES!!!!

Guy-Sensei: Praise the Anime Godz almighty!!! I say, we run 10,000 laps around the town to celebrate!!! What say you, Lee?!

Lee: HAI, Guy-Sensei!!!!!!

*they go off into the sunset*

Ishida:....where did that sunset come from?

Ichigo: Beats me.....Yep, the new series of Naruto- that's right, series. Not season, series. I checked on Wikipedia. It's counted separately, so instead of being "Naruto episode 221", it's "Naruto: Shippuden episode 1." Funny, huh?? It's kinda like Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

When you put it that way....yes.


And we're ending it there for now!! See ya tomorrow, for sure!!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

   Thanks to some wonderful people, I feel so much better now.....or am I just delirious?

Naruto: Nah, you're just delirious. And I'm just kinda mad, cuz SOMEBODY didn't like me having red for a font color! It's not my fault. I had red first....*sob*

Renji: Well, when ya think about it, red is my color, and yellow fits you more...

Yeah, well, none of that matters to me now, cuz Saturday night was the BEST NIGHT I've had all year, and possibly the best night I will have this year!! Man, it was sooooo much fun!

Urahara: Remember, with the shopping carts?? and the tres?!

Byakuya: And then the cops were there!! Man, that was a great night!!

Ok, now you all might be wondering what these fuckers are talking about! Well, allow me to clarify the events of that night. You're gonna enjoy this....

All-out Super-Fun Saturday Night- How Saturday nights are meant to be
SO, Earlier last week, my friend Keith and I made plans to go see "Epic Movie" this weekend. We planned on either Friday or Saturday, and we ended up making plans for Saturday. It would be Keith, John, and I as usual, but this time was going to be a little different.

Ichigo: See, John and Keith don't go to the same High school with Chris, despite living in the same town. They go to a technical high school in another town. Now, John and Keith, they have friends at their school, who love anime just as much as them, and Chris. Their names are Danny, Tom, and Orlando.

Neji: Chris had chances to meet these guys time and time again before, but, Chris was always busy with other things to go out with them.

Kiba: So, back to last night's plans, Chris, John, and Keith were going to go see "Epic Movie", when Chris here discovered that this time, he owuld actually get to meet Orlando, Tom, and Danny! He's heard a lot about these three,

Shikamaru: So he was expecting quite a bit from these guys. So, Chris, Keith & john went to the movies to buy their tickets at about 6:30, when the movie was gonna start at 8:15.

Choji: While waiting for the others, they went to Toys R' Us to check out the video games, and all they found....

was CRAP! Yeah, not so much of a great selection that night, but it was so-so.....nah, I ain't gonna lie on their part, it was a total BORE just being in there! The only good thing about it, was that we found Tom coming in. my first impression of Tom, I liked him, he looked cool, and fun to be with. We got off on good footing, seeing as I already knew him, somewhat, from Myspace, when Keith told me to try to add him. I did, and thats how we formally met...well, kinda formal.

Renji: After leaving the store, They walked back to the theater (which is right next to the store, by the way). They found Danny and Orlando, already there, so the six of them were all together. Oh, and one more thing....

Ishida: Keith & John have this little "nickname" for Chris, they call him "Stick Stigley". Um, how was this name created again??

I made it up. Back in 8th grade, John, Keith and I were in a group for the 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C.. During the trip, I made up that name for myself. i don't remember why, I just did. But anyways, John and Keith told these three a lot about me, but, they referred to me by my name "Stick Stigley" or "Stix" for short. When i met Orlando, I knew what to expect, since the first thing he called me was Stix! it didn't matter to me, cuz they all knew my real name. So, the six of us there, at the movies, we had another hour or so left 'til the movie started. So, what did we do?

Sasuke: They ate FOOD, of course!!! See, there's this restaurant right next to the theater called "Fuddruckers"...hahaha!!! I still cant get over the name!! "Fuddruckers"! HA!

Yeah, sometimes I like to call it "Fuckrudders"!

Urahara; Hey, me too!!

