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WELCOME TO MY SITE! I am an artist of many types but one of my favorite pasttime is making mangas or being a mangaka. I hope you check out some of my works and comment. I am not an Art Major mind you...but i can not deny my undying love for Art. Comment away! God bless to all! AND, thanks for visiting! ^^

This the the OST of the anime, ERGO PROXY. Got time? Watch it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi! It's been MONTHS! O M G! But i'm back. I held a grudge due to SOMEONE reporting my cosplays and shedding them from myotaku!!! Whoever you are...MAY YOU ROT! LMAO! kidding...oh well, everyone is a lil jealous of someone....whatever! HECK! I don't even give a !@&* anymore... Anyway, I was surprised to see trophies in my BACKROOM??? Can anyone give me an idea why i have those??? How???

Honto neh,
Kiwi :3

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi to all who keeps on checking my site for...mangas and such. ^^ I am back. I'm sorry for the LONG period of...insanity XD. I had loads of things that hindered me from this beloved hobby of mine. So i hope i'll be...finishing this manga till the end page of it. Of course...most of all, i need your support, guys. ^^ Without you guys, i'll be in BAD SHAPE and will be feeling down... Me needs comments. Thanks and will be posting it tomorrow. ^^ See ya then!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   Off to Work
Thank you for your support, guys! Well, i'll be off...but i'm posting tonight! So...again, thanks for everything. Hope you'll check the new posts!!! ^_^ Ciao!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Months after hibernation. . .
Wow! 0,0 It's been months! LMAO XD I guess i took a lot of time researching and writing a new story for a manga my team and i are currently working on. How hard is it? Well...i basically am burning my eyebrows! LMAO XD It's a darkish-sorta-mystical-superstitious-folklore thingy...well... I'll be posting some art here...for sure, for sure... Hmmm...if i finish them along with the others. Those who are reading my 'the bearer' manga... I'm sorry i left you guys hanging... I'll be pending it for a while... BUT! You'll love the new one! I promise! Besides...the new one's improved and definitely...detailed...etc etc etc.... Well, be sleeping now!!! God Bless to all!!! ^_^ Miss ya guys!!! MWAH!!! ^0^
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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Okay this is my first ever cosplay! and we were soooooo happy...i was sooo happy that it turned out GREAT for all of us. ^_^ I'll explain later... But here's a pic of moi and Sasuke (hair and make up by moi) ^_^. Comment away!

COSPLAY by ~kiwikae44 on deviantART

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