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Result Posted on 08/09/07:
oi... i had to just paste the words for this one, coz the whole thing jacked up my quiz result thingy REALLY bad.

Ron Weasley is Your HP Dream Man Your Name: Alison Hennop ¢¾How You Met¢¾ During your first year of Hogwarts you became very good friends with a couple different people. Some of the main people were Roger Davies, Fred and George Weasley. So during the summer after your first year at Hogwarts Fred and George both insisted for you to come to the Burrow. At first you were shying away from the idea. Mainly because there was still half of their family you had never met which made you a little weery of the whole idea. It's not that you are bad at meeting new people or that you get shy. It's just that you had started to become such good friends with Fred and George that you wouldn't want someone else to start to change their opinions of you and you thought that not being accepted by the rest of their family would do that. "Stop being so worried." Fred said rolling his eyes at you while you squirmed around in your seat. You were finally talked into staying at the Burrow for a few days. One thing you didn't realize was that it would be your first few days back from Hogwarts. Your parents had to go away on a business trip so this whole arrangement was already planned to happen, which you hadn't at all realized. "I'm sorry." You said very sarcastically. "They'll like you don't worry." George said rolling his eyes like Fred had earlier. Neither twin understood why you were so nervous. You had already met Percy and Charlie who also are in Hogwarts, and they already loved you. And both guys knew that you and Ginny were a lot alike and would be good friends and that in their opinions didn't matter whether or not you got along with Ron. One thing no one on the train or at the Burrow knew was the you and Ron would click best. "Mum likes just bout everyone." Fred said shrugging. "Dad too." "Percy and Charlie already like you." "Ginny and you are too alike-" "Not to get along." "Ron doesn't count." They both said together. You slowly smiled and felt more at ease. Even though 'More at Ease' didn't seem to do much. Before you realized five minutes had gone by on the train, the whole train ride had. "Come on, they're probably waiting for us." Charlie said when you, Fred and George had found him and Percy. The five of you went through the platform and found yourselves back in Kings Cross Train Station. "There they are." Charlie said pointing in the direction of a young redhaired couple who had two other children with them. You took in deep breath and followed everyone else. "Hello boys, great to see you." Mr. Weasley said smiling. "Oh! You must be Alison." Mrs. Weasley said turning to you after she finished greating her sons. You smiled and nodded and shook her hand then Mr. Weasley's. "You obviously already know Charlie, Percy, Fred and George. This is Ginny our youngest. Then this is Ron." You smiled politely at each. Surprsingly to you, you had an amazing time at the Burrow. Fred and George were right, everyone loved you especially Mrs. Weasley. You got along great with Ginny too since you two are a lot alike. And then there was Ron. You actually became quite close to him in the few days of your stay. And you both knew, after you left you both made a friend for life. ¢¾How You Started Dating¢¾ Ever since your first visit to the Burrow you've been best friends with Ron. Also through Ron you became best friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger as well. In your sixth year you began to date Cedric Diggory, which little did you realize made Ron Weasley extermly jealous. You also didn't know that you weren't the only other girl dating Cedric Diggory. "What is it, Ron?" You asked quite annoyed. You had been trying to get Ron to tell you something he deemed as 'Very Important' for the past fifteen minutes. You were supposed to meet Cedric by the Quidditch Pitch because he had something he wanted to talk to you about. Things with you and Cedric had been heating up and you were sure he was going to officially ask you to be his girlfriend. Which completly increased the importance of Ron hurrying up with his important news. "Um..." You sighed and crossed your arms. "Ron. If you have something to tell me then just tell me." "I think I'd better show you instead." You gave him a very confused look and Ron sighed. "Just come on." He said as walked down the hall farther. You followed Ron until he stopped. You looked around and realized you were just a few feet from the Quidditch Pitch and from where you were standing you also saw Cedric. "I have to go talk to Cedric, so you better hurry." You whispered to Ron quickly hoping he'd just tell you to go. Which, didn't happen to your disapointment. "Ron." "Shhh." He said putting his hand on your arm. He turned to look at you then took his hand away, blushed and turned back around. Did Ron just... blush? Why would he blush? Oh well, I'll never figure him out. "Is that Cho?" You asked Ron when you saw a girl with black hair walking towards Cedric. You could've sworn it was Cho, but you knew she'd still be in the Great Hall... or that's where she should've been. Ron just nodded and kept his head forward. "What's going on?" You asked when you saw that Cho was very close to Cedric and he wasn't moving away or saying a single thing to her. Ron knew something you didn't know. Something that you would soon find out about. "Just... watch." Ron whispered, his voice full of pity, all of it for you. You didn't know why until you saw what happened next. "Did they just Kiss?!" You asked hurt and angry. Ron nodded and turned to you. "I knew you wouldn't believe me... If... if I just told you." You nodded. It was true. Even though he is your very best friend you wouldn't have ever believe something like this unless you had seen it with your own two eyes. And now you have. Quietly you stepped out from behind where you and Ron were hiding and started towards the Pitch. Cedric and Cho quickly moved apart. Then Cho muttered something and left. "So?" You asked Cedric barely able to hide the hurt and anger in your voice. "I think we should stop dating." He said flatly and quickly. You nodded. "Yeah. Kind of figured you'd say that once I saw you kissing Cho." You answered bitterly. Cedric looked at you shocked but didn't say another word. You didn't give him a chance to actually. After you said your last sentence to him you quickly made your retreat to the Black Lake, somewhere where you always felt at ease. A few minutes later you felt someone looking at you. "Al? Are you okay?" It was Ron, of course. You nodded somberly and stared out at the lake. You were not by any definition 'Okay'. You just didn't want Ron to know that. But then again, you could never hide anything from him. Especially something like this. "I'm fine." You finally said when Ron was sitting next to you, waiting for a different answer. The answer he knew would be the right one. "You don't have to lie to me. You know." He said quietly, his eyes on you and only you. You looked back at him the same way he was looking at you. "Why would he do that?" You asked tears falling down your cheeks. "Am I not good enough? I mean... he could've told me before starting to date her." You said your voice weak due to anger and hurt. Ron put his arm around you and you put your head on his shoulder. It felt like two puzzle pieces coming together for the first time. Which was when you realized how you Really felt about Ron. Not just a best friend... not just a crush... but... "Ali... he's a loser." Ron said smiling down at you. "I love you." You said in a whisper. You sat back up and Ron was staring at you, in shock. You blushed and turned away. I'm an idiot! Of course he doesn't love me back! Why would I think That! I mean... "I love you too." He said suddenly. You turned back around and he had a smile on his face to match the one that was soon on yours. "Will... y-you-" "Of course." You said knowing what his question was. You both leaned in at the same time and shared your first kiss. The first last kiss either of you would ever have. ¢¾What Happens Next¢¾ Ron purposed to you the day before your 7th year. You were so excited you could hardly speak, but he knew what your answer was. Yes, of course. Since that day you and Ron have been nearly inseperable. You do almost everything together and never get tired of one another. People have said that you two are 'A Match Made in Heaven' which luckily is what you both also think. Sadly though you weren't able to have children. You were unable to get pregnant even though you and him attempted many times to do so. But you still had kids. You and Ron adopted twins who were just 2 years old. Their names were Hannah Margret and Melody Judith. You and Ron lived to be 99 years old. You both did everything you ever wanted to do and lived an extermly happy life. You did the one thing you had always dreamed of doing. Marrying, and falling Madly in love with; Your Best Friend.