Guy-sensei: So, while the amazing youth of today went to the hilariously-named restaurant, they saw the huge line that awaited these fine young men, and were faced with a big dilemma. What were they to do?!?!

Well, after some thought, we decided not to eat at Fuddruckers, and instead eat at Popeye's, for some good as hell fried chicken!!

Naruto: Hey, didn't Keith bring some coupons for Popeye's with him, even though you had planned on going to Fuckrudder's?

Yeah....I still dont get that. Anyways, we ate at Popeye's. Keith, Tom and I had Popcorn shrimp, which was good as hell!! Then I showed Orlando and Danny my famous Gai-Sensei impersonation, since they didn't believe John when he said i could do a perfect Gai-Sensei!

Guy-Sensei: HaHA, that's right!! The handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village, it's Might Guy!!

True that, my friend!! So, after that, we were leaving Popeye's, when, passing by Fuddrucker's, Orlando spotted one HOT girl, so, he did what he had to, and walked straight in! While we tried to get him out, Tom said to ditch him....so, John, Keith, Tom, and Danny did just that. they ran to thr theater, leaving me behind. I caught up with them, but i wanted to go back and look for our "team nigga"!

Naruto: I thought YOU were the team nigga.

No, I'm just the team's Trinidadian nigga. I'm also the Trinidadian fool, when ya think about it....but that doesn't stop me from being a true Soca Warrior!!....a term we use down at T&T(Trinidad & Tobago, the whole name of my country, for those who aren't geographically savvy).

Byakuya: That's just about everyone who reads this. No offense to those people......never mind, I take that back. It can't help but be true. I'm bad like that ^^!

Yep! SO, where'd I leave off? Oh, yeah! So, we were at the arcade at the movies, when we got a call from Orlando, saying he was already in the theater waiting for us. We went to find him, then we looked for good seats. we found some ok seats in the center, but closer to the front of the room, but Keith wanted to sit farther back, cuz he doesnt like to sit so close. We moved a row back, and he liked it there. But then Orlando got stubborn and moved up even closer to the screen. Then, the movie began......sweet!!

Naruto: Well, did you like it, or not?

Renji: THAT'S IT!!

Sasuke: What's it?!

Renji: I have had it with these goddamn snakes, on this goddamn plane!

Sasuke: Yeah, ok, but, what are ya gonna do about it??

Renji: Get angry! Cuz I have had it, with these goddamn snakes, on this GODDAMN plane!

Sasuke: ok, but WHY?!

Renji: Because!! I'm Renji-Goddamn-Abarai!! And I have HAD IT, with these GODDAMN snakes, on this GODDAMN plane!!

*Renji picks up Sasuke and throws him out the window*

Ino: *walks out of a door*....I'm so hot!

*Sasuke falls on top of her, knocking her out from the blow*

Well......wasn't that awfully coincidential!

*Rukia walks in the room, and looks around. Ichigo goes up to her*

Rukia: Uh, um, just, what are you?

Ichigo: I am a Shinigami.

Rukia: Then, you mean-

Ichigo: Yes, uh, yeah. My mother was human. She, she screwed a ghost. I'm half man, half ghost. Here's a picture. *shows Rukia a picture of his parents*

Rukia: Oh, well, that's, nice! Um, my parents were both human.

Ichigo: Oh, ew! ....ugh!! My god, how do they do that?! Ugh!!

Rukia: So, uh, where are we??

Ichigo: Here? We're in, the "Seoul Society"! *points to a sign*

Rukia: Oh, I see, the "e" is silent, and, that's, how it's spelled.

Ichigo: Yes, we had to do that due to legal issues. Here, come with me.

Rukia: Where are you taking me?

Ichigo: C'mon! Come check out my God Crib! C'mon!!

*Renji follows from behind the scenes with a camera*

Ichigo's Crib
Rooms: 4
Baths: 3
Square Ft.: 2200
Backyard inground pool
....other things!

*Renji turns the speakers on, which start playing "This is Why I'm Hot" by Mims*

Ichigo: C'mon, let's go see what's in the fridge!

