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Result Posted on 07/20/07:
I'm always so gosh darn loved in these things! X3

your hogwarts love story(short quiz, GREAT results) plus pics and what ppl think

you got ron weasleyyou were walking down the corridor---when you saw fred and george running towards you top speed.although you were a ravenclaw you had the patience for these guys and their tricks.'hey guys..whats going ...WHA?"fred grabs your arm and pulls you along. you have no choice but to run with them"what-is-going-on!!",you manage while panting"we shaved filch's head while he was sleeping!!",explained george pushing a slytherin out of the way"why am i running!!",you demand"coz we told him you were with us...",panted fred"WHAT!!!",you yell"quick!!",said fred entering an empty classroom"in here!"all three of you enter the classroom.george falls in the process'ok!!',you demand.this was too weird"now tell me what going on before i...""just a little business deal ",grinned fred"pay up ron!!"you whirl around, ron weasley ---your secret crush was standing behind you and grinning-"thanks bro",he grins as he hands fred 6 galleons."and bro",he adds as george looks offendedlooking more than satisfied fred and george walk out leaving you in disbelief"you played a prank on me?!",you say turning on ron.he just grinned watching you,amused"weasley!!!",you yell"explain yourself!!!!!""ok",he says simply and pushes his lips on yours. he kissed you sweetly,.you kissed back"well",you smile"you sure give a good explanation weasley"ron smiled."i'm not finished",he says and leans in for another kiss.what they thoughtharry---dont tell ron but...god shes so hot!*ron overhears and hexes him*ron---i love her.shes my life my love. harry come back!! we're not finished yet!!*runs after potter,wand raised*hermione- meh,shes ok...*obviously not too fond of you. you stole ron and get better grades,duh!!*fred and george---shes like our kid siter.real happy for ron.cedric---pretty, very nice. lovely girl.*me:just say it dude!! you love the lady*cho--- dunno her so well. good style in clothes thoughpansy--- isnt worth the air she breathesdraco--- i'll get her...she deserves better than the weasel!!crabbe and goyle---____?pretty *ron overhears and hexes...AGAIN!!*dumbledore---just wonderful for weasley.a new face in the order.mcgonagall--- distracts ron.and everytime someone stares at her, weasley lands them in the hospital wing.really,its not amusing anymore!!snape--hates youhagrid--loves you, possibly more than ron.
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Result Posted on 07/20/07:
Aww, Neville is so sweet! But he always has to like me in every single quiz gosh darnit! it makes me feel bad. =(

Your life at Hogwarts and what everyone (of importance) thinks of you
Boyfriend: Ron WeasleyHouse: GryffindorPersonality: Kind, funny, and smartBest Friends: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Cho Chang, basically everybody!What they think of you...Harry says, "Her and Ron are absolutely perfect for each other! She's a wonderful girl and I enjoy being around her. I'd love to have a girl like her."Hermione says,"She is smart and studies hard, I admire her for that. She is my best friend and I can tell her anything! When Ron asked her out I was kind of depressed but I don't mind anymore, besides, have you seen how cute they look together?" Ginny says, "Well... *giggles* I'm glad my older brother Ronald found somebody for him! They are just the cutest couple! She is like a sister to me and I look up to her!"Cho Chang says, "She is really nice and very fashionable. I'd kill to be her! She is my friend and I think Ron and her are adorable together."Ron says, "I love her! She's so brilliant and she makes everything better! I love just to be near her and after we graduate from Hogwarts... well... I planning on asking her to marry me! *blushes and ears turn red*" Draco (or Malfoy, whichever you prefer) says, "_____? She's alright. She doesn't really bother me and she's easy on the eyes. Difficult to believe she'd settle for Weasel-bee," Pansy says, "As long as she stays away from Draco I could care less about her! But she's too damn nice for her own good!"Crabbe and Goyle are too busy eating to respond.Fred says, "____ is a great girl! She's funny and I love being around her. She's pretty and smart too. She helps out George and I with our joke shop sometimes!"George says, "She is cool! Fred and I are thankful to have a brilliant yet hilarious mind on the team! She is great and... pretty attractive as well! It's funny that she fell for our dumb little brother th---"George is cut off by Ron tackling him.Oliver says, "Nice girl... not too shabby on a broomstick,"Cedric says, "Ah, _____? She's good friends with Cho and quite a looker. She's a very nice girl, Ron is lucky to have her,"Neville says, "She's... um.... pretty... and nice to me... I wish she wasn't going out with Ron..."How Ron asked you out...You were in the library looking for a book to read when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned to see Ron, his freckles being masked behind a deepening blush. "Um... _____ I... was wondering..." he started nervously.You smiled and pressed him on. "Would you... like to go out with me?" he asked, closing his eyes as if expecting to be struck.You giggled at his nervousness and embraced him happily. "Sure Ron!" you said.His ears went red as he returned your embrace and grinned. Then madam Pince appeared out of nowhere and lectured you on public displays of affection in the library.
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Result Posted on 07/20/07:
Dude, i'm like, always so sweet to Ron in these quizes! X3

AAAAAA Harry Potter Quiz; who's your hogwarts bf and yule ball partner?

