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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So this guy here said he'd update, and here we are!

I've been kept really busy with school and hanging out with ol' buddies a lot more often then I use to. I guess it's that getting older thing?

Anyways... what was my last real post about? Heck, when was it? Too lazy to check.

Life at home is good now, I get to cook more than I use to (mmmmm, stew.... meal of the week [yes, I made enough to last for 7 dinners for 2+ people {it's that amazing}]). This also means I'm off campus, a big change as far as scheduling goes. When you're on campus you are free until about 10-15 minutes before class. Now, I have to leave for class about 40 minutes before start time to be able to drive to the parking garage, then walk to class from there (generally on the opposite side of campus ^^;).

Hmm... classes next? Gotta work on these transitions, that and my humor are weak points in my "scholarly" papers. I have 3 Psych classes, a Physics Lab, one Government uh... wouldn't call it class (more on that in a sec), and ART!

Psych: These have been pretty fun so far, one class doubles as writing intensive/lab, so I'm in a moldy stuffy room for 2 hours writing papers and joking around with women (more on that in a sec [wink*]). The other psych class is all about group dynamics and teamwork. This class is way fun. I'm in a group with 3 girls, we're called the "Action Theory Heros!" (my idea... Action Theory is a subject in group dynamics, and since we're group A, I ran with it. [we have a team logo I designed, I'll upload it if I get a chance]) We just gave our first presentation last Thursday, for which I believe we received an A... maybe... Dr. Cat (the same crazy lady I went to Belgium with) said the first group to go has never gotten an A in this class before, so I'm not getting my hopes TOO high.

Woah... am I rambling? Maybe, but that's what catching up is right? NEXT!!

Government: Ugh, who really likes this subject anyways? It's the exact same information and ideas they taught us throughout grade school, why do I have to take it AGAIN!? To top it off, my teacher (who isn't a natural born citizen O.o teaching government 0.0; kind of weirded me out at first) seems to have a... Obsession is the right word, for government. This lady spends her entire day listening to NPR and watching PBS debates, sometimes at the same time! She's very old to, which I mean... shouldn't be a strike against her, and I'm probably a bad person for walking down this though path, but she smells like hospital (I literally hold my breath when she stands near me [and by near I mean like rubbing against me almost])... and I have a real fear that she may keel over mid-class... The second week in she had this coughing fit and had to leave class for a good 5 minutes before she could continue. As for how the class itself is, she just reads straight from the book. I followed along one day and she went section by section through the book... and got things WRONG! Students shouldn't have to correct teachers ;_; The one good thing I do get with this class, is a friend of mine from last year (my chemistry parnter actually, I was quite suprised to see her) sits next to me. She has blue hair now ^^, she said she's jelous of videogame/manga girl's hair so she made her's blue. Cost her somewhere around $100, maybe $200, I can't quite remember, either way, that's way too much for styling hair O.o Makes me appreciate my buzz cut.

Pyshics: Not too much to say here. It starts at 8 in the morning, which has its' pros and cons. Second lab though, we went outside right next to the dorms and did experiments with airhorns. That made me happy. Once again my lab partner is a girl though... I'm seeing a pattern here... She chose me though, not like I go girl hunting or anything like that (that I'll admit to [booya {I really don't, it's either something about me, or pure coincidence}]).

ART!!!!!: This class is both good and bad, you'll see results of what the teacher has done to me soon, when I get the scanner working again, and if The/MyO will take my work. If I remember right, they had strict uploading standards that I can't follow. Oh and once again... I'm surrounded by women.

I'm hoping you saw a pattern in my not-so-subtle hints there. I'm surrounded by women in every class! I will never be going into detail about what happens, because this is a family site, but we're mature people... so I know you know what I'm saying. (gets slammed in the back of the head) Please forgive that moment, I just had to brag at least a little bit, it's good for the ego (psych explanations for all!).

Well, I think that's enough for now, I may have posted just as much as K-chan does... or not, but wouldn't that be crazy?

Dinner time now, I'll report back in when I get the chance tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and could I get a suggestion or two for themes? I have no idea what to change to.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Updates to come.

I'll talk about what keeps me busy all the time, along with some updates on hobbies (talent in art has been unleashed, would you like to see?).

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm dead, yeah that's right, DEAD.

But, that's ok, I'll probably be back on my feet when school starts up.

