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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

=D or D=
song of the day:

well i don't have much time right now, actually i have to get off now. Well i went to kings island, just wanted to curl into the fetal positon because i had a stomache ache, still fighting depression and trying not to lose more things i love to it. ( i lose intrest in some things i love because of depression) Drawing a bit, got a sunburn (note: i don't tan, i burn >.> like how you can't heat an egg and keep it completely liquid.) I think i fell inlove, but i'm not sure i'm ready yet. well i gotta go, love ya all!

(like anyone really comes here anymore >.>)

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Miss me?
alright, well i got into a fight with my mum. she said that the internet was an addiction for me, so i made a deal with her. that's why i was gone for a week. (if anyone noticed >.>)

i sat around and watched movies and dvds.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (rate: n/a - got inturupted too many times >.>)
Final Fantasy: Spirit within (rate: 9/10)
several dvds of the X files

more of the X Files
and others that i find... >.>

games played:
Naruto (don't remember which one)
Final Fantasy X
i don't rememeber the rest

music listened to:
All American Rejects (Move Along)
My Chemical Romance (three cheers for sweet revenge)
Blink 182 (Take off your pants and jacket)

I went to LZ's house. and i've got some things i need to design.

oh, i had a dream the other night....:

i was the owner of my own business and my own line of clothes. I was still 15 though, there was a tall black man and a white woman about my height who were working for me. mother didn't know about the business, but she was in the dream and she sew a bit, my twin sister was in it too. odd thing... my friend, Des, was in it. The setting was a city and the black man was taking me to the store and showing me around some of the offices and things. I thought i saw Des in the crowd like he was in cosplay. he turned around and when i went up to him he turned back around to face me, but it wasn't him, as though his face had changed that instint.

odd fact:
i lost like 10lbs o-o but i'm not really sure how, not really trying either

"From way up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire and i'm here to sing this anthem of our dying days" ~story of the year song: anthem of our dying days

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Friday, August 4, 2006

alright, well i'm sick, i'm not sure with what though, strange things are still happening in this house, i want to watch another movie, but i have to go lay down eventually.

i want a wardrobe change but i need money.

stupid money story:
me: hey mom, can i have some money to get something to eat at the cream corner?

mom: i don't have the money for cream corner.

me: ok....

~not even an hour later~

me: hey mom, we need crackers.

mom: but i just bought crackers, you guys ate them all? (note: i have 5 people living in this house)

me: yes. I finished them the other day.

mom: there has to be some left! *gets up and goes through the kitchen and pulls out stale crackers and those cheese fish things*

me: i'm making chicken noodle soup... i don't like cheese in my chicken soup, and those crackers have been sitting there for like ever.

mom: whatever. *sits back down in the living room*

me: can i have some money for crackers? hanna said she'll take me.

mom: fine *gives hanna a $20*

me: o-o

lesson: mom says she has no money when really she has some.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

after thoughts (from after writing this post): what?
Well i'm using my mother's lap top for this post so alot of things will be messed up, sorry.
well i'm working on more stuff and i started 2 new drawings (i still have to get the others up for you all to see if you want to see them)

Saturday: nothing that i remember
Sunday: learned that it was my brother Jason's birthday on Friday, there was a get-together of some family, was put into a headlock, and my dog bruised my arm because i played with him a little too rough, oh and was lectured by Jerry (my brother who put me in a headlock)
Monday: went to the library and got some CDs (blink 182, white stripes, All-American Rejects) and returned some stuff. was lectured by Jerry and his wife, went to some cave called "the tavern" it's a memorial i think, oh and i went to the ever popular mall here.

movies i saw lately:
well i saw Darkness, it's not too bad, but i want to see Cursed now. (tee hee, demon dog >w< )

I also saw Stephen King's Rose Red, now that I liked a little more, pretty good, Rose Red is actually a house, i'll go on later if you ask me to, that is, if anyone still actually comes here anymore.

I'll go on about both movies if you ask me to in the comments or in the PMs i'm thinking of starting anew, work my way back up the ladder in which i so greatly let go of, get some more friends and maybe some more people who will eventually forget me.

Horrible things:
I had a large mr pib float, then right after it i had 2 excederin migrane, bad idea.
my hands started to shake and i felt horrible, my emotions were out of place and if one little thing made me upset i would start cussing (sister Vywien you know me in that mood =D) well the next day i woke up and i still felt a little bit horrible, i drank a poweraid and not long after i had another excederine, i don't remember how i was effected after that though, but then later at night i was sitting at my computer and i had just finished another poweraid a few minutes earlier, my hands were shaking, i was rocking back and forth, was nausiated and i felt like crying so badly, i felt the tears forming but none really fell, and to think, that just before i had felt like taking another excederin because i got another headache.
well i plan to try to stay away from medications for a while, maybe that will help, i hope it does, and someone told me that i should tell my parents because if you read on the back of any excederin migrane bottle it'll tell you under warnings, well i have been feeling some flu like symptoms so it is possible that i have Reye's syndrom, but i doubt it, i'll just have to go to the doctors... (i hate that place don't make me go!!!! D<)

bye all! Love ya!
~KFC (awww my head!!!! i need help!!!! D<)

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Monday, July 17, 2006

stuff I made, what do you think?


I'll try to make more later.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

alright, apparently i'm back to the old ways! time to make more art if i'm gonna be an artist! alright, so far i've got a few more e-cards up. i'll work on wall papers when i get the inspiration and in my free time i'm drawing. they're kinda morbid though.

and to those of you who have seen some of them, you'll know what i'm talking about. but when i can i'll get them up here on theO ^-^

~love ya~


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Friday, July 7, 2006

Game Review!
Ok, today's game is...
Lunar: Dragon Song!

alright, i've played this thing for a little while. I got it used and it was sitting in the game stop for a while. I think I know why.
So far I have been to 2 towns and some place called "Thieves' Woods." Someone told me that it was like the Tales of the World series (which rocks by the way). Also there was no booklet in the case, so i have no clue to these people at times. >.> also, this game yeah right here, look, it's still Rating Pending.

alright, it starts out like any other game, with the opening scen where you learn about stuff and what not. the past with this Goddess Althena, she had a