Result Posted on 08/09/07:
Ooooh, I'm in the Daily Prophet! And Rita Skeeter sad things that were TRUE about me! =D

Your Life at Hogwarts (Rita Skeeter gets the scoop)

Man: Ron WeasleyBest friends: Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Ginny WeasleyHouse: RavenclawSpecial Ability: you can speek mermishRep: shy and quiet
My first stop in discovering what the Hogwarts students think of you began by trying to get into the Gryffindor common room. After some intense arguing with the portrait of the fat lady, Harry Potter saved the day and helped me gain access into my first stop. Here is what I discovered:Harry Potter: Nice Girl, I'm very happy Ron found her and isn't snogging all of the time. I can actually hold a conversation with this girlRon Weasley: She's awesome, perfect I cold never imagine anyone better. Everyone thinks she's shy and quiet but she has a lot to say and shes really smart, Bloody hell she rivals HermioneHermione Granger: She's nice, I guess. She hasn't done anything for me to dislike her but If he wasnt so dense--Ginny Weasley: She's perfect for Ron, I feel sorry for Hermione but it's her own fault she never pursued anything with him. She's a good friend, nice to everyoneDean Thomas: I dont really know her, she's friends with Longbottom right, and Loony LovegoodSeamus Finnegan: Same as Dean, anyone hanging with Loony and Neville really doesn't catch my attentionNeville Longbottom: Luna introduced me to her, shes really nice and helps me with my homework. Its a great thing her and Ron have.And look there is Luna Lovegood, what is she doing in Gryffindor common room?Luna Lovegood: I like her, we became friends at the end of first year. We met on the train ride to Hogwarts and she laughed at my love of the Quibbler. Then at the end of the year she helped me locate all my belonging and we have been friends ever since.Having heard enough from the Gryffindors, I made my way to rivaling houses on my way I spotted Oliver wood.Oliver Wood: never heard of her. Going out with Ron? Well tell him good luck, and dont let it effect his quidditch playing.Continuing my way down into the dungeons I spotted some suspicious looking bored Slytherins.Draco Malfoy: didn't know she existed until she began going out with Weasel, didn't know a blood traitor like him could get a girl Pansy Parkinson: I'm just happy shes not trying to steal my Dracy-poo away from me.After the mention of Rons name Crabbe and Goyle broke out in a chorus of Weasley is our king, and I could get no more out of them.Still confused as to where the two had come up with such a thoughtful song I made my way to the teachers table. Teachers: Dumbledore: Nice girl, a perfect future addition to the Weasley familyHagrid: I like 'er, nice girlProfessor McGonagall: very good student excels in everything I ask her to do in classProfessor Flitwick: marvelous, marvelous very happy to have her in my house. Nice to all the other students, even poor LunaProfessor Sprout: wonderful girl, not the best herbalogist but she tries her hardestMadam Pomfrey: She came in after the attack on the ministry horrible head wound but I patched her all up. Good as newAfter having spoken to all of the Hogwarts students and teachers I made my way to Weasleys' Wizard WheezesFred Weasley: Ha, how'd he get a girlGeorge Weasley: nice one at thatFred: pretty, smartGeorge: everything he's notI left them, each laughing at their brother and still asking how he could get such a nice girl, and made my way to an undisclosed locationVoldemort: Weasley? Part of the Order is he, no to young. His father is a part of the order, works for the Ministry to doesn't he. Yessss, I think he does, attacked in the Hall of Mysteries. Well I dont know this Ron nor this girl Avada Keda---Quickly I left the room just barley sliding past the green light which blasted the wall to my left and I made my way to the next victimSnape: I dont really remember her, very quiet. I made her cry her first year or was thatPeter Pettigrew (through closed door): master would not want you ahhhhSnape: saying a spell of some sort, will that be all?After having my life threatened and the a crazed man spying from a wall I bide farewell to the undisclosed location and made my way to the burrow to see how rest of the Weasley family feels about Rons new girl. On my way I ran into Percy Weasley.Percy Weasley: I really havent been involved in my families lives Ive been too busy keeping my head stuck up my whoops quick notes quill Any way he didnt seem to know or care that Ron had found the love of his life.Back at the Burrow the rest of the family had nothing but good things to say about the new lovebirds.Arthur and Molly Weasley: We couldnt be happier, Ronald really has found him self a nice girl, very mature. Near the end I heard Molly mutter something about hasty weddings and such, but its probably not important.Charlie Weasley: nice girl, met her once at an Order meeting, just in passing. She seems very mature, Im glad Ron finally found someone to care about himFleur Delacour for Bill Weasley: ve all tink she is a very nice girl, I vont her in my vedding if she is villingAnd with that I concluded my interview(Hermione do I have to say my name, no I dont want to place my name on such unimportant findings--fine, fine don't do anything drastic)This is Rita Skeeter ReportingGood day
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Result Posted on 08/08/07:
some of these things made me laugh. like the one Peter said. XDDD

