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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   nada mas quiero escribir.... ^ ____ ^
no new art from me... but if it helps i've been making lots of e-cards!! teehee¢¾ well... my life's beein going fairly well!! i thought i had failed chemistry but me gots a D!! *sooo happy* i'm still thinking about retaking it so i can change my grade... other than that i had a's a b's in my other classes... and they're honors so it brings up my gpa!! yay~!* etto... lets see/// i made a new manga but i already have writers bock... since i started without the slightest idea wat its gonna be about... ^ ___ ^' heehee... etto!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!!!! i wants to get an L plushie!! and a cloud and roxas!!! they're seeling them at the fair!! but i already wasted all meh money... T ___ T oooh!! i know i'll make one!! O _ O yes! muahahaha!!! well gots to go now!! ooo few questions:

1) if you wanted to buy a plushie of your fav anime character... what would it be?
2) current obsessions??
3) what are your feeling regarding vampires?
4) how was your day??
5) buh byeeee¢Ü

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