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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Holy freakin crap. It has been a LONG LONG time since I've updated here haha....it's kinda crazy. I never get on here anymore D: ....kinda sad.

I'm rather tired lately haha I slept on my neck weirdly and now it hurts DB and it's not very fun.

This place kind of depresses me now :( it's so lonely and deserted. I used to love it here, and I still think that it's awesome but...yea. There's no one here anymore. It's all about TheO now. Maybe I'll go look at it again, I haven't been there in awhile either.

I'm on DeviantArt a lot though too, so though I'm not on here much, if you wanna find me just go to my DevArt.

I love you guys! I'm all over the place now but I still hope to talk to you guys!! Contact me, please!!

E-mail: Kyokrazy@comcast.net

Livejournal: Here

Youtube: Here

MySpace: Here

Please you guys, email me, whatever, I just love you all still!! I'll see you later!!

<3 KK

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

All righty

Well I don't have much time today to talk, but I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive...kinda XP My life's been hating me lately, my car keeled over, my dad's being a bumface, my brother is a jerk-off and I lost my wallet XP XP XP I HATE LIFE.
So yea, sorry for venting, and I'm pretty much going to the convention!! Yea-ya!! xD


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh children xD

haha so my little sisters and brother are all Hannah Montana/Jo Bro fans so there in the front room sitting in front of the big screen and watching the 3-D concert with their special 3-D glasses xD

So anyways, my littlest sister and brother were in the kitchen making popcorn and evidently my brother did something to the microwave cuz I just hear my sister yell "Eric's gonna burn the house down! Bring the TV and your 3-D glasses!" XDDDDDDD yes I laughed. She's such a silly xD

So sorry just had to tell you that, talk to you laters!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sick sick sick sick sick TTATT

Ugh, my mom is setting up my appointment for me to get my wisdom teeth out TT_TT I am NOT excited. PAIN IS NOT MY FRIEND, I DO NOT ADORE IT D:

Sorry I had to say it, and now the unavoidable date of July 15th is looming over my head.

Other than that, I suppose life is good haha Lagoon date on saturday!!! Yay, I'm pretty excited though my possible date doesn't know whether he can go or not yet

so yes children, I'll probably post again in the blur of pain that will be my life after the 15th, don't blame me if the post is not coherent xD


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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, according to my last post, my dear friend Naxir asked if my fire alarm went off.
Well no it did not xD because we do not have fire alarms that work in my house haha cuz if we did they would go off all the time from my dad's cigarette smoke, so there you go :)

So anyways, yesterday I was sick as a dog. (Sorry I had to send you home Silove but you wouldn't have wanted to be there afterward D: )

But I did manage to work on some stuff I guess. Just not a good day haha

Visit my DevArt!! haha The Ice Princess

and thanks for considering :D :D


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry all

Well sorry about last time's post and sorry again for the difficulties my site's been having. I haven't been able to get on much lately so it's been difficult. but at least now you an comment (haha)

So yes, I'm back for the moment, though when my crazy summer will take another turn, I know not. Oh well.

So I have an exciting story to tell you, settle round!!

Bet you can't guess what this is!!

Well I will tell you. It is my Devil Possessed Stove. haha

So I was sitting watching The Andromeda Strain (GOOD MOVIE!! What I want to do with my life!!! :D Epidemiology all the way!!) So yea, we were watching it when my bright little sister decided that she wanted to make Mac'n Cheese.

So she sets the noodles in the boiling water and leaves it, and of course as Mac'N Cheese does, it overflowed. Well we went and stopped it when the stove started making this scary clicking noise, we turned all the knobs to off and went back.

Well next time we look over the stove is smoking like white, smelly smoke smoking. So we run over and open up the stove and the little heat making thing at the top was glowing.

We just stared for like...20 seconds. and then, my cool headed-ness kicked in and I looked at my mom and said, "Mom go flip off the electric breakers." so she runs frantically, almost falling down the stairs and then from downstairs I just hear 'click click click' as my mom flips all the electricity in the house.

It was pretty funny haha

So yea that was my adventure for the day :D

All right!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frick. >:(

Everything's fricking falling apart. I don't even really know what I did but for some reason Tesshy's parents are angry with me, and I'm probably going to get in trouble, or not be allowed to go back to to her house ever. And I'm causing her a huge fine evidently.

I just feel depressed and I don't even know why. I know I'm griping so sorry to all of you who read this. There aren't even any comments so you can gripe back. *Still trying to fix that*
I just want to go lay on my freakin bed and sleep.

I guess if you want to say something you can e-mail it to me

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too bored to handle xD

Hellow all :) How is you?
IIIIIIiii am bored. and bored + me = very bad. haha I think up the most incalcuable situations EVER when I'm bored.