Everything you ever wanted to know about your Hogwarts Life! what people think of you, Icons, + many more!
Basic infoBoyfriend: RonYour nickname: Candy (You really love candy!)Patronus: A beePast Boyfriends: Cedric and Dean ThomasFriends: Harry, Ron, and OliverEnemies: HermioneHouse: RavenclawBloodline: MugglebornPet: A tawny owl Best Hogwarts moment for you: When you fell into the black lake and Victor Krum rescued you!Good or Evil: GoodYule Ball Dress: It was yellow and was ruffly, it went down to your feet. Info about your parents: You mum is single, your dad died when you were two What people think of youEvil people:Bellatrix: A bit annoying, I bumped into her and she said a muggle word it was something like beitch..Narcissa: Draco tells me she is a mud blood *does death stare*Lucius: Same as NarcissaDraco: Stupid filthy mudblood like GrangerPeter: *Begins to twitch violently* I need to take a twinkle, the Dark lord told me toVoldemort: dont know but if shes muggle born dont careKarkaroff: Is dead, happily! I couldnt stare at his teeth any longer!Snape: She was as stupid as the rest of the mugglebornsCrabbe: We stolen a few things from herGoyle: Yeah like her undies Pansy: Ew, I didnt want Crabbe to show me her undiesFlint: Shes rough in quidditchRegulus: I dont know who she isQuirell: I taught her, she fancied the dark artsUmbridge: muahhahaha I made her lick my feet during detention.(She is lying!)Greyback: I killed her muggle fatherBarty Crouch Jr.: *Begins to lick his lips* (The interview had to end, the whole licking the lips thing made me nauseous. )Good People Harry Potter: A good friend! Hermione Granger: I hate her, she pushed me into the whomping willow just because I gave her studying tips!Ron Weasley: She is just bloody brilliant!Fred Weasley: Good at prankingGeorge Weasley: How did Ron end up getting her?Molly Weasley: Sweet child, needs to fatten upArthur Weasley: Great girl, she gave me many muggle thingsGinny Weasley: Shes a good person, but not my friend. She is like a sister. Percy Weasley: Not a good girl for RonCharlie Weasley: Shes as sweet as ever, so shy though!Bill Weasley: Before the incident he thought of you as a wonderful personDumbledore: Oh, I dont know her so well, she doesnt open up!Minerva: She has an E in my classFilch: Her and Weasley always snoggin, that means more detentions!Fleur: She is so adorable like a puppy (Me: Thats just weird!)Victor: I hate her since Heryone does Remus: Such a nice person, so sweet and kindSirius: Harry told me she was pretty. Cho: Yeah, shes just okay, I guess.Cedric: Before he died, he wanted to get back togetherOliver: She is just a great girl not to mention her skills at qui.. (Me:Oh shut it!)Neville: She is very pretty, I admire herLuna: Oh, she believes everything I say! (Me: Its called being nice!)Hagrid: All the animals love her, she is fraid of most of the thoughLockhart: She was one of my fans, who cant resist me?Tonks: Oh, she can make me laugh!Moody: I dont trust her Trelawney: I see in the future that she will be dating a boy with red hairMe: We could possibly be friends but your shyness may be a big conHannah Montana: How did she get in this quiz? Didnt she read the sign? No hicks allowed!You: There is no signMe:Now there is, so ha!NO HICKS ALLOWED Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Result Posted on 08/07/07:
OMG I made Hermione cry!! TT.TT