I have to take part in this year's Howl-O-Scream (Busch Gardens gets transformed into a giant haunted house every night starting mid-september O.o)

Busy until then. Maybe post once or twice before then.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Just want you guys to know that I'm still alive (ha ha, reminded me of that video I posted...)

I'm just a little busy with work.

Today was posted on my schedule (in plain sight) as a day off. I made sure everyone around knew I was gone until Tuesday... So guess who got a call at 7 in the morning... ME!!!!

"Hi... we were expecting you to show up at 7 to man the traffic point. Give us a call back so we know everything is alright."

My response.

"Yeah, it said on the schedule that I have today off."

"Really? I'll call (manager's name) and see what's going on"

5 minutes later...

"Hey Brian... we need you to come in, cause you were written into the daily schedule."

::away from the phone:: "SON OF A !@#$%!!!"


"My uniforms are in the wash, I'll be in as soon as I can be."

Were I the Hulk, Water Country USA would look like ground zero from a pin-point nuclear strike...

I'm still reading everyone's posts and commenting when I can. So no bad mouthing >.>

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok so I lied, I'm not updating regularly >.<

I attribute this to my friend Scott. I've been hangin' out with him almost every day. He's an angry cuss... so I have to take some time away from him in order to stay my calm self *Buddhist meditation pose*

In other news, I managed to snag a copy of Wii Fit. Mind you, I got mine the day after it came out ^^ The day when every store had the official statement of "They are currently sold out world-wide" My method of attack was to go to my local gamestop and say "Hey Bob (yes, his name's Bob, I know him well), I know not everyone has claimed their Wii Fit reserved copy yet, and I know store policy for holding them... GIB MEH MAH WII FIT!!!" So $90 later and shelling out another $50 to reserve DBZ Burst Limit *shudder of ecstasy* I'm on my way to a fitter me (mii?).

Ok ok, more important news. I'm employed at Water Country again! This time, I intend to cause mischief... Do you all know what it means to "Rick Roll" a person? Well it involves setting someone up to hear the "Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up" song. A freakish impossibly deep voice coming from this little man. Well, the plan Scott and I (yes, that angry angry man) cooked up is I'm going to write down the track list for the WCUSA music (played all day... could drive one to insanity... unless I'm already a resident O.o" and we're going to make a CD that can replace the one they currently use without being noticed with one small difference...

I~ just want to tell you how I'm fee~lin'. Gotta make you, understand. Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you~ Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye~. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you~.

Yeah, that's rick rolling. Anyways, we sneak that song into the list on the CD and BAM. The entire park gets rick rolled.

Oh yes, it will be amusing... and I will contain my laughter until I leave for that day... at which point I'll park outside the park (>.<) and laugh until my sides hurt.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Suppose I should update a bit today. It is my Mom's birthday today, for health reasons (mine anyways, she'd know O.o) her age will be kept secret (mind you, I'm 20... she's no "spring chicken" [what the fetch does that mean anyways?]).

I got here two new charms for her new bracelet (Dad copied me and got 3... show off with his steady income).

Anyways... nothing else to report really. I have an "interview" tomorrow morning with Busch Gardens. They say it's an interview, but really it's just me telling them to give me my job back with better hours and higher pay (oooooo~ another quarter per our ::rolls eyes::). But that's just a temp job. The real one is with NASA, doing nothing but delivering computer parts (I'd get to sit in a warehouse until there's a call... then drive the part over, big responsibility [right...])

Well, I've bored you enough.

See you later.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm back!!!!!

Finished Exams up Thursday, going strait from physics to history a psych isn't something you should ask your brain to do (it will lodge a protest, if not outright quit on you).

I should be able to visit everyone who updates as the update now, and I hope to be updating often myself.

As for this moment... I gotta take care of Mother's Day gifting. What are you guys getting for your parental unit?

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Let it load all the way, then watch it.

It sums up my message.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The return is soon...

::woosh sound::

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Friday, April 4, 2008

The cherry blossoms are... well... blossoming ^^

I figured I'd leave some forwarding info and answer some questions.

Anyone know about facebook? Brian Prater, at CNU, look me up if you want. It's much less of a blog like MyO is, but it's easier to keep in touch with people on there.

As for Idol... feel free to send in those songs still to brian.prater.06@cnu.edu I'll pick up the round when summer starts or something, but right now I've got to buckle down on other things.

See ya 'round.

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