Your Hogwarts boyfriend is... Ronald Weasley! And THIS is how it all happened...BFF: Ron, hermione, cho chang, parvati, & Harry.repuation: fun, but can be shy at times.house: gryffindor"SPIDERS??!!" yelled ron freakishly loud.all at once, the whole gryffindor common room burst into laughter. seeing ron so scared and embarrassed made you feel really bad, so being the kind person you are, you walked over to him, grabbed his hand and pulled him through the portrait hole without anyone knowing he'd left. he was so wrapped up in not showing his reddened face, he had no idea who was pulling him out. just the fact that someone was there, was all that mattered. "are you okay?" you asked sympathetically. "what... yeah." he looked up. he gasped slightly, and if it were possible, he would've turned even more red. "yeah, i'm fine," he said, straightening himself up and staring at you. "oh, it's you, ___" said ron. "thanks for saving me back there..." he added. "no prob." you said with a smile. "hey, _____, i was just wondering..." you gave him a quizzical look. "nevermind," he said quickly, looking away. "no... tell me!" you urged him. "okay.. well.. the ball is coming up and all.. and.. i dunno... just... nevermind. it's a stupid question. i just thought... whatever" he stumbled over his words and you looked at him, finally realizing what he's been trying to ask you for the past week or so. "i'd LOVE to go to the ball with you, ron!!" you half screamed and gave him a hug, putting him in shock. (me: haha, go you!) "really?" he asked stupidly. "yeah!" you said. ************AT THE BALL************you walked down the numerous steps to the great hall. wow! it was fabulously decorated. you looked down at the people below and saw that most of them were staring back. flat-out, you were stunning in your light-pink gown with one white stripe across the top of the dress. you spotted a redhead, who you immediately recognized as ron. you noticed his robes at once. they were exactly... handsome. "hey" he grumbled. "hey... what are you wearing?" you asked, kind of laughing at the same time. ron said something about his mom and then said, "listen, i understand if you don't want to be seen with me." he hung his head. you took your finger, lifting up his chin, you said, "i don't care what you wear, ron, as long you are YOU" (me: awww... how sweet!) he smiled at you, sheepishly, then offering his arm, he asked, "may i have this dance?" you smiled and nodded. you guys danced the night away and pretty much had the best day of your life. at the end, he walked you up to the common room and then you guys stopped at the end of the staircase leading to the girls' dormitory. giving you a passionate kiss [which was your first ^.^] you fell asleep trying to recall every detail of that night in your journal, which you found out, not even words could describe...
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Result Posted on 07/19/07:
oooh, sounds like Fred and George are jealous!

Hogwarts Rep and Life After (Lots of pics and long detailed results!)

You got Ron!
Your House: Gryffindor
Your Rep: The big sweetheart!
There are more pics at the bottom!
What they think:
Harry: Thinks you are amazing and that you are so good for Ron. You give Ron that extra bit of confidence that he sometimes lacks, and you dont make him feel bad about not having the nicest things, or the most money. He thinks youre a big laugh and loves the way you always show so much concern for your friends!
Ron: Absolutely, head over heels in love with you! He loves how you never let him get too down on himself and how you know when he needs some space. You just KNOW him, and completely understand his mood swings.
Hermione: Is one of your good friends, she likes how you keep Rons emotions in check, and how you keep him on task so he can get good grades. You guys really arent into the same things, but you are friendly to each other either way. You guys study together for potions all the time.
Ginny: Cannot wait until you are her sister-in-law. You two have a TON in common. When you arent at school, you and Ginny play quidditch together at the burrow, and share a room in the house. She thinks you are awesome and you always give her great advice and she knows she can confide in you!
Fred & George: Think youre pretty cool, but dont understand how you can stand their brother, if they had it their way, you would be theirs! You always give them awesome ideas for pranks, and you helped them to organize their order forms and keep the first years quiet when they were trying out their new products!
Seamus: Thinks you are unbelievably cute, and cannot see what you see in Ron. He thinks youre gorgeous, and because of that, he has a hard time talking to you. You make this cutie speechless! He loves your enthusiasm and how you support your friends in everything they do!
Angelina: Thinks you are the coolest chick, besides her of course. You always go down to watch Ron practice, so when they are breaking she comes and sits with you. You guys hang together all the time on your breaks! She wishes you were on the quidditch team because you are super good at strategizing!
Cho: Doesnt really know you all that well. She isnt a fan of your style, and doesnt really like Ron that much so she tries not to get into situations where you two meet.
Cedric: He loves how down to earth you are, and he secretly wanted to ask you to the Yule ball, but Ron beat him to it. You guys always have a good laugh together and he always tells you how much he wishes you were in Hufflepuff with him!
Draco: Really despises you. He cant stand that you are with the blood-traitor Weasley, and hates you even more because youre in Gryffindor. You have Potions with him and he is always trying to egg you on into hurting him but you know better. Kill em with kindness!
Pansy: Secretly likes you, because you help her out a lot (potions notes and such) but doesnt let on because Draco doesnt like you, and whatever he says is law! She really enjoys your fashion sense and wishes that you were pureblood and in Slytherin.
How it happened:
You were walking down the corridor to go to transfiguration, when Ron came running up to you, ________, oh thank god I found you! Someone, I have a feeling it was Fred and George, put spider eggs all through my bag and now I cant get any of my notes out for Charms, and Flitwick will kill me if Im late again. You knew that McGonagall would be pretty angry if you were late too, but Ron just looked so desperate. Sure, Ill help, lead the way. So you were on your way back to the common room, when he suddenly stopped. Whats wrong? you asked, concerned. He was acting kind of out of it. Nothing, nothing, its just Just what? Just, well, I really like you. There I said it. Ron took a breath and began walking again very quickly. You stood there stunned for a moment, before looking up. Seeing that he was almost already around the corridor, you yelled out to him. Ron, wait up. Ron stopped and turned around, but kept his head down. Walking up to him, you turned your head so you could look him in the eye Well, youre not so bad yourself you said to him just barely above a whisper. You began to smile when you saw him break into a smile. So does that mean, that youll uhm youll go out with me? he stuttered out. Of course it does.
Life after Hogwarts:
You and Ron continued your relationship throughout your years at Hogwarts, and when you graduated Ron proposed to you. Ron, despite his initial lack of talent in Quidditch, he greatly improved, so much so, that his favorite team, the Chudley Canons offered him a position. Although you knew that it would be a lot of traveling, you completely supported him. You on the other hand pursued a career as a healer. After Rons first season with the team, you both decided it was time to get married and settle down for good, to have a place you could both call home. So you bought a house in England, that blended right into the scenery and was nice and secluded (Ron was pretty famous). You had 5 children with him!
Your wedding dress:

