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Hiya Guys!
What's up? My name is Kunoichi Warrior, and I'm just a normal girl, with a
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my all time favorite is Naruto!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Sorry!

Time - 5:00

Hiya guys. I
promised that I would be back...guess I was wrong! I'm so sorry I haven't been
on! School has been a giant wreck lately, and I've been so busy, juggling school
work, fan fictions, choir, and other community service things that I haven't
been on lately.

So sorry.

And yet
again, I might not be on, because after Halloween I'm going to work on my Haruhi
Suzumiya layout, and studying for the HSPTs! High school's going to be a big
deal. I'll post when I know I can.

So Happy
Early Halloween (and for
, Happy BIRTHDAY!), and I hope to hear from
you guys again soon.


Have a great



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