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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

hey every one ^^ i passed my drivers test so im very happy abot that also when i went to school yesterday there was this girl at my bus stop who was fighting with a stick o.o; so yead i found out that she does sword traning so i challenged her and low and behold she whooped my anus xD it wasnt more that i couldnt of beaten her i just didnt want to hit her hard but yeah shes just a lil better then me but were friends now her name is rachel ^^ and she takes professinal kendo lessons at l;east for four years, funny how i taut myself with my friend karson and were almost even with her, but yeah i drew some new pictures ^ ^ ill add them in as soon as possible so pleaz go check, ttyl guys amnd have a great day
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Monday, October 3, 2005

   o.o; rotten gummie bears
hey guys :twitches: ok my avitars pissing me off, yells at it :STOP CHANGING!: anywho yeah yesterday karson was over and the two of us started our drug and acohol test, it is supposed to be a four hour test well it isnt more like 11 hours @.@ we havent even finished and we started at 2:00 my god im dieing, but yeah ill finish the rest tonight hopefully. ANOTHER UNIFORM DAY!!! thats right im in my uniform behold the air force blue :does a wierd little dance" yyyyeeeaahhh o.o; anywho ttyl guys and have a nice day
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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   buttered cheese
hi everyone ^^'' good news lol i completly changed my website around . hope ya like it and karsons here.. trying to sleep :pokes him: lol school was alright kinda boring but i did get forced to do more push ups @.@ my god i thought i was gonna die. also i found out my vcr is broken xD me and v.k took it apart and it was all messed up were gonna get a bat an... yyeeaahh anywho how are you guys and tell me what ui think, also i have new art ill put them on tommorow Air
Your element is Air: Carefree, lovable, fun and
childish. Aren't you cute! Your just full of
childhood spunk and happiness! Hey who said
being young was a bad thing? You have a keen
understanding of what's good in life and choose
to remain happy rather than get too upset over
things. Life is fun, who wants to be troubled
by grown-up problems? Being as capable of love
as you are you will make a wonderful parent if
and when you choose to grow up. Love is a
mystery because you only want friends not love
interests, games are better than relationships
with the opposite sex. You have what everyone
is searching for, that so called 'fountain of
youth' deep inside. You can come across as
naive and childish at times. But who cares what
they think, lets go play tag!

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla
this is pretty right ^^''' cept for i can be serious at tiems when i want to be

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hey every one im sorry if i didnt go to peopels sites yesterday, i was tired and didnt feel like even getting online, anywho my week is good so far and its only monday o.o; eh eh yyyeeeaahhh lol :uses spooky mind powers to forsee hsi weeek." well anyway on monday i had to do 50 push ups -.- felt like my arms were g onan fall off lol ill never miss pratice again and today i get to go to art club after school wooohooo. my friendm aria also helped me draw girls better so maybe i wont be worse then my four year old cousin ^^''' lol yeah thats about it so far :plays with chain karson left at his house: o.0 bye guys
p.s :throws a party and everyones invited:

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

   .. wooop..e
:waves a small flag: i uhm yeah i finally got to the 400's :throws a piece of confetti: bye guys love you all
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im so sorry
guys omg im sorry for my last post, it came out all wrong and looked completly diffrent then the way it was supposed to come out, something bad happened to me yesterday on aol enovvoiung a girl so me and karson began to mess with her back as retaleation and i typed it out not wanting to say who it was because she has a otaku but what came out was tottaly wrong, i really do love you guys, im not someone who goes around and tries to fool other people into beilie iving false things
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Friday, September 23, 2005

   yeah :twitches: i have nothing
hmm yeah hey guys ^^ sorta a good week and sorta not lol, on the good side yesterday was a early release day lol and i urchased ma home coming ticket. on the bad side that kid is still pissing me off. i desided that if he does it again today im just going to hit him in the face o.o; OH YEAH my stories coming along great so far up to chapter 17 already ^^ anywho sry nothing that intresting happened guys but yeah OMG I FROGT THE GREATEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE... :drum rolls: THE PIZZA IS HERE WOOOOHOOOOOO :dances: sorry but pizza and ramen are like my favorite foods. and when ramen and pizza come together i culd just blow a ramen and pizza load o.o; uhh yeah xDDD ttyl guys :waves: have a great weekend
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

uuuggghhh today sucked a lot!! to start things off i needed hair cut so my mom cut it but it was all uneven and looked bad, but i went to school anyway wearing uniform because it was a uniform day. -.-0 then i loose my homework and fail uniform inspection get luaghed at for my hair cut and then in last class this kid wouldnt leave me alone. i just wanna gab him and slam him into the floor and im going to if he dosent stop. but besdies all that i am calm right now relaxing. lol if you know me you know im a relaxed laid back person but today was just much to stress ful :hugs anyone who reads it: ty guys and ill be back with BETTER news ^.^
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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   something realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy cool
hey guys ^^ im at my house and my best friend karson spent the night. hes past out next to me but im awake and i just added some new art work ^^'' check it out and ugh im really sorry i havent been coming on latly. my computers still slower then god and im trying to speed it up so bear with me. oh yeah karson and i pretty much stayed up all night but in the end i past out first ^^''' we also watched t.v a lot and even fought agasint my cousin and little brother in the pool. o.o we beat them down but my 7 year old cousin is stronger then my 10 ear old brother xDDDD anywho ttyl
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Friday, September 16, 2005

   john mo trucker cool freaking bizzle wizzle
AFTER NOON !!!!!! wait mroning for me o.o or late not sure. oh yeah im going to the beach with my friend clint tommorow then i think we were going to spend the night at the beach. also i broke up with my gf me and her didnt really feel liek we were goin out so we broke it up. dont be sad though cause im not sad that much. also i finally saw yuli at my high school. for those of you who dont know who she is shes my best friends friend. wwwweeeelllll a lot of stuff happened but thatsd just a brief touch down and for all of you who come i shall strip naked =D :strips and stands: well...... that wasnt as ecciting as i thought itd be o.0 eh peace out guys
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