Your home:

Your ring:

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Result Posted on 07/18/07:

What would everyone in Hogwarts think of you, and how would they greet you? (girls only)

Your house: GryffindorBF: almost RonBFF: Hermione, Ginny, LunaWhat the people thinkHarry: She's a really shy girl. Ron's mad about her but he's way to scared to do anything.HIS GREETING: Hi. How've you been doing lately? What's new? Has Ron said hello?Ron: She's so (gets caught in a daydream about you).HIS GREETING: uh. Hi. *looks around as if he's never seen anything at Hogwarts before*Hermione: She's my really good friend! I think that Ron and her are meant for each other.HER GREETING: Hey! Aren't you and Ron together yet?Ginny: I do wish that her and Ron would hurry up and stop being so shy.HER GREETING: Don't you like my brother? Don't you? He likes you. Can't you like him back, please?Neville: Ron really likes her, I used to like her, but I know that would never work. But she's really nice.HIS GREETING: Thanks for helping me with my Potions homework.Seamus: She hardly ever talks, unless it's to Ginny or Hermione. I wish she'd talk to me. HIS GREETING: Hey, why won't you talk to me? I just want to get to know you, that's all.Dean: Ron fancies her, so does Seamus, but I think Ron and her would be inseparable once they started talking.HIS GREETING: Why don't you talk to Ron Weasley sometime? He's nice. As a matter of fact, why don't you talk to everyone sometime.Draco: I wouldn't mind going out with her sometime, actually I wouldn't mind going out with any girl sometime. HIS GREETING: *Puts you up against the wall* C'mon, I'm a nice guy. We should hang out sometime (you kick him in the most painful place possible and walk quickly down the hall)Fred/George: We're trying our hardest to get the two little kids together, but nothings worked. She's way to hard to talk to.THEIR GREETINGS: C'mon! You know you want to talk to him! Perfect match you two are! He likes you, you know. Why don't you like him? (you ignore) Oh c'mon!Parvarti/Lavender: We've never talked to her. Actually, she's never talked to us, so we talk about her and Ron Weasley getting together.THEIR GREETINGS: _____ and Weasley! What a perfect match! (sing-song voice of course)Cho Chang: doesn't know youLuna Lovegood: She's so nice! I wish people would talk to her and get to know her. She is so nice, smart, creative, and funny; though she's frightened by anything that jumps. Don't know why she's in Gryffindor.HER GREETING: You know, I think that you and that boy that Harry Potter goes around with should talk sometime. He seems very nice and he kept glancing at you all through supper.Pansy Parkinson: EWWWWW!!!!!!HER GREETING: UGH! I think I see a Weasley coming!Crabbe/ Goyle: to busy stuffing their facesColin Creevey: I took a picture of her for Harry's friend once. He told me to keep it quiet.HIS GREETING: Do you know anyone that I can take a picture of.. *looks over* Hey Harry!Ernie Macmillan: I don't know her.Percy: She's always good I guess, but I did find her in the hallway at night once. She was at the statue of the one-eyed witch. HIS GREETING: Get to class!Cedric Diggory (before he died): I thought about asking her out, but I didn't think it'd be very smart, so I didn't. She's to quiet and it would be very awkward.HIS GREETING: I'M DEADTEACHERS:Dumbledore: a shy girl. When she came in the first year, I thought she was going to start crying before getting sorted.Mcgonigal: She does excellent in my class, but I wish she'd participate more.Sprout: she's a very sweet girl, but I've only heard her speak to those other three girls.Snape: She may be good in class, but she's a Gryffindor, what more is there to say?Flitwick: She as the best grades in class next to Miss Granger, but I've never heard her talk, only nod.Hagrid: I know that Ron fancies 'er, that's for sure. I'm sure that she's a very sweet girl.Trelawny: She doesn't see.Firenze: I think she is a smart human, and I think she has a way of understanding things by keeping to herself.Lupin: She was scared of me in school, like she knew I was a werewolf. Scared me myself.Binns: is to old to know you.YOUR BASIC STORY:You were never good with people, especially after your mother died from a death-eater's wand. You trusted no one. You were from a school in Scotland and in your 2nd year. You were alone in your compartment on the train to your new school, Hogwarts, when the door opened, and two girls came in. They asked you if they could sit with you, you nodded. They introduced themselves as Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood. You barely talked to them on the way there. After being sorted, Ginny invited you to come sit with her and her friend, Hermione Granger. After the first month, you became good friends with them. You also met Harry Potter, the legend, but you barely talked to each other, you talking to no one but Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. The second day you met Ginny's brother, Ron. He barely talked