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heres the fma song at the end good song indeed
hello ladies lol my names john or kyar o.o call me what you like but do remeber this, i am the ultmate fox demon :nods: xD anywho o.o my sites a lil bland but it gets the job done so enjoy it ^^
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey guys, it's been fucking forever. I changed a lot as did a lot of other things. Want to keep in touch? IM me at Banditsair@aol.com
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

   hola =D
LOL HEY GUYS! just seeing if u all still remeber me, if not then yeah ive probaly been removed from your friends list :shrugs.: i still love you all and ttyl ^^ oh and happy v day
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   :crying: good bye guys...
everyone this is very hard to say but i must, ltatly i havent been coming on the otaku because of my home and school been busy. i cant keep this site if i cant come on everyday to check on it. stress is bulding and i cant keep it up. i really wish i didnt have to do this but its for my own good ive met a lot of people since the months ive had this site and you all have taut me that even though youre far away you can still make friends. some of you might not view me as a "close" friend but i hold every single one of you with the upmost repesct and wish for youre well being :hugs every one: be strong guys and think of me, for i will always be thinking of you bye...
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Sunday, October 9, 2005

hey every one how are you all, ive been good the dance was last night and i pretty much was on my feet all night lol, you know those small circles that people do and people in the middle break dance, well i jumped in the middle of one of those and did the hussle xDDD lol i danced with a lot of my friends and ate enough food to kill a small child @.@. oh yeah and at arnolds b day party i pissed his mother off ^^'''' so yeah she hates mne with a passion now lol well thats about all the intresting things for this week ttyl :hugs everyone:
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Friday, October 7, 2005

hey everyone wow big week but first sry again for missing chances to go to you guys site its been kinda hecktict. anywho yeah some new things happened like around school we all had to dress up for homecoming and i went as luigi xD i have pics but i need to scan and develop them. also the homecoming dance is tommorow. so yeah i get to boogie down :dances with elzabeth (phsyconinja) and serinety (venomus kitsune) =D anywho yeah ill update again and every one my friend ashrons birthday is tommorow so please go wish him a happy b day

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