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hi welcome to my site^^ if u want u can visit my friends, i'm sure they'd appreciate it^^ well have fun c ya!

Miss Murder
~by AFI

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alright, i've been busy lately with school. I started again. Well i've been drawing more, i lost 10 pounds over the summer and i've already gained 2. =.= um... right! Homecomming is this saturday and i'm gonna go with my friend Skyler (he's really nice).

My mum needs to find a job still and my dad is on his vacation (mum's making him stay home and do work though). Mum took me to the doctor, but dad kinda had to force her to. She won't take me to one unless there's an appointment. well, my wrist was hurting so he looked at it, apparently i've been over using my wrists. and he said that i could get carpal tunnel if i keep it up. :0
so with that in mind, let me tell you a story...

yesterday, i come home and get some food cause mum wants me to take the pills that the doctor gave me, but i need food in my system in order to take them.... my mum hands me the pill and takes my food, i go to get some water to swallow the pill and i turn around to find my mom eating my food. MY food. :0!!!!!

i went to a babyshower (Serenity's baby shower - Skyler's sister) Her child is due October 13. =3
Well there was icecream cake, so i took 4 slices home, i put it in the freezer (it was melting) and a day or two later i open the smaller freezer to find some food. i found one peice of cake left... my mom ate the other 3 >.>

my mum made chocolate pudding for Hanna's lunch... mum ate the last of it... =.=

mum bought some oreos... the next day i went to get some to snack on... mum and hanna had eaten all of them... <.<

i'm taking German, i feel really uncomfortable in the class. but there were less people because all the band members went to the fair to play some music. and i felt more comfortable.

well my wrists are hurting and i gotta finish my homework.

Love ya!

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