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Saturday, September 17, 2005

ok. so basically the reason I haven't written recently is because I've been too ticked off to. (not at you guys. just at almost everyone else)

Retreat was horrible! I hated it! Except for when I was hanging out with two seniors I know who are totally hilarious.

I ended up bunking with the only close girl friend I have at my school (which happens to be Elizabeth) (we're not allowed to bunk w/ guys. *pout* like I would do anything w/ the guys from my school!) Also there were four other girls in my bunk who are best friends with each other and happen to hate Elizabeth, which means since I hang out with her, they basically ignore me or try their best to humiliate me.

Recently, I haven't even have time to talk to my best friends (sorry, Starla, Rachel, and Morgan) because I've been so busy having to help my other friends. because one of them thought she was pregnant and was freaking out. and the other one is probably going to be arrested before we ever graduate high school (either for possession of drugs or beating up someone at my school)

oh, and now my friend Elizabeth is becoming best friends with Jacob. (who completely hates me and the reason for this is because my best friend is his ex, and I still won't go out with him. )

but fortunately I found out I might not have to go back to my school next year. I might get to transfer! Yay!Yay! Yay!

well, sorry for dumping all this crap on you guys, but there was no one else to talk to.

maybe I'll have better news next time.

Oh...here's something good I'm going on a trip to the beach Friday with the rest of the singing group at my school!

umm..that's it. later.

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