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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bishie Bazaar week 2!!!

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Currently I am feeling: Content

Heylo there!! This is this weeks bishie display!! ^^ yay!! and here are the votes coming in last, Sasame(Pretear) votes: 0

and in 2nd....Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) votes: 2

And this weeks display bishie!!!!!!!!

Edward Elric!!


......and this one just because it's so adorable!

All right, these are next weeks Bishie Bazaar nominees!!! ^^

~Sauske Uchiha (Naruto)

~Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

~Train (Black Cat)

Well vote now!!! *jepordy music plays*

Well here's the animation of the day!!

glitter graphics

Have a good day!!! ^-^

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Monday, March 27, 2006

I am very....

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Currently I'm feeling: Tired.

NeWay, how are all of you guys? It's about 5:00 a.m here and...yea.

So don't forget to vote for the Bishie Bazzar display,

Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)

Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sasame (Pretear)

Well school is really dumb and I'm not supposed to be on right now cause I have a C in math *which by the way is BS my teacher is a FAG.* Yea and pretty much the only enjoyable part is that at the end of this year we get a lagoon day and it's gonna rock!! ^^

Ok now that that's over, Srry for venting. I wanna see/read Black Cat really bad. ElvesAteMyRamen is reading it and she's says it's good so now I wanna see it more than ever!! >.< so unfair, Well srry to run out on you agin but I'm gotta go someone's waking up!!

Here's the animation of the day!!
glitter graphics

*gasp* OMGosh!! I freaking just noticed something that's tickin me off. >.< I had 300 GB signs yesterday and now I have like 29-something. Some one went in and deleted GB signings!!! WTFreak!! Why did they do that?! Gosh that frikin ticks me off....*glowers @ comp*

Have a good day...I'm going to find the little miscreant who deleted my GB signs.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Bishie Bazaar!! ^-^

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Hey peep-sles!! As promised I have changed my site theme and here it is, Naruto, Beleive it!! Hahaha NeWay, school sux as always but as I was sitting being bored in math I came up with the idea for the Bishie Bazaar. What the Bishie Bazaar is, is just a little thing where you vote on which bishies pic you want up in the shop window, I also put a short discription of the bishie up for people who might not know who they are. So here it is!!
Hello and welcome to the grand opening of the...

Bishie Bazaar!!

Your ultimate get-to-know/look at shop! Here at the Bishie Bazaar we put all of your favorite bishies on display! This weeks display bishie is my personal favorite...Kyo Sohma!! (Fruits Basket) (Fruits Basket)

*crowd cheers* Yes yes, Gorgeous, I know.

So, here's this Bishies discription:
Kyo spends months perfecting his martial arts skills desiring to finally defeat Yuki, a goal that consumes him like noting else. A member of the Sohma clan, Kyo also transforms into an animal-the cat. The difference is that the cat is left out of the Chinese Zodiac. He is foul tempered, brash, rough, and rude, but deep down he's usually not as bad as he pretends to be.

Now, here are the nominees for next weeks Bishie Bazaar window display, give it up for:

Edward Elric~(FullMetal Alchemist)

Hiei~(Yu Yu Hakusho)


So vote now!!! ^-^

You can also send the name of bishies you want up in the shop window to: Kyo-krazy@hotmail.com
Here's the animation of the day!!
glitter graphics

glitter graphics

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Monday, March 20, 2006

I know...I know

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Ok I know what your all thinking, you're thinking "You said you'd do a Naruto or Inuyasha theme so what's up?" All right I'll just say that I will do one of those and currently the votes are 6 Naruto and 4 Inuyasha so add yours!!!

NeWay, I loooove my avi, Kyo looks so sad...it's hot!! ^///^ Srry I'm done now. I don't have much to write cause my dad's home now so...here's the animation of the day!!

glitter graphics

All right now, DO NOT forget to tell me weather you want Naruto or Inuyasha or I shall find you in your sleep and poke with a broom until you do!! XD I am the ultimate master of torture!! *coughs* so vote!

Have a nice day!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've decided to do bored pics..n stuff

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Currently I feel: Really, REALLY bored.

All right, so as I said I am sooooo bored so I'm going to post pics from my top 5 animes and mind you they are NOT in order of liking...nes...shut up!

1. Fruits Basket

2. Inuyasha

3. Chrono Crusade

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

5. Naruto

Yea there are some cool pics...I don't even know if those are my top 5 though...FullMetal and Inuyasha are definetly but the others are cool too. NeWay I'm thinking of changing my theme...again. So what do you all think, Naruto or Inuyasha? Oh and Silove...you're gonna love Monday. Hehehe I feel evil. I tell you all on Monday XD MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh and here's the animation of the day!!

glitter graphics

glitter graphics

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Ugh....life stinks.

glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics

Currently I feel: really tired and angry >.<

This sux and my brother is an ingrateful jerk!! Ok, ok what happened was I used to work as a dishwasher/waiter at a retirment(sp?) home, K and all the old people loved me but the boss was a fag and the work conditions sucked so I quit. I REALLY hated that job. NeWay well my brother still works there...for what reason I know not but he does, and yesterday he couldn't go. He asked me to fill in for him and do the dishes. I was reluctant but said OK. Well I get there and it's takes me 2 1/2 HOURS to do the stinking dishes!! *there was a frikin ton!* Then I call Vamp (that's my bro) and I ask him if I was supposed to do the floors, he says yes and I was like WHAT THE FREAKIN A?!?! He said didn't you know that? I told him no ya frikin retard I don't even know how to do them!!! Then he started yelling at me because it was like 6:30 p.m and I'm supposed to be done by 7:00 (which is BS) and so he told me to clock out so I didn't get paid overtime and blady blady bla MALARKY. So I clock out and go try and find the mop. But it turns out I have to sweep the entire kitchen and the hall before I can mop! So I go and sweep and there's still crap all over the floor cause the air conditioner blows hard and it was blowing my piles of already swept stuff back underneath the counters. So I finally decide I'm done even though there's still crap underneath everything. I go get the mop and I don't know how to make the cleaning solution so I call up Vamp again and I have to ask him. Well his voice was giving out so I could barely hear him and just...ugh! This one lady last night was really nice and tried to help me so we eventually got it. So by now it's like 6:55 yea it took us almost half and hour to get the cleaning stuff and mind you I'm not being paid for this!! and so I go and mop and by the time I'm done it's like 7:15 but now I have to wait for the floors to dry. So I'm sitting there eating sugar free chocolate ice-cream (old people are diabetic so...) and 4 of my little sises and my little brother walk in and get ice-cream too. They ask if I need there help but there wasn't really much to do so they went to All a Dollar by the time they came back I was trying to wrestle the rubber floor mats into place...and the mats were winning. they were like strewn every where and the seams wouldn't fit together for me. 2 of my little sisters come help, and the lady that helped me w/ the mop AND my mom and finally almost got it. so I decided that was good and I went home @ 8:15. I was so frikin' tired and I was feeling sick but my mom made me eat some chicken and stuff so when I went to bed it was 9:00 now it's 4:15 in the morning and I feel a lot better.

Ok thank you for listening to me ramble, you just gotta vent sometimes. NeWay, I think I'm better now...you can go flame Vamp if you want I wouldn't mind! hehe

Here's the animation of the day!!
glitter graphics

And I finally got my music working again!! This song is "Sakura Drops" by Utada Hikaru
Thanx again for listening to me ramble and if you didn't read this...well I can't say I blame you!! ^-^ Good day!!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

*sigh* MyO is kinda weirdin' out..

Currently I feel: Like dying

This sux!! MyO is weirdin out on me people! It keeps sending me old PMs and stuff but that's not soo problematic, the problem is that when I try to update my site it either won't work or won't let me load my site all the way afterwared...makes me wanna scream. So now sometimes my site won't load at all, or it'll load only the background or it'll only, and on and on and ON. It sux...yea NeWay, my lil' sis ~Inu-rox is feeling a little blue so I would appreciate(sp?) anyone that will go visit her and be her friend.

The music on my site isn't working for me, so is it for you guys? If it's not will you guys PM me new music codes and stuff so I can get music back on my site!!! ^-^ I'd really appreciate it!!

Thnx again to Shishou for putting me on her site!! No one's ever done that for me that I know of so I just had to return the favor!! ^-^ Luv yas Shishou!!!

Oh and here's my button I guess if anyone wants it!!

and here's the URL: http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/14/button8ld.jpg

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Yesssss!! I am FINALLY back on!!!

Currently I am: ECSTATIC!!

I so happy, I so happy, I SO HAPPY!!! XD OMgosh I'm soooo happy to be back on it was KILLING me to be off for so long uugggghh...it's so horrible to recall...NeWay, so that's the reason I havn't been on sites for awhile!! I'm srry I'm srry! *bows* I'm working really hard right now to answer PMs and visit everyone's sites!!! I've got a mission! *determined look* All righty...I'm bored and so thusly....I want to change my them...I'm thinking of Chrono Crusade, what do you guys think?

Oh and if these people got in a fight...who do you think would win?

Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)- vs. Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade)-

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Currently I feel: Happy like a clam!

Well here it is my new and improved site!! ^-^ I so happy, and as you can see...Furuba won. I'm so excited! I now officially have 800 site visits!! Yay! I don't exactly know what to talk about...I'll be going to high school soon and their offering this class called "Business Web Page Design" and I really wanna take it!! So yep, me Silent Love and Mijitsu are SO going to take it!! I also REALLY wanna take human biology..hehe I wanna be a human genetecist when I grow up so yea...and a manga artist and a novelist and a webpage designer and....the list goes on and on. But I'm really thinking that my major will be Science, my minor will be English and my emphasis will be Computer Tech. I'm just sooooo excited to get there!! Aaaah!!! I'm gonna die!! But I also get to take drivers ed...after Silove but..oh well I'm before Mijitsu so I'm good. ^.^ hehe Yea I take it 2nd term and Silove 1st then Mijitsu takes it next year. Me'n Silove'll be laughin it up in our cars while she takes the BUS!!! hahaha!! XD Well G2G my dad's about to wake up and kick my butt so I'll talk to all of you later!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm sooooo bored...it's evil.

Currently: I feel like beating someone.

This is sooo evil TT_TT I don't like school...I got an 80 on my last math test though!! That's good to my standard! Oh but yea there are major jerks at my school...most of the time when I'm there I feel like puching people in the frikin' face!!!...to bad I can't cause I probably would. Oh well, I got so bored in my last math chapter so I didn't pay attention to ANY of the lessons and I got a C on the test...I'm kinda surprised I got that high...hehe. I've also got to do a 10 hr. project and a page of memorization, it sux plus a bunch of reading but I like to read so I don't mind that so much. My dad hates that I'm on the computer and into anime or as he puts it "Your obsessed, you need to get off that computer and quit looking at those stupid cartoons!!" Then we get into a little mad match and I eventually go to my room and listen to music or read. My mom's not as out-loud about not liking me being into anime but I know she is...it's ok though at least she's a little supportive...I'd still like a few more mangas and stuff and I have enough money but my bro works, I can't drive yet and my Dad would DEFINETLY not give me a ride. Well G2G, my mom's kicken' me off and threatnin to ground me frum the comp.

Till next time!!!

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