either. But through every dinner the following month, Hermione was telling you that Ron couldn't keep his eyes off you. ThE YEArS at Hogwarts1st year- you come into Hogwarts, you're in the same year as Hermione, 2nd. You only talked to your closest friends, Ginny, Hermione, and Luna. You realized that Ron was fond of you. A mousy faced boy took a picture of you and later you saw him give it to Ron in the back of the Great Hall. You started to feel the same way near the end of the year. 2nd year- you're in your third year. Ginny tells you that you were the only thing that Ron talked about all Summer. Hermione told you to talk to Ron and become at least friends. You decided not to. You were to scared of embarrassing yourself completely. If he wanted to talk to you, he would've done it by now, right?3rd year- It's your fourth year at Hogwarts. The Yule Ball is coming up fast and no one has asked you. You hoped that Ron would ask you, but he never did. Harry got Ron Padma. You stayed in your dorm that night and cried your eyes out. You couldn't stand to think that you were alone in your dorm and Ron was with a girl that didn't even like him. You woke up the next morning and went down to the Great Hall. You didn't talked to anyone for the rest of the week. Hermione and Ginny were worried and thought you should go to a therapist. You snuck out at night to look out across the lake from your favorite rock. On your way there, you heard footsteps on the crunching leaves behind you. You spun around fast to see Ron tensed up from not expecting you to turn around. You both stood far apart in silence, starting at each other, for what seemed like 30 minutes. He mumbled something and started to walk closer to you. "Uhhi?" he said. You smiled. You both walked in silence to the rock at the lake. "Just thought you might want someone to talk to.. But I guess not." He started to walk away, "Don't go!" you shouted, which was a surprise to you, forgetting that you could raise your voice higher than a whisper. You both sat together on the rock for about an hour, without saying anything more. Then you said, "It's getting late then we should go back. Um. Thanks for talking." You felt stupid for saying that since you didn't talk at all, but he knew what you meant. Right before you went to your dorm, and him to his, you both had another weird silent thing. The rest of the year, your friends, and Ron's, were both urging you both to go out. On the last day of school, Ginny asked you to stay with her family for the summer, not only to meet the family finally, but to talk with Ron. That whole summer, her two twin brothers, Fred and George, were setting a bunch of traps for you and Ron to meet in the same place alone. None of them worked. 5th year-In the beginning, Hermione acts weird around Ron. Since you're not stupid, you know how she feels, and whenever she talks about Ron you avoid talking. She stops you in December and spills her guts. She says how sorry she is, but she can't help it. You understand, but cannot get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that keeps you from talking to Ron. In January, you went to Hogsmeade with Ginny, Neville, Harry, Ron, and Luna. Ginny said she wanted to go to the shrieking shack and so did Ron. The others went to the Three Broomsticks. You went with Ginny and Ron. On the way there, no one talked. When you got to the shack, Ginny left to find the others. You and Ron stood alone. The wind blew hard, an it began to snow. The two of you didn't want to go back to town just yet, so you went inside the shack. There, you stood for 10 minutes until Ron said "I. Uh Well We should probably sorry." You cracked a smile, the first one in ages. He put his arm around you, incredibly slowly, and you walked back to the town. When you entered the Three Broomsticks, the other 4 clapped and Harry yelled "'Bout time!" The rest of the year was bliss, no kissing yet, but bliss. 6th year-When you saw Ron at the station, boarding the train, you ran after him. He didn't write a single letter all Summer, nor did you. You threw your arms around the back of his neck, turned him around and kissed him passionately. The rest of the year was wonderful, except for the end of course, at the funeral for Dumbledore. YOUR LOOKS: Hair: brown, shoulder length and wavy. Eyes: hazelBody: well built Nose: smallClothes: jeans, brown or plaid long skirts. No earrings. Sweaters. Flats. Fedora. Bag full of junk, but treasure to you, including wallets, feathers, toy army men, cracker jacks, and vintage soda caps.YOU-Your favorite color- teal, brownYour love- shyly Ron, the Weasley familyYour dream- To be with Ron until the end. That's all.Blood- half-bloodTHERE YA GO- The Weasley family and everyone in Gryffindor likes you, or doesn't have a problem with you.A lot of the other house students don't care or think much of you.
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Result Posted on 07/18/07:
this is so wicked!!! But, I wish Luna was one of my best friends, too....

