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um!! HIIIIII!!! my name is kukki-chan and i like to draw even if my creatings might look deformed they still have feelings!! so please don't be harsh on me or my drawings!! ^ __ ^ etto... i like to talk alot!! at first i might be a little shy just cause i don't know you but after a while i'll be talking like crazy and goofing off!! XD i can be very random at times too... and either you will laugh your head off or you'll walk away... awkwardly.. XD muahahahahaha!! mission accomplished~! etto... this is it if you ever wanna talk PM me anytime! also i might take in some requests!! oh!! and if you sign my guestbook i'll come around your site to return the favor for sure! well i gots to go now i think somethings burning in da kitchen,,, O _ O

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CONTEST!!!!! woot!! ¢¾¢¾¢Ü
i've wanted to make a contest for like.. EVER!!! the only thing you have to do is to color one of meh drawings... the one titled "i'll be ther for you' heehee!! you can use photoshop, crayons, anything!!! if you want to join then just leave me a comment or PM me in the otaku or here!!

Contest info:

the deadline is the 23rd of august!! so i can have time to make the prizes! (before i enter school). *-tag your work with kukki-*.

1st place: ANY REQUEST! (1 photoshoped and 2 sketches)+subscribe +GIFT~!
2nd place: ANY Request! (1 photoshoped or 2 sketches )+subscribe +GIFT~!
3rd place: ONE REQUEST! (1 photoshop or 1 sketch) +subscribe +GIFT~!

You can go to my portfolio and see my photoshop abilities, not teh best but i'm learning a lot!! so by the time i have to make teh prizes i'll be way betters!! n_____n the only request as for the coloring is dat i want lighter colors for teh girl (white,yellow, baby pink, etc.) and more darker(neutral colors: green, black, brown, blue, etc.) for the guy. Tis is all... if you guys have questions them PM me!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

regrese!!! I
'sup peoples!!
i havent been here
in like a kajillion years
(is dat a word?)
anyways... 2 more days of
school and its over
YEAH!!!~ don't get me wrong but
i like studying and all
but i am just soooo tired
i NEED a break...
and 2 months of no school
sounds like heaven to me...
even though i already have
summer hw... for english AP and history AP
O-O i'll probably wait till
last minute again (like always) =P
etto!! i wanted to thank all
of you who have commented and
left me gb's!! n ____________ n
neeee¢Ü i have to go!!!!
buh bye¢¾

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   nada mas quiero escribir.... ^ ____ ^
no new art from me... but if it helps i've been making lots of e-cards!! teehee¢¾ well... my life's beein going fairly well!! i thought i had failed chemistry but me gots a D!! *sooo happy* i'm still thinking about retaking it so i can change my grade... other than that i had a's a b's in my other classes... and they're honors so it brings up my gpa!! yay~!* etto... lets see/// i made a new manga but i already have writers bock... since i started without the slightest idea wat its gonna be about... ^ ___ ^' heehee... etto!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!!!! i wants to get an L plushie!! and a cloud and roxas!!! they're seeling them at the fair!! but i already wasted all meh money... T ___ T oooh!! i know i'll make one!! O _ O yes! muahahaha!!! well gots to go now!! ooo few questions:

1) if you wanted to buy a plushie of your fav anime character... what would it be?
2) current obsessions??
3) what are your feeling regarding vampires?
4) how was your day??
5) buh byeeee¢Ü

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   me loves da cookie!!

Love Like Winter
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Love Like Winter
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.
I Know True Happiness Will Find Me

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
Phantom Of The Opera - Gaara Style

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
muahahaha!! this is all of my sis work!! its so awesome!! * O * emm... yea... making some advertising for her... muahahaha!!!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

  “You can always die...

It’s living that takes courage.”

I do not remember where i read this... i think i heard it during my freshman year... O _ o idk... but i love it!! XD
so i wanted to post it here... ^ _ ^

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