What do the Harry Potter Chartacters think of you???(girls only, srry boys.)
b/f: Ron Weasleybff(s): Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Lunaenemies: Draco, Lavenderhouse: GryffindorWhat they Think:GRYFFINDORS//Harry- thinks ur a great person and a good friend. he always looks out for u and is like the brother u've never had.Ron-absolutly adores u. he feels like the luckiest guy on the planet. he feels lucky just to be in ur presence, as do u.Hermione-was jealous at first for dating Ron, but realized she had feelings for someone else, so she's okay.Ginny-uses to be jealous that u spent a lot of time with Harry, but when u started dating Ron, she got over it REAL fast.Lavender-dispises u. enuff said.Fred-thinks u are a wonderfully hilarious person and is jealous of Ron becuz he got u.George-thinks ur too good for Ron and doesn't know why u chose him, but other than that, he's thinks u're great.RAVENCLAWS//Cho-doesn't really like u. she thinks u're too immature and needs to get a good grip on reality, but likes ur fashion sense, so it all just evens out.Luna-thinks ur an intresting person and is a loyal and true friend to u.SLYTHRINS//Pansy-well, let's put it like this. Words can't even begin to BEGIN to discribe her hatred for u. she's actually tried to murder u once, but, to ur suprise Draco saved u(which u think is the reason for her hatred.)Draco-serectly loves u. U are even more of a motive for his evilness to Ron.Crabbe-don't know...Goyle-...don't care and didn't think to ask 'em. So srry(sarcasism).Love Story¢¾//U were sitting in the common room, listening to the iPod ur muggle cousin bought u. Suddenly, someone tapped ur shoulder and it startled u. You jumped slightly and turned to see ur best friend, Ron Weasley"Sorry ______. I didn't mean to scare you." he said."Don't be sorry. Its great to see you." u say, feeling foolish, for reasons u don't know why. There was a moment of silence between u two, but only becuz u didn't want to talk becuz Ron was sort of muttering to himself something along the lines of 'just go on and tell her'. U assumed it meant u but if it wasn't, who cares cuz he WAS ur friend, after all."Um, Ron." u say, breaking the silence. His head shot up, breaking his gaze from the floor to u,"Tell me..what?""Tell you that...that-" He started muttering lowly and he looked at the floor again."You can tell me Ron, I mean, I AM your friend, after all, aren't I?""Yes, you are, _____, but I want to be more than that." As soon as he said it, he knew he shouldn't have. His eyes grew wide, as did ur. You couldn't believe it. Ron just basic told u he loved u. What now? What would u do now. He was ur friend and nothing more. Or, maybe..."_____, I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to-" He began, but the rest of what he said couldn't be understood. This was becuz u came a little closer to him. 'A little closer' as in, u kissed him. Him was shocked...at first. He started to kiss u back when u both separated quickly by the sound of Hermione's voice saying, "If you're going to do that, get a room." Her voice sounded shaky as if she were about to cry...
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Result Posted on 07/31/07:

Which hilarious quote from the Harry Potter books are you? (With pics, of course!)

"Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."Snape froze. Harry stared, dumbstruck, at the message. But the map didn't stop there. More writing was appearing beneath the first."Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony, and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git."It would have been funny if the situation hadn't been so serious. And there was more..."Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor."Harry closed his eyes in horror. When he'd opened them, the map had had its last word."Mr. Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball." ~Prisoner of Azkaban, Marauders Map to Severus Snape.Okay, so that was more like a scene. But it was still funny right!?
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Result Posted on 07/30/07:
how sweet

AWESOME HP QUIZ! (girls only. long results)