What's your Hogwarts Life like? (Includes; very detailed results, love, friend, and how it happened!)

House:Gryfinndor. Bf: Ronald Weasley. BFFs, Ginny, Hermione, Lavender Gryfinndors.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Ron: She's the best thing in the world! I love her! I'd die for her! She's so caring and understanding. I really think she is the one!Harry: Nice girl, good at quidditch, and pretty. Ron is lucky. Neville: She is kind of a loose cannon sometimes if you disagree with her. But so is Hermione. She likes to talk about everything. I can come to her for help too. She's very, very, very pretty!Hermione:......We used to hate each other. Because of her and Ron's relationship. But now we're good friends. She's a great Potions partner and she doesn't center her life around Quidditch. She does her homework and yet still organizes enough time for quidditch every night too. A great and pretty girl!Ginny: She's the best! We can discuss anything! Make up, boys, clothing, boys, anything! I mean everything! She's a good challenge in quidditch too and oh, Mum absolutley adores her!Lavender: Great! Pretty! Popular! She's awesome. I can go to her for anything. She'll even let me copy her homework. Don't tell Hermione that though. She should become a quidditch player when she gets older, or an auror!Parvati: I don't like her, she's kind of too popular for my taste. Slytherian.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Draco: She's beautiful! Why did Weasley win her over?! Blood tratior! Erm, I mean... she's absoletly ugliest thing...I.....dammit!Pansy: A royal bitch! She took my Drakie away! Whenever she's in the room he always gives her that dreamy look! I hate her guts! Crabb: Uhh...Goyle: Dra.....co lik...likes her!Blaise: I don't really know her that well. Oh her?! Hot! Hufflepuffs.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Hannah: She's nice and pretty. She's always been a great potions partner with me!Cedric: Even though I'm dead, I'm speaking out! *WOOO FROM THE GRAVE!* She was nice when I could see her. She was either busy with books or quidditch. Really has no life. But she is an excellent player with a great body! Ravenclaw.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Cho: Who? Oh! A good quidditch player, a right challenge for our Chaser.Luna: Ron is madly in love with her. Hermione was a bit jealous of her. But that's all right I reckon. Hermione deserves someone better anyway. Oh, back on topic, she is a good person... I suppose. Weasleys.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Mrs. Weasley: Oh that Dear! She visits whenever she can. She's adopted, grew up with muggles. Yet she is a pureblood. She doesn't like to talk about what happened. But all in all, she is very helpful. Someday I hope she shares her love with childern.Mr. Weasley: That girl is a walking Auror. She will become one mark my words for she has the brains, stuborness, and love for adventure than an Auror needs to have.Percy: A fine girl indeed. She deserves a lot better than Ronald, but the heart never plays by the rules. He's very protective of her, and yes, he should be. With all the attacks and rumors going around.Charlie: If she doesn't become an Auror she should become a Dragon Trainer. She's got the skill, talent, smarts, love, patience, and sturborness to become a right good one.Bill: Everyone thinks the world of her, including me. She's a special kind that you don't she often. Hermione and her both. Ron was right to ask her out. They're a great couple.Fleur: Zhe is 'ery pretty. Je wish I 'ah 'er 'air. 'Onald is 'ery lucky to have such a wonderful 'erson around zim. Professors.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Dumbledore: A good student. Can multitask many things at once. And knows her candy!McGonagall: I do wish Mr.Weasley would pay attention more when she is in the room. But other than that she is a great student. Flitwick: Excellent!Sprout: I don't know her. I believe I had her in her first year though.Snape: Urgh, her? She and Draco Malfoy have had their words in the classroom and other such places. Mudblood.Hagrid: A right good girl! Knows the answers as quick as 'Ermione. Brilliant 'uidditch player too!How it started:~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~You just came in from practice, it was dead late and your foot was killing you. You couldn't bother Hermione, she was asleep and you couldn't get up the stairs. You tossed your stuff aside and sat there in your sweat-drenched clothing. It clinged to you but you didn't care. For right now you were in fear of your foot being broken. You lean forward to check your foot but your back suddenly burst out with pain. You screamed loudly but shut yourself up quickly. You lay back too tired to even care what happens."Are you all right?" Came a familiar voice of Ronald Weasley. You knew who he was, of course. You were one of the Chasers of your team. Ginny was one. He was a Keeper. A good friend of Harry's. "No." You answer dryly."What's wrong?" He asked."My leg is hurting. I did something in practice. But whenever I lean over to check it my back hurts to much. I think I slept wrong last night. Or something. But anyway, the game against Slytherin is in a day and a half. If you could just get....""I know what to do." Ron cut you off."You do?" You asked in shock. He waved his wand and muttered a spell. Suddenly you were healed. "What spell was that?" You asked."Something Hermione told me in like 5th year." He said. "It stuck with me.""I'm glad it did." You smiled and he seems to melt."So..._____" He said."I guess I better take a shower and head off to bed. Thanks again!" You say as you grab your stuff."Wait.... uh...." He starts."Yes?" You turn toward him."Youwannagooutsometime?" He slurrs."I'm sorry?" You say in confusion."Do....you....a....go...out with...m....me some time...?" He askes again. He is blushing furiously at this moment.You smile and think, why not? You nod and say," Sure Ron."He beams and as quick as a flash your being kissed. The kiss seemed to last for hours but really only a minute went by."Saturday? Hogsmead?" He suggests. You nod, still stunned by the kiss."Great!" He yells out and runs away upstairs gleefully. Later on, months later, you were a couple. The date went great! You never thought he could be so interesting! But it happened! You're celebrating your 3 month aniversarry that night! Life After HogwartsJob: You write about five sections in Witches' Weekly Magazine. You help people with relationship trouble, school advice, and how to get boys to notice the girls who like them. You also give make-up, hair, and clothing tips.Relationship: You went on to marry your dream-boat and now have two kids. You are engaged to be married in 4 weeks.Kid(s):A girl named Olette, who is attending the Gryffindor house, in her first year. You also have a boy, Seth, who is 9 and will be starting Hogwarts in 2 years. Where you live: You live close to Hogsmead and visit the school whenever you can. You also sub for teachers from time-to-time.Love: Ron is still as madly in love with you from the day he met you. You go to Quidditch Cups with your kids and him whenever you can and visit Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna as many times as 4 times per week. What your kids look like: Seth has brownish hair with a hint of red in, along with dark blue eyes. He is average, not to small, not to short.
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Result Posted on 07/17/07:
Wow. this is a REALLY long story thingy...

