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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My new post

I want a new site theme, even though I'm like in love with this one I'm now bored and so I'd like you all the vote on what new theme you want me to have but I think that I'll use all Doujinshi. I think it looks really cool. Here's a little...Inuyasha sample!

It's so pretty, in this one I think he's supposed to be human. I just can't get over how pretty I think that is! ^/////^

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Monday, February 20, 2006

All right I've noticed latley that some people like to watch me draw. I'll be in school and I'll be REALLY bored so I start drawing and like 5 people around me turn around or shift so they can see me draw...it's kinda creepy. And then I notice that they're not even looking at the picture they're watching my face. Cause it turns out that when I draw I kinda...do the expression of the person I'm drawing...and I work it out on MY face. HAHAHA being watched still freaks me out I don't like people looking at/touching me it bugs the frekin' crap outta me!! and everyone I know seems to think it's funny!! >.< it's not funny...SILOVE! *sigh* now that that's done....I find I'm also very possesive...of everything and that's kinda of a bad thing when Silove comes over to my house cause were both pretty possesive and...hehehe well my only prob is that I'm too nice AND that I have very long hair that is easily grabbed and pulled. It sux. Well don't got much more to say...I've decided to be more dedicated to friends so I'm visiting like crazy!! XD I like visiting before it was like...work on my own site and people will just come but now I know I gotta visit people too or I get deleted and there is a thanx givin to a couple friends who visited and PMd me the entire time. Thnx a lot!!! ^_^ Well talk to yalls later!!
Oh and I modified my post styles!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

All right people!! ^-^ All revisions to my friends list are complete!!! If I deleted you and you couldn't get to me while I had my post just PM me but at least that's over...for now.

NeWay, I'm changing my site to Inuyasha...*drools*.....*coughs* I mean..uh I got kinda distracted...hehe well I'm watching SpongeBob right now...it's so funny. ^ ^ I also like a lot of stuff...has anyone out there ever watched "Diagnosis Murder"? Yea...I haven't seen it in a long time but I still remember it, I like murder shows. Well Silove 'n Mijistu are in the same gym class and we all agree...gym needs to DIE!! and I've decided that math absolutly and completly sucks!! >.< It hates me or something...oh well...not much I can do except for fail (which is currently my best achievment in math...) I want to see Advent Children soooo bad. Silove AND Mijitsu went to see it without me, jerks. But I WILL SEE IT!!! After all I'm the one that took both of them to see Howl's Moving Castle so they owe me!! HAHA!! FullMetal's also getting really, REALLY good!!! I hate it and I love it!!! It's so complicated! I really wanna see the end but everyone keeps saying my Ed's gonna die!!! I'll be sooooo sad!!! T_T *whimpers*
It's so unfair....but no I don't want any spoilers please...unless you really really gotta! Then I guess you can...only if you REALLY wanna...even though it'll be evil...*whimpersMy Edwhimpers*

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Ok peepsles!! It's been decided that my friends list has a lot of people that aren't actually my friends soooo if you want to still be on my friends list OR you want me to add you new just comment on this post any one who doesn't is getting deleted. Thnx for understanding!! ^-^

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Monday, January 30, 2006

All right peoples....I've done some revision to my friends list so some of you may not be on there...if your deleted and still wanna be my friend don't be offended you can simply PM me or comment on this post and I'll add you right back on!! ^-^ hope to be seein people!!! ^-^

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Looks like people voted and DnAngel won!!! That's ok...Dark an Daiske are hot...hmmmmred wingshmmm Well I don't got much to say right now so I'll talk to you laters!!!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hi guys!!! It's been awhile huh? Well yea I got "grounded for bad grades" I only had 1 C!!!!! Geh!!! Oh well, I'm back on now so...it doesn't really matter...well dunno what to say really....ooo! Silove came over last night and it was sooo much fun!! We messed around with my strobe lights and candles and kicked my little sises around....ok well that part was mostly me but...we also watched Furuba...Kyo *hmmmm* but it was fun...Well I've G2G so I'll talk to ALL of you laters!!!! ^-^

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

KK: Hello! ^-^ It’s me! Guess what!?....Kyo’s here! *dies from excitement, Kyo walks in room*

Kyo: What the heck are you doin’?

KK: *revived from the sound of Kyo’s voice* Having fun!

Kyo: You....what?

KK: Nevermind...hey is it snowing out there? *brushes snow off Kyo’s shoulder*

Kyo: Yea it is.

KK: Hey we haven’t put up a Christmas tree...you wanna help us?

Kyo: *jumps back* No way! I just got finished "helping"
Silent Love put up the tree.

KK: Oh. Well here helping is actually helping, not tying you up and setting you by the tree..I promise. ^-^

Kazuma: *walks into room* Yea Kyo, help us with the tree.

Kyo: Fine.

Kazuma: Ok. While you to get the tree out I’ll go make some hot chocolate.

Kyo&KK: NO!

KK: I mean...um...I’ll go do it and...uh, you help Kyo with the tree, I dont’ think I’d be of much help to him trying to lift that heavy tree...ahah... ^_^;

Kazuma: Ok...are you sure, it’ll only take a little while..

Kyo: Yea we’re sure.

KK: It’s ok really! ^-^

Kazuma: All right. ^ ^

KK&Kyo: *sigh with releif* (whisper) Thank Heaven!

Kazuma: What was that?

KK: Oh, I just said do you want marshmallows or not?

Kazuma: I want some.

KK: Ok, what about you Kyo?

Kyo: ....I’ll have some too.

KK: Ok! ^+^ *sings* I’m makin’ Kyooo hot chocolate, I’m making Kyo hot chocolaaate!
10 minutes later

KK: *still humming the “making Kyo hot chocolate” song* Here’s your hot chocolate! *hands glass to Kazuma*

Kyo: What about me?

KK: Here it is! *hands Kyo a mug that says “Kyo krazy” on it*

Kyo: uh....

KK: And here’s mine!!! *drinks from a mug with “Kyo” on it and starts purring* ^///^

Kyo: Hey, did you know that...Silove is here?


Silove: Yes she is!!!

KK: ^o^ Yay!!!!

Silove: Yes, yes yay! *runs over by KK* (whispers) Yuki’s here too!

KK: Hmhmhm! You want some hot

Well left ya hangin' didn't I! HAHA You'll just have to wait till the next post to find out what happens next!

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Hey guys!

Hey people I'm gonna start having longer posts because I do live in the dojo so now you all get to see what goes on there...especially when Kyo visits! XD...*coughs* Hot Chocotlate.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

   How's ya'll doin?

Sooooo is anyone else out there *other than Silove of course which I know for a fact is in this class...* in *dun dun DUN!!!* GEOMETRY? I hate that class!!! Ok, maybe just because I'm bad at math is the reason I don't like it but still....they give me to much homework and I knew that Thanksgiving break was definetly over when my head started it's constant throb again....other than that I'm okay...it's like 6 in the morning cause that's the only time I have anymore...how is everyone doing lately? I'd like to see more of you guys but I'm losing time here with school. *stupid school!* Well PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!! ^-^ Cya laters!!~KK

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