Name: KeiraBoyfriend: Ronald Weasley!Blood: Pureblood2 Best qualities: Friendyly and funny2 Worst qualities: Stubborn and sometime a little TOO sarcasticHouse: RavenclawBest Class: TransfigurationBest Friends: Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Seamus Finnigan, Fred && George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Cedric Diggory...Basically everyone. Oh and Hermione too once she got over the fact that you stole Ron from her!Quidditch position: Crazy cheering fan!O.W.L Results:Astronomy- ACOMC-ECharms-ADADA-EDivination-DHerbology-ATranfiguation-OHistory of Magic-APotions-OFirst time you met:: You lived not to far from the Weasleys and basically grew up with all of them. But without a doubt you and Ron were the closest. You even had some feelings for him that you kept hidden. (But Ginny knew!)You decided to go with the Weasleys to Kings Cross and as you were setting up in front of the stone wall Ron pushed his cart next to yours. Everyone else had already made it onto 9 3/4. He grabbed your hand and said "Ready?" you shook your head, being at a loss of words and you and Ron started off for the barrier at a run. Once onto the train you and Ron tried to find an empty compartment but ended up sitting with a boy with black messy hair and glasses. Once introduced to eachother the rest of the train ride was silent. Ron kept starring at you and then looking away and blushing, but he didnt say anything. When you got sorted into Ravenclaw, everything changed. How it Happened:: The last time you spoke to Ron was the day at Kings Cross. You had made new friends within your house and rarely (basically never) talked to Ron or Harry. But deep down while you were laughing and having a great time with your friends, your eyes always made their way to the Gryffindor table at the red haired, red faced boy who you were once so close to. You found yourself faking smiles more and more as you went into your third year and still havnt talked to Ron. Finally a couple days after the first day back, Ron approached you. Your stomache flipped and your knees went weak. " Um.. Hey K-Keira." He muttered just barely loud enough for you to hear. "Oh hey Ron!" You tried to keep calm. " Well I um have to tell you u-um something so can you um maybe meet me at the lake to-tonight after dinner?" He had turned the brightest shade of red that you have ever seen. "Sure. See you there." You turned and walked away with a small wave. You may have acted like it was no big deal but inside you were screaming for joy! "Why do I feel this way? Does he like me? Are we going to be friends again? Did he miss me as much as I missed him?" You went through all the possibilites of the reason he had to talk to you. 6:30 approached and you headed down to the lake making it just on time. "Hey Ro-" but you were interupted "Keria 3 years is long enough. Ive missed you so much and I hope you feel the same way as I do...I have liked you ever since the day 3 years ago at Kings Cross." He said sounding rather confident but speaking really fast that you had to think hard to keep up. "I um...Oh Ron!" "What!? Ugh! I knew this wasnt a good idea." He lowered his head, put his hands in his pockets and started walking towards the school. "No Ron wait! I...I like you too!" You shouted back to him as he stopped dead but didn't turn around. You were a little confused so walked up to were he was standing. "Ssss-spiddd-eeer!" he muttered and took your hand. "Oh come on!" You stepped on the spider and turned to face him. He leaned in and your lips collided. Finally when you broke apart you leaned your head on his shoulder and he whispered, "It's been far to long."Life after Hogwarts:: You and Ron started dating shortly after the night at the lake. You were together with him all through school and after you two graduated. Mrs. Weasley was having a little graduation party for Ron,Harry,Hermione(Who just started talking to you again in your 6th year!) and you. While talked with Ginny about her up coming last year at Hogwarts, Ron came up behind you and took your hand and spun you around. You were facing him just as he bent down and got on one knee. You weren't really too surprised since you two have been dating for SO long, you knew it was coming. But you were totally amazed that you'd be Mrs.Weasley. "Keria you are the love of my life. The light of my world. The girl of my dreams. Marry me?" he said while you started to cry. You through your arms around him and he whispered "Is that a yes baby?" You kissed him, pulled away and whispered back. "Thats a yes!" After you two got married in a litte wedding at the Burrow, you and Ron we're expecting your first child. You two moved into a house not far from Ron's family and you worked as a Healer at St. Mungo's while Ron worked at the Ministry. Your first baby was a boy and you two named him Andrew Ronald Weasley. Soon after you had twin girls that you named Felica Molly Weasley and Gina Molly Weasley. All in all you beat out Mrs. Weasley and had 9 kids.What your friends think about you::Harry- Great for Ron. She's hilarious and shes a great fried.Hermione- We're not that close yet since we just started talking again but I know that I can trust her with anything.Ginny- Finally I have a sister! Theres actually another girl in the family! Fred- She's bloody brilliant. Funniest girl ever. Love her like a sister.George- Great prank ideas. Shes amazing.Seamus- Gee she's cool. Cracks me up.Cedric- Very friendly. One of my closest friends.Neville- I wish I had enough courage to ask her out before Ron did. She's perfect in everyway.Teachers::Dumbledore-Is dead at the moment. (I could only bring back one person...And that was Cedric)McGonagall- Bright student. Great quidditch player. Shes always making my class laugh.Flitwick- Cared to much about making people laugh then her work, but she was clever when she put her mind to it.Sprout- Keira. Oh yes she fainted from a mandrakes cry in her first year. Not very good with plants.Hagrid- Good'ol girl Ron's got him'self. Trelawny- Dosn't have the seeing eye in her.Snape- Is currently on the run but when he taught you he thought you were an excellent potion maker but a stupid Gryffindor.
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Result Posted on 07/29/07:
aww!! this is so sweet!!

Whose Your HP Soulmate? [For Girls; Guy Results]
Myspace Layouts Your HP Man is Ron Weasley
Obviously you go for the loyal, caring and shy guys.
Or is it his utter adorableness, sarcasm and hiden bravery that made you fall for him?