Your Love Story at Hogwarts ~really really really long results (not joking), but read whole thing~ 4 girlz and pics

Your love story is with... RON WEASLEY! How he asked u out: even though u've been at hogwarts for awhile, u get lost. u always get confused around the moving stairs. it takes half an hour for u to find ur way everyday. one day, u bumped into a boy at the foot of one of the many flights of stairs. u automatically fell in love with his red hair and innocent eyes. u were surprised u hadn't seen him before."sorry," u said quietly. "i'm kinda lost.""oh," he said. "may i help u help me ur way?""sure," u answered, flattered that he had actually offered to help u."i'm ron," he introduced himself when u got to transfiguration class."_____ ," you said. "and thanks." ron turned crimson (dark red). u guys became quick friends, but u were secretly in love. so u, ginny, and ron are really close, but he always thought of u as more than a friend. he was afraid that you didn't feell the same way so he never told u. only harry knew. harry usually dropped a few hints now and then, but u ignored them. of course, u did notice how ron wouldn't quit blushing when he was around u. however, u never seemed to care. ron has had an eye on u for a long time now. whenever he saw u his head was in the clouds. he even ran into snape once when he was lost thinking about u (whoops). and for now, u both like each other and and don't know it. when u were finishing up an essay on mandrakes one late night, you realized that you had forgotten ur text book in ur room located in the ravenclaw house. u went to go grab ur book, frustrated since u were wasting precious time (u would've enchanted it to come floating to u but u arent that good with charms). after u looked under the bed without any luck, u checked on top of ur mattress. as u approached ur pillow u saw something glowing and sparkling. it was a white rose. it almost appeared ghostly. wen u picked it up, it flew into the air and exploded into a little message.it was from ron. being as shy as he is, he wasnt able to talk to u in person. he was jell-o around u. anyways, it was a poem that read,"i hope u like this message i put in this rose, because the the one for u is right under ur nose. u r my world, the stars i see. so, i will ask, will go out with me?"u giggled and started tearing up. (hermione must have helped him with it.) it was the sweetest thing ever! u closed it up in a gust of glitter and decided to keep it forever. now that u got the note, u didnt really mind not finishing ur essay. How he asked u out:it was the day before christmas and ur date was scheduled on the next day. you couldn't wait. u had told ron that you were planning something special for ur date. ur day out was to take place at hogwarts. that meant that u couldn't go visit ur muggle mother for the holidays that year. (of course, u sent her a message to let her know, and she said didn't mind.) when you thought of muggles u remembered ur favourite place to go back home. right then and there, u had the greatest idea: u'd have ur date at ur special place. but that wasn't going to be easy. so u asked hagrid for help. being his favourite student from his care of the magical creatures class he agreed to it. hagrid pulled some strings and dumbledore promised to set it all up before tomorrow morning without ron knowing. u thanked the professors graciously and trusted the headmaster with the job. the first thing u saw as u woke up in the morning was a sixteen inched rectangular box wrapped in silver paper and a large white bow. there was a card attached to it. on the front in blue lettering it read, 'merry christmas'. and on the inside were the words 'i love u. love, ron.' u stared at the card for a little, and then carefully unwrapped the package. there, rested on white tissue paper, was a delicate chocolate rose. in the very corner of the box was a silver locket. engraved on the surface of the