So the reason of my boredom is because I am sick I hate being sick. It sucks cuz #1 you feel like friggin crap and #2 you can't do anything unless you wanna freakin barf.


So anyways, Silove and I made a pact that we should work to get better at realism (haha) I don't think I'm doing that. Though I can draw eyes really well...that's pretty much it D: it's so sad
But I'll probably work on it so if you see real...ish pictures up from me...don't be too surprised, and brace yourself for an eye sore

Well that's pretty much it, other than to say that I'm kind of bored of this theme so I will probably change it (again)
This time I think I'll do a Gackt Theme.


AGH!! Miyavi's so cute!!! o>///

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frick yes!

Agh!! Finally the dirty deed is done!!! xD
I have finally got this STUPID THING to work!! *kicks* Ha!! Showed you! XP

So anyways, how is everyone? :) as you can tell I'm rather happyish at the moment, I've been working with these codes and now have just barely gotten them to work with me.
I was so happy.

haha but yea, I've been ok and Prom's on Sat. then school will end and I will be FREE for the summer. I cannot wait.
haha sorry, I'm being random today.
Happy random day.


Backing as far back on the small island as she could she prepared to take off, to get away from the cloud that was ever advancing, having felt her aura. Suddenly four scaled, glistening hands shot out of the water and held her ankles, anchoring her to the island. She screamed and looked down at two watery, green faces, smiling up at her from under the waves.

“What are you doing?!” she yelled at the Atlantians, trying to kick them off, shaking her wings furiously. One, a man, brought his head out of the water. She glared and said, “I’m the Peace Negotiator from Avalon!” she cried, trying once again to back away from the roiling, massive Being Eater that was now almost to the edge of the scant island.

“Oh, we know exactly who you are, Princess Takeo of Avalon.” he replied smoothly, trying to hide his apparent apprehension at being so close to the Eater. She gasped; they had done this on purpose. They’re trying to assassinate me! She thought in fury, looking frantically for an escape from the gray mass now moving greedily across the small island.

Suddenly the hands gripping her ankles loosened, then were gone and she suddenly heard two pain filled screams come, muffled, from the water. She took off but was suddenly jerked painfully back to the island gasping at a searing pain emanating from her leg. Looking down she saw a tendril of gray, smoke like matter slithering up her calf.


haha so there you go :) Yet another story of mine
Tell me what you think and tell me if you're getting sick of these little paragraphs cuz I won't put them up anymore if you are :)


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Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello all :)
So Driffter my love had a few questions last time so here you go.

1. The FORKS are what me and my friends call ourselves either the FORKS or the Freeks which stands for Freakin Dorks or Freakin Geeks 8D Whichever you prefer xD
Anyways, I'm designing websites for my friends and I just for some funs

2. the post box does look a little funny I know D: I am currently in the middle of trying to get it to cooperate with me but as you can tell...it's not working to well right now TT_TT

I'll get it down eventually.

So there ya go :)

Ok so I don't know what's wrong with me but I just haven't been in the mood to write lately *sniff* it's rather sad ToT
I don't know if I just need to wait for the random urge to hit me or if I need to force myself to write but anyways....anyone have some good tips to get over writer's block?

But I have been drawing a lot of pictures lately and quite a few that I'm rather proud of :D it's pretty fun.

I've actually noticed a trend about that, it's usually that when I'm drawing a lot and pretty well I can't write at all, and when I'm writing a lot I can't ever draw...alas, it sucks.

But enough complaining :) You can go anywhere to hear that.


This little segment is from an entirely different story that the one from last time's post, please don't be confused

I gasped as I sat up sharply, holding my hand to my aching head.
Why did I have that dream? I wondered, silently shaking my head.

I looked around, squinting through the green light that filtered through the thick leaves hundreds of feet above my head. The clearing seemed undisturbed. But something had woken me up.

I stood silently putting my Katana back on my belt from where it had fallen of my lap when I fell asleep, watching the bushes around me at all times. I shook my head and blinked hard. It felt as if there was a deep vibration that I could feel but not quite hear, bouncing around in my head.

I did silent stretches, repeating the well learned movements without a thought. I had been stretching as soon as I woke up for years. Old habits are hard to break.

I bent down and effortlessly touched my feet, bouncing up and down slighlty. Nearby I heard a small snap.
I stood up calmly, placing my hand the the hilt of my Katana, rolling up onto the balls of my feet.
Then I realized what had woken me up. The cursed thrumming in my ears, the deep vibrations that I felt meant one thing. Another Elemental.

The End?

So there you go :) Once again I hope you enjoy it and please point out any mistakes I may have made.

Oh and one thing, when I actually put the stories up they may not be exactly like these as I just wrote these as I wrote my post so...yea.

Anyways, I gotta go :)


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