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Saturday, September 17, 2005

ok. so basically the reason I haven't written recently is because I've been too ticked off to. (not at you guys. just at almost everyone else)

Retreat was horrible! I hated it! Except for when I was hanging out with two seniors I know who are totally hilarious.

I ended up bunking with the only close girl friend I have at my school (which happens to be Elizabeth) (we're not allowed to bunk w/ guys. *pout* like I would do anything w/ the guys from my school!) Also there were four other girls in my bunk who are best friends with each other and happen to hate Elizabeth, which means since I hang out with her, they basically ignore me or try their best to humiliate me.

Recently, I haven't even have time to talk to my best friends (sorry, Starla, Rachel, and Morgan) because I've been so busy having to help my other friends. because one of them thought she was pregnant and was freaking out. and the other one is probably going to be arrested before we ever graduate high school (either for possession of drugs or beating up someone at my school)

oh, and now my friend Elizabeth is becoming best friends with Jacob. (who completely hates me and the reason for this is because my best friend is his ex, and I still won't go out with him. )

but fortunately I found out I might not have to go back to my school next year. I might get to transfer! Yay!Yay! Yay!

well, sorry for dumping all this crap on you guys, but there was no one else to talk to.

maybe I'll have better news next time.

Oh...here's something good I'm going on a trip to the beach Friday with the rest of the singing group at my school!

umm..that's it. later.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

sorry for the whole not updating thing. I've been busy.
Tomorrow I have to leave to go on the school retreat. Which is going to be completely boring!
And there's no way I can get out of it.
At least I get to write an article about retreat that might get published in the first school paper of the year.
well, that's it. I'm gonna go pack. later.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

first day of school.
ok the first day of school was pretty boring. (all my friends at my school either transferred or failed. well, all but one anyways)
here's the schedule I got.

1. computer
2. spanish II
3. biology
4. algebra II (cuz I took geometry last yr.)
5. bible
6. english 10
7. journalism

joy! (sarcastic) why can't my school just get a block system already?!?!
well, have to go figure out what else I have to buy for school. later.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   not much is happening
ok. yesterday I went to church. twice. as usual. sang in the choir. like always. and. yeah. that was basically my sunday.
today. I skipped work again because my mom has some kind of virus, so I stayed home to help watch the babies. Tonight I have to go to school orientation. which bites, because it basically means I have to go see a bunch of preppy people brag about who went on the most expensive and exotic vacation then argue over who lost the most weight. Then I'll have to listen to an extremely boring half hour long lecture about how this school year we're going to "make some of the best memories of our lives" and how it's going to be different from last year. yeah right. Can't wait until it's over. until later. me

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   I'm finally back.
ok. my computer's finally working and I'm back!!! *jumps up and down for joy*
this week has been really hectic and fun!
On monday I skipped work and went to Emerald point with one of my best friends. That was like the best time I've had all summer.
On tuesday I had to watch the babies again.
On wednesday. hmmm..what did I do on wednesday? wait. I slept, went to church, and had to reinstall a whole bunch of computer files that got deleted when the computer went on strike.
On thursday I watched the babies and spent time with Amber (who is ten) and Lizzy (who is 7) that was...different. Hey! you try being woke up at seven in the morning by screaming children after staying up all night fixing the computer.
On friday I went with my mom to winston-salem. (once again ditching work.) She had a doctor's appointment and I volunteered to go along ( so I could catch up on my shopping afterwards.) So I spent the day in the manga, scifi, poetry, and journal sections of Barnes and Nobles.
Today I did something I'm pretty sure three of my friends are going to hurt me for(rachel,lorren,& elizabeth), one of my friends is going to laugh at it (starla), and the my class is going to go in shock about. I'm not going to write what I did for a couple days because I kinda want to tell those people listed above in person.
oh. yeah and I'm now....
completely broke AGAIN! except for what I owe Rachel. (btw. Rachel, when are you going to be off at the same time as me?)
must go now. amber and lizzy are over and they're not letting me write in peace.

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