locket was 'ron and _____'. as u opened it, u saw a picture of u giving ron a hug on one of ur trips to hogsmeade and the word 'forever'. u didn't know wat else to do but put the necklace on. u ran to the window and u saw what a magnificent job dumbledore had done. u jumped on ur bed for joy. ur date was about to begin. u slipped on some jeans with snowflakes embroidered on the cuffs, and a grey and white striped turtle neck. over top u wore a black coat; and on ur feet u wore snow boots under the pant legs of ur jeans. u left ur hair loose and made sure that the locket was visible on top of ur sweater. u ran to the griffindor common room and found ron waiting for u. he wore a pair of black jeans and the navy jumper that u made for him for christmas. on the bottom corner of the jumper, u sewed on ron's and ur initials in a heart. he also had on his cute smile. u guys quickly exchanged greetings and u walked him outside with ur hand over his eyes. when u got outside, the cold wind took over and u lifted ur hand. on the blanket of snow was a whole carnival with rides and attractions everywhere. the place was packed with hogwarts students. "surprise," u whispered to ron. "wow, this is wonderful," ron gasped back too shocked to speak. "c'mon," u urged. u grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the rollercoasters. ron froze when he saw the rides of disaster. "let's go on all of them!" u suggested. u could tell that ron was scared. "c'mon, ron. pleeeeaaaase?" u gave him the sweetest smile. ron's face broke out into a wide grin. "okay." he couldn't resist ur lovely smile and, of course, u. u and ron got into the train seat in front of harry and seamus. u waved to them cheerily and they waved back. ron turned around and beamed at his best friend harry. harry raised his eyebrows and nodded in ur direction indicating how u guys were finally a couple. seamus snickered. but u hadn't noticed anything the boys had done. ur face was plastered with a smile as the train rolled up the first slope, but ron was afraid all over again. u shrieked with excitement all the way through the ride; up, down, and around in large loops. unlike ron. he screamed in horror and closed his eyes most of the time. when the rollercoaster ended, ron looked kinda sick. "oh, ron. i'm sorry. i shouldn't have made u come with me in the first place," u apologized giving him a log hug. he instantly felt better. after ur embrace, ron saw a spider crawl out from under the snow and yelled,"SPIDER!" u quickly pulled out ur wand and said,"ridiculous!" towards the spider. the arachnid turned into a daisy with eight petals, one for each leg. "thanks," ron said. now he really thought that u were perfect. "no problem," u replied. "c'mon let's get get something to eat." after u pigged out on some chocolate frogs and every flavoured beans, and went on millions of rides including more rollercoasters, the enterrpise, log flume, pirate ship, bumper cars, river rapids, srambler, and haunted house for five hours, u and ron decided to go on the ferris wheel for ur last ride before dinner. for the first few rotations, u guys talked about pretty random stuff. the setting sun cast a pinkish red mist over the sky, but it was still cold. when u ran out of things to say, u guys just sat there in silence for awhile. then snow started to fall. ron stared at u while the snowflakes drifted around your face. he liked the way u sparkled in the snow. his eyes were glued on u. ur beauty dazzled him. u noticed him staring and when u turned u two locked eyes. u slowly leaned in and u felt his lips touch urs. his caress filled ur body with warmth through the frosty air. as u reached the top of the wheel, it just happened to 'break' (it was probably hagrid). ron pulled u in closer, and u lustfully kissed in the bright orange glow of the sun. THE END please rate.
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Result Posted on 07/17/07:
OMG I love this result