*walks up to the fridge, opens it to find bottles of liqour*

Ichigo: Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about! Ya know ya gotta have that Dom Perignon in case of an emergency, ya hear?!

*Renji follows with the camera, changes the song to "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado*

Ichigo: Say hello to the honeys!

*Moves to an indoor hot tub with Yoruichi, Soifon, Rangiku, and Hinamori, all in SUPER-HOT bathing suits!*

Ichigo: Now, check out my plasma screen!!

*Camera moves to the big plasma screen tv in the living room. It's playing Scarface*

Chad: *on the screen* SAY HELLO, TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!! *fires his machine gun*

Ichigo: Yeah, Scarface iz the shit!! now, remember, You always have to have plasma screens all over your crib. It's a fact! Whether it's....*walks to the bathroom* in the toilet, for when you need to take a leak!,

Chad: *on the screen, located at the bottom of the toilet bowl* SAY HELLO, TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!

Under the couch, for when I need to look for spare change,!

Chad: *on the screen* SAY HELLO, TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!

Ichigo: *as Yoruichi kneels down in front of him* On top of a honey's head, for when she's, hehe, you know! ....Shining my shoes, of course!

*Leads the camera to the door*

Ichigo: Ok, thanks to y'all for coming to my crib, now, I'd like y'all to get the fuck out. PEACE! *shuts the door in our faces*

.....Did I just get kicked out of my own apartment??

Renji: Yeah, you kinda did.

....somebody's a dead man. Let me back in!! *pounds on the door* LEMME IN!!!

*Ichigo opens the door, only to receive a good pound on the head.*

Ichigo: OW owowow OW! Fine, I wont kick you out anymore like that!!

That's better!! So, yeah, back to.....the adventure from Saturday! Yeah, that's right!!

Lee: Yes, the movie was great! Totally genius!! From 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie!!!

Gaara: Yes, but shouldn't we tell them about what happened next? And besides, do you think people have stopped reading this uber-long post by now?

Nonsense!! I'm sure there's at least one person still reading this damn thing!!....I hope....so, anyway, after the movie, which we all thought was so frickin' hilarious, we just decided to hang out. See, behind the theater, there's a huge parking lot, along with a parking garage not too far away. So, we started walking, when we found a lone shopping cart in the middle of the road. So, what did we do with that cart? Well, i bet you must have figured we would do something with the cart! So, Tom jumped in, and begged us to push him!

Naruto: Hold up- he wanted you guys to push him?!

uh-huh! John, Keith and I began to push the cart as fast as we could, and when it got fast enough, we let go, and watched him go!!

Ishida: But isn't that, like, not safe, at all?!

That was the point!! He kept going, and almost crashed into a huge trailer thing, but i caught up with him and veered it away. I was pushing him some more, and I let go, when he ended up getting caught in a bug patch of ice in the road!!

Renji: Shit! Did he slip or anything?! I bet he busted his ass so hard!!

Nah, not really. You don't remember that part?!

Renji: Not really, considering it was FUCKING FREEZING that night!!

Hey, I know it was really cold that night, but deal with it! It's all in the past now!

Byakuya: Tom got caught in the ice, and it just got hard to push him off without slipping and busting his own ass. So Chris got John to help him. Eventually, they got him out, and pushed him again!

Ichigo: What happens next is the best part!!

Renji: Chris and John pushed him into a curb, and Tom flew straight into a tree and the bush in front of it!! It was so hilarious!!

OMFG that was the best part of the whole ride! He looked like a total fag stuck in those bushes!! Haha, classic! So, after that, I got in, and that's when my ride began....

Ishida: It totally wasn't safe. Chris was going faster than even Tom! He was about to head for the curb as well...

I was totally braced for impact!! I was approaching Orlando, who went all Matador on me. I was about to hit the curb, when all of a sudden...

Lee: Chris went on the totaly frontal defense, but to no avail, John pulled the cart back b4 it hit, and Chris fell back and banged his head on the cart handle. The cold, hard, metal handle...