Love Story ¢¾
In your first year you were sorted in Ravenclaw, but after you saw a very cute boy with fiery red hair you wished you asked for Gryffindor. Later you learned he was Ron Weasley and he was one year older the you. Also he was your future best friend's big brother. After you and Ginny became best friends your crush on Ron got bigger even though you had never actually talked to him. But when you did start talking... well, let's just say you didn't think it was possible to like him any more then you already did! Now in your 3rd year at Hogwarts you are head over heels in love with Ron and one of his close friends.
"Just tell him!" Ginny said for about the 15th millionth time!
"No! Ron only likes me as a friend!"
"God _______ You've liked him since you first saw him! Just tell him!" This was not the first time you and Ginny had had this conversation. Actually you had it at least 2 times a month, 3 depending how often she caught you sending 'googly' eyes at her brother. To which you always said 'I can't help if he's hot' and then Ginny would tell you 'Don't make me sick'.
"How do you know?" She asked suddenly. You turned to her and gave her a confused look. "How do you know he doesn't fancy you back? Or even better, love you like you love him?"
"I don't lo-" Ginny gave you a firm look and you sighed and kept walking with her to the library. "Fine I do love him, but there's no way that Ron-" You stopped talking when you saw Ron, Harry and Seamus coming out of the library. You knew they heard you because they all were waiting for you to finish your sentence.
"There's no way I'd what?" Ron asked walking towards you. You shrugged and turned to Ginny who was laughing. She's laughing at me?!
"What?" Ron asked nudging you.
"Nothing. Ginny!"
"I'm sorry..." She said trying to stop. "I really am." Soon after because she couldn't stop laughing Harry and Seamus joined in, then walked away with Ginny.
"Come on. Tell me. They weren't laughing for nothing." Ron said nudging you. Instead of the library you and Ron were outside near the Black Lake.
"It's really nothing." You insisted, even though you knew Ron didn't believe you at all. You were a terrible liar and worse when you were with him.
"You really should learn how to lie." He said laughing. You pushed him and he pushed you back. This went back and forth until Ron turned you towards him.
"Please, ________, tell me." You sighed and looked out at the lake and turned your back to him.
"You'll laugh." You said almost wishing you could just come out and say it. That way if he was going to laugh, it would all be over with fast.
"Have I ever laughed at you?" He asked. You bursted out laughing and he joined in. "Okay... forget I said that." Then his voice got serious. "But I won't now."
"Ron! ________!" You heard Harry call. You both looked over and Harry waved you both over.
"You coming?" Ron asked standing up. You shook your head no. He nodded and followed Harry. You saw the 2 start talking but you weren't interested in what they were saying. You just wished... just hoped you could've gotten the nerve to tell him. But of course, you hadn't and now you were kicking your own ass for it.
It had been 3 weeks since you and Ron had talked by the Black Lake. He kept bugging you about what you had to tell him though and you never did. You didn't want him to laugh when he told him you were in love with him. You were afraid he wouldn't feel the same way and you didn't want that to be what happened. You felt that if he didn't know how you felt, then he couldn't laugh. If you never told him then he couldn't reject you. So this is how it remained those 3 weeks. Ron not knowing and you worrying about what he'd say when he found out. Well 1 week later, he found out and you found out what his reaction would really be.
"_______ tell me!" Ron said begging you. You and him were sitting outside by the Black Lake again. You weren't sure how you got there but you did. When Ron realized you wouldn't say anything he sighed. "Tell me your secret and I'll tell you something." You nodded.
It seemed like a fair idea so you took in a deep breath and turned to look into his amazing blue eyes. "Ron I love you." You said hoping he's reach out and touch you then tell you he felt the same. He didn't. He just sat there with a shocked look on his face. You couldn't move, your body went numb until he touched your hand.
"You're not joking are you?" He asked quietly. You shook your head no. He took a deep breath which you could hear.
"Told you I wouldn't laugh." He whispered leaning towards you. Taking another deep breath he continued. "Because I love you too." You smiled then you both kissed for the first time.
You and Ron stayed together all through school. He proposed to you on the day of graduation and you happily accepted. 1 year later you were married and already had your first of 6 children. Their names were; Anthony James, Heather Anne, Brenna Mary, Hailey Claire, Nicholas Mark and Paul Harry. You and Ron lived your life together completly happy. You both had amazing jobs and loved each other as much as someone could love anyone else. You both lived through your 95th birthdays and to see all your children grow up get married and have their own children. Your love for each other never faultered, not once.
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Result Posted on 07/28/07:
OMG it's my name! XD My name, is in the quiz! XD

Ur HP lov story! How u met, 1st date, after hogwarts, yule ball gown and much much more!

Name: Tamelia NettleBoyfriend: Fred Weasley (U can change dis 2 George if ya want)House: GriffindorDress: aboveHow he asked u out:U were innocently walking down da corridor when a balloon popped above ur head and drenched u in pink water. U skrieked, u had a slight phoabia of wata afta a childhood encouter with it. Fred popped up and saidThirsty?U laughed and he asked u 2 da ball. U agreed.Afta Hogwarts:He started a joke shop wi george while u opted 4 a career in wand maker. U both became rich and had troublemaking twins. On boy, Richie and one girl, Kylie.
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Result Posted on 07/24/07:
OMG I put waffles in Snapes underwear??? XDD I'm funny.

Your Night At The Yule Ball...