You're the normal, fun loving Girl. It seems that there is no possible way for any one to find something to dislike about you. What they Think: Gryfindor: Harry Potter: Yeah, she's one of my closest friends. I really enjoy hanging around her, she is like... just... awesome! I would do anything to make sure she's always happy. Ronald Weasley: I think _____ is a really great girl. We have lots of fun together and I really apreciate it when she helps me do my work when Hermione isn't around. Hermione Granger: I think _____ is just as smart as me! I really enjoy the time we spend studying together. She gives me some one other than Harry and Ron to talk to. I really like being able to talk to another girl. Ginny Weasley: If I didn't know any better, I'd think Harry liked her. But I do know that he doesn't because he's my boyfriend. So yeah... _____ is a good girl, I don't think she's ever kissed a boy before! Oops! I didn't mean to say that..! Fred and George Weasley: G-We haven't really gotten to know her, but we talk to her sometimes. F-Yeah, one time she gave us a really good idea for a prank... G-Without even knowing it! F&G-Yeah, she's cool. Neville Longbottom: I really think that _____ is a really nice person. She's always looking out for me, and defending me when I'm in a rough spot, or having trouble. I think she might be like my real life Guardian Angel. Seamus Finigan: We went out in 3rd year, she's too nice and sweet so I felt kind of guilty, and we broke up. I'm really glad she doesn't have any brothers! But yes, _____ is a great girl. She's still my good friend. Dean Thomas: We talk durring class sometimes. She's really smart and she helps me out all the time. Sometimes I feel kind of dumb around her... but it's okay, she's cool like that. Everyone else: They all think you're cool, nice, sweet, smart, awesome. Or... they never really met you. Slytherin: Draco Malfoy: I used to think that I wouldn't like her because she isn't in Slytherin, but she had to tutor me in Divination. I found out that I really like her. I really like her innosence, and the way she's just so... perfect. Pansy Parkinson: Though there's nothing for me to not like about her... I still don't like her! And that's that! Blaise Zabini: I don't really know what to say about _____. She's nice if you talk to her, even for just a second. I guess you could say that she's a very likeable girl. Vincent Crabbe: I dunno. She's nice to look at, but I don't think I'd ever talk to her. Gregory Goyle: _____? I guess she's nice. I had to be her partner in potions once, I was really surprised that she didn't mind. Everyone else: They all either try to find something to hate about you, or they just give in to the fact that you're wonderful. Ravenclaw: Cho Chang: We were really close friends when we were little. I used to love playing Quidich with her, but when we got to school I started hanging out with other people. I know she understands. I'm really glad that we still talk every now and then. Roger Davies: I used to have a major crush on her, but then I realised that perfect girls really aren't my type. Too bad. Marietta Edgecombe: Oh, _____? Yeah, she's really nice, but look at my face! She's the one who helped Hermione do this! I don't think I could forgive her... until tomorow, when she's supposed to help me out with my homework for thransfiguration. Luna Lovegood: I think that _____ is part of the Secret Society of Underaged heliopaths. Maybe she's working for the Minister of Magic... I'll have to ask Father about it later. Everyone else: They all enjoy working with you in Study Hall, and other clubs you're in. Hufflepuff: Cedric Digory: _____ is one of my closest friends. She's always been there for me and I thank her for it every single day. She's so modest, It's really great how we all love her so much. Ernie Macmillan: One day, _____ should marry me. I really like her a lot, I wonder if she likes me too... I hope she'll always be my friend, because I think she's great. Hannah Abbot: I wish we were closer. I talk to her sometimes, but she's mostly with her other friends that are in Gryfindor. Last year, she helped me hook up with Terry Boot. _____ is so nice! Everyone else: They all say you help them out a lot... all the time because you're always so willing to help out. Hogwarts staff that wanted to say something about you: Dumbledore:It has been my honor to have this wonderfuly bright young lady attending my school. She has done well, and will continue doing so throughout her life. McGonagall: _____ is one of my best students. She is very smart, she asks questions when she needs to, and she always ends up acomplishing the task I have set the class. Hagrid: Oh _____! She's always interst'd in what I have ter show the class. I makes me feel like some'ne appr'ciates me. Flitwick: _____ loves learning! I never have to ask her to pay attention, and she always gets the day's lesson correctly. Treylawney: I see dark and mysterious forces in _____'s future. Poor girl, she will have no warning.

Result Posted on 07/13/07:
OMG I love this result!!!!!!!

What does Ron Weasley think of you?[HP][more detailed]
Ron: I love her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. We've already talked about marriage, which Hermoine doesnt like...she said it had something to do with me rushing things. heh. All i'm hoping for now is that she doesnt leave me and her and hermoine will become friends.How you met[brief details]: You sat in your seat quietly as you watched everyone pair up. You had noticed hermoine wasnt there, you searched the room for someone that could help you [ seeing as this isnt your best class].You had noticed Ron standing there looking confused and struggling with a few plants. You ran over asking him if he needed help,he nodded quckly.You grabbed a few pots and set them on the desk.One of the plants sudden;y "came alive". He reached over and grabed it trying to pull it out. Its stems were waving around and began whipping/attacking his hand.As he recoiled his hand the plant flew across the room. "Are you alright?"you asked him worriedly. He nodded his head. You watched him as he held his hand. He had a deep cut on his palm." I'll help you..." you reached for his hand soon holding it. His face was flustered, the two of you froze up.Someone yelled across the room, " The two of you should stop touching eachother and get back to work!"He smiled," Would you like to be my partner?""I'd love to!"One thing no one knows: You had a crush on his brothers and Harry before you had one on Him.
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Result Posted on 07/11/07:
i putting this up for no reason... HP owns all, dudes

Which Harry Potter Male Character Will You Be Caught Making Out With?!?! by iheartdraco
Which Character will you be caught making out withRon Weasly
When will this happen?January 5, 2008
Where did this happen at?Potions Classroom
Who caught you?Professor Dumbledoor
On a scale of 1 to 10 how was he?4
Are you guys still seeing each other?Yes we are and I'm enjoying every minute of it!!!

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