HURT LIKE A BITCH, TOO!!! I almost fell out from the pain!! Well, after that, we needed to warm up, badly. There was a mall near the area, so we went inside to warm up and check out the stores. However...

Shikamaru: It was already past 10:00, so pretty much all the stores were closed. It was so empty, since they all were closed, while the mall itself was still open. Very creepy...

Kiba: So ominous, too! They went to a part of the mall downstairs, called "The Village", which was soooooo creepy, cuz it was actually like a tiny village! The stores were all connected, like you'd see in a little Old English town! The feeling we got in there....it was just like the time Naruto, Hinata and I explored that old mansion back 3 years ago!

Naruto: Oh yeah! Man, I was scared shitless back then, in there....So, then the 5 of them went on, and found a corridor, that seemed to lead to.....somewhere.

Urahara: Hey, what happened to the 6th person? You said only 5 of you were left.

That's right, Tom wasn't with us at that moment. He left a little before that. Well, we were walking up to the end, when all of a sudden, a security guard just comes walking out of one of the doors on the side. This wasn't right next to us, but up ahead. My GOD, we were so scared! We immediately walked back the way we came, and noticed that he was following us!!!

Sasuke: STALKER!!!!!!!

no, Sasuke, I'm sure he wasn't a-

Lee: PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!

...Ok, you could be right there. So, instead of walking back up exactly the way we came, we found another set of stairs that led us back up to the ground floor. we went up, and chose to leave this creepy sonuvabitch. as we were walking, we thought the guard had stopped following us. A little farther up, we looked back, only to find that HE WAS STILL THERE, FOLLOWING US AGAIN!!!


Jeez, guys, shut up!! I was scared too, we all were! We tried to leave as fast as we could, but we chose not to run, in case he would ssupect that we were up to no good.

Ichigo: I think the scariest part, was the fact that even after you left the building, he still walked up to the door, to supposedly lock them. You guys saw him at the door, as you walked away.

Yeah, we did. We got scared even more, and were about to run, but instead, we walked to Chuck E. Cheese's. Why? Cuz we wanted more food, that's why!!! Pizza! Games!! Fun!!!

Renji: Chuck-E!! Chuck-E!!!Chuck-E!!!!!

Byakuya: Cuz he's cool, for real!!

Yeah, as wealked in, we decided to just leave, since there was no point in staying to eat. I barely had any money left on me anyway. NOW, here's the even more interesting part. As we walked out of Cheese's...


MY GOD SHUT THE HELL UP! yes, there were cop cars in the parking lot, and yes, we were scared even more shitless than at the mall w/ the guard!

Naruto: Since there weren't any cops actually inside the parked cars, they just walked, really swiftly, and when they were out of sight....

WE BOLTED THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!!!!!!! We ran, and ran, and RAN!! Until we couldnt see any police lights in sight!! We ended up getting back at the theater, when Oralndo's and Danny's ride came. John, Keith and I said out farewells to them, and they left. It was just the three of us now. With nothing to do, John called up his mom, and she came in about 10 minutes to take us home....11:50, ten minutes to midnight.

Kiba: Awww! 10 more minutes, and you guys would have been "Midnight Runners"!!

I know! But, oh well! THAT, was my super interesting Saturday night, posted for your enjoyment almost a week later!!! I'll get back to all my events from this past week maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

Shikamaru: You mean, either Saturday or Sunday??

Yeah, pretty much! So, .....yeah, I'm out of my depression! Not only thanks to these 5, but to all my friends at school (Sasuke Uzumaki, narutouchiha, you know who you are!!), and, most importantly, all the friends, pals, and buddies I have here on myOtaku!!


So, until then, take care people!!

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

a quick post?!

Naruto: Oh no you're not! You ain't getting away with a post as short & quick as this!!!

Renji: That's right!! Get back here & write a real post, now!!


Urahara: Please, Chris! We know you're still depressed, but

Too bad!! later!!

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