House: HufflepuffBf: Ronald WeasleyBff: Some people. Pretty much everyone except Lavender and ignorant students.What The People From Hogwarts Think Of You:Harry: "I think her and Ron make a good couple. Don't tell, but she was a MUCH better girlfriend than Hermione could ever be."Ron: "Oh, I love hearing her name! _____, _____, _____! Merlin I love her, and she doesn't care that I come from a lower class family!"Hermione: "I-I think she's a lovely g-girl with good q-qualities...BUT SHE HAS RON!" (*She runs off, knocking some equipment down while bawling her eyes out*.)Draco: "Oh my God! You mean that little Weasel has a girlfriend?! Pft...it's about time. Pathetic loser." (May I note that at this point, Miss. Ginny Weasley has stuck a dungbomb in his pants.)Ginny: "That girl is awesome! I'm planning the wedding with Fred and George already. I can't wait until she's my sister!" Oliver Wood: "Who? I'm not really sure who you're talking about."Fred and George: "We really, really wanted to date her. George had a brilliant chance, but she was in love with Ron...we'll try to be happy nonetheless. *sigh*."Cho Chang: "Oh, I remember seeing her hanging out with Harry...she's dating that guy named Ron, right?" Cedric Diggory: "I hire the Creevey boys to take pictures of her when she's asleep. I pay them extra to take pictures of her changing...they're for educational purposes, of course."Seamus Finnigan: "Nice bum that one has. You're talking about _____, right? Well, I made out with her once before she began dating Ron. He punched my lights out when I tried to again."Dean Thomas: "Erm, this gun that is in my pocket is for protectional purposes. It has nothing to do with me shooting Ron to get his girlfriend all to myself." (*Narrows eyebrows evilly*) "Nothing at all..." Neville Longbottom: "She's a cool friend. She helped me find Trevor, and I think she is one of the most just people I know." Lavender Brown: "OMFG!!! HER! THIS WHOLE DAMN INTERVIEW IS ABOUT HER!!! Do you know what that b**** has done to me? She's ruined my chances with Ron...He should be with me. I'm the mother of his unborn child, for Merlin's sake!" (*Grabs watermelon and stuffs under robes making it look like a pregnant stomach*.) "See!"Luna Lovegood: "She doesn't talk to me much. She thinks I'm a nut. Oh, guess what's new? The Quibbler..." (I, the quizmaker, have stopped listening to her rambling on and on about her father's crackpot theories that bees cannot think.)Pansy Parkinson: "I can't believe she is dating such filth! Don't get me wrong, she has class, taste and astounding fashion sense, but she totally lost it when she went for a Weasley!" Crabbe and Goyle: "We came here for the free cookies! Where are they?" (I point to the nearest table filled with food whilst hitting my head on the microphone.)TeachersProfessor Dumbledore: "She is very brave. Mr. Weasley and her are very much in love. She is a very good match for Harry, though. I have no idea why they won't just get together and defeat Lord Voldemort."McGonagall: "I remember her and Mr. Weasley snogging in the halls. Are they dating? That's fabulous! It's time that that boy has gotten himself a girlfriend...did I say that out loud?"Snape: "Pathetic. Stupid girl. If she had only been put in Slytherin...Then I wouldn't have to deal with waffles in my underwear.Professor Flitwick: "Who? I think she's the one running around with Mr. and Mr. Weasley. I don't have much to say about her, except...I HAVE DESPISED AND LOATHED HER EVER SINCE SHE HUNG ME ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND SAID I WAS THE PERFECT ANGEL!!!"Professor Sprout: "She does have a knack for Herbology, I must say. She treats plants and animals with great respect."Hagrid: "Oh, she's a sweetheart. She takes care o' good ol' Witherwings."OtherVoldemort: "I'm not sure who you're talking about...SHE'S DATING A WEASLEY?!" (*drops fork that was once stabbing into pancakes.*) "That isn't a funny joke. A disgusting little muggle and mud-blood lover sh-."The transmission ends here due to fights broken out over blood lines, and someone ending up with another lightning scar on their forehead.YOUR YULE BALL NIGHT, DRESS AND DATE:Your date is: Ronald WeasleyHow he asked:You and Ron had been the best of friends ever since 1st year, and you shared a strong bond with him. Hermione and Harry were second best on his list which made them jealous beyond comprehension, but they still loved you. Anyways, it was a crispy winter night as Harry and Hermione bid their farewells and went off to bed. They left you and Ron alone in the Gryffindor common room.Tired and cranky, you laid your head down on Ron's lap, "Hiya, Ronnie! What's the weather like up there?"He chuckled, but then set his brilliant blue eyes on the fire, his eyes shining as he did so. He seemed to be deep in thought, but about what?"______?" He asked, his gaze still on the blazing fire."Yes?" you responded."Uh, er-um-I-I don't know if this is right to ask, but, I need advice...on girls."Your head shot up, and the teasing began, "Ooh! Ron has a girlfriend, Ron has a girlfriend!"He did not find this very amusing, "Actually, I wanted to know...what do you do when you begin to have feelings for your best friend...I'm asking for Harry, of course. He was much too shy to ask a girl himself!"He was rather quick, and jumpy.You were a little confused about his behaviour, but then gave him your blunt opinion, "Listen. Odds are, that someone you like, may not like you back in the same way. But, it is best to let it out into the open just so things can be clear, and you know the truth. So, you ought to tell-erm-Harry to let the girl know so he might have a chance. Otherwise, fate intervenes, and you're a sorry mate.""Yeah, I'll-I mean Harry will probably consider it." He nodded. "Thanks.""You're welcome." Now your eyes were just gazing around the dark room."Did anyone ask you to the ball yet?" he questioned."Ummm...I believe Oliver, and Seamus have; but I haven't said yes. I'm still waiting for that special guy."The red head's smile was converted into a frown, "Oh...well, I was going with Lavender. But she wanted to be accompanied by another guy instead. So, I was wondering, do you want to go to the ball with me? Just as friends?""Sure," you said, your stomach doing flips. You weren't sure why, but you felt your cheeks growing hot when he told you that he was supposed to be going with Lavender.You couldn't like him, could you? *No, no. It's foolish,* you mentally smacked yourself in the head. *He's my best friend, it would be so wrong...But he is so sweet, and adorable, and cute...really cute...No! I will not think these though-*"______?" Ron called for the fifth time. "Are you alright?"He snapped you out of your puzzled thoughts, "Yes, I'm fine. I should be getting to bed. Tomorrow I have double potions with Snape. Night Ron.""Night," he said softly, watching as you ascended the stairs for a good night's rest...How it went:Ronald greeted you with a toothy smile as you descended the stairs of the Gryffindor girls dormitories. You were wearing a gorgeous light blue gown that came off the shoulders, and cascaded to the floor. Your hair was neatly pulled back in an elegant bun, and your shoes were 2 inch, black heels. Harry also greeted you with his jaw dropped to the floor in awe, causing Hermione to elbow him in the ribs."Wow, you look beautiful." Your date told you, and you could see his cheeks growing to a shade of rosy red.You were also feeling the exact same way; as your cheeks blended in with his fiery red hair. He took your hand, and you both got out of your familiar common room.Once you entered the illuminous aura of the great hall, all eyes were set on you. People gave you glares full of jealousy, smiles full of appreciation, and boys' eyes filled with lust. Ronald led you to the middle of the ballroom dance floor as the classical music began to play. He wasn't that brilliant of a dancer, and kept apologizing profusely whenever he stepped on your feet. You didn't mind, really. As the night wore on, you and him became a little awkward during the slow songs, but soon got easily comfortable with each other...But, as he went to go get you a drink, an envious Lavender was watching you with slits as eyes. She pulled Ron into a strong kiss; which made you cry, and storm out of the Great Hall, not caring for whomever saw you."_____!!" Ron called out. He pulled away from a satisfied looking girl, and ran after you.When he found you, you were crying on the floor of an empty corridor. He wrapped his arms around you, but you tried to pull away."Leave me alone!" you bellowed."Lavender means nothing to me," he told you. "She starting kissing me for no reason at all.""You like her!" you shouted. "You never liked me!""No, that's not true...I love you!" He said nervously, his cheeks glowing bright pink.Your face was very content, "Really?...I love you, too. I know we're friends, and we shouldn't-"He cut you off with a deep kiss. You kissed back with passion."Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked."YES!" you shouted at the top of you lungs, giving him another warm kiss. Since then, the two of you have been stuck like glue.How it ends: You and Ron have three children. Twins (1 boy and 1 girl) that have their father's bright hair and your eyes. Your other son looks just like you and has Ron's fear of spiders. You two live happy lives, even though money is something you two do not care about.PLEASE RATE! I WORKED LIKE A MANIAC ON THE RESULTS! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER STUFF!
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Result Posted on 07/20/07:
OMG mabye they are my parents!! ahhhh!!!!! *runs around screaming* XD jk jk

Harry Potter story choose your life love, and see what happens!!!(girlzz only)
Crush: RonYou stretched and managed a loud yawn as you finished your herbology homework. Your usual tower where you did your school work felt just like home. you leaned againt the castle's wall and looked out the window it was getting late and you were tired..very tired you gathered up your books and started your way down the steps to the hallway once there ron and harry were having a huge fightGET AWAY HARRY-ron yelled to him- your nothing to me if you were really my friend you wouldnt do this to me!DO WHAT?_harry screamed back- i dont know what i did! stop playing dumb -ron said ashe pulled out his wand harry did the same in defenseharry noticed you first and put his wand away then ron turned around and saw you his face blushed like mad as he told harry to go awayharry just left without a word as ron started to ggather up his books whats wrong Ron?-you asked as you started to help clean up his booksyou wouldnt understand-he replied in an embarassed tonedont say that ron-you said back to him-you know weve been friend for like EVER and you can tell me anythingi guess im just tired- ron obviously lied and started to leaveill talk to you tomorrow- you said to him he grunted in replyTHE NEXT DAY!---you were in he common room in front of the fire finishing up your homework whe you noticed harry coming towards youlisten-harry said to you- im sorry about last night i mean..i know whats wrong with ron and how to fix itcan i help-you asked putting away your parchmentactually-harry said with a smile-you canlater on you did exactly as harry said.. you dressed nicely, and went to the west toweras you headed up the stairs your high heel got caught in a crack and you fell to the ground just then ron walked onto the tower too and noticed youhe xmiled and came to help youthanks-you said after you two freed your shoe as you looked up you oticed your faces were inches apartno problem- he whispered you could feel his breath going down your neckhe moved a little closer and your lips brushed his when he pulled awayhe grabbed your hand and you two went up the rest of the stairs in silencewhen you two reached the top the was no one thereso why did you come here-you asked him staring into those beautiful eyes of hiswell i dont know exactly hermione told me i had to come hereyou both laughed and you whispered to him-i think we got set up herewhat do you mean?-he asked totally cluelesswell harry told me to come here at this time and so... i think they set us upno way.. see thought he liked you and thats why i was so mad at him...-ron blushed you gently pulled him closer and whispered to himeven if he does i dont i like you-he came closer and you two kissed passionately but suddenly ron pulled awaywait a minute-he said as he got up and went to the corner of the tower he reached into the air and pulled of an invisibility cloak off of harry and hermione- goodbye harry hermione- he sat back down next ot you and you waved as you laughed your but offnow where were we- he said as he pushed you against the wall and kissed you passionately after you were done (a while later) you two headed back to the common room where harry and hermione were sitting waiting up for youjesus-ron said- its like your our parentsyou all laughed and said goodnightTHE END---if you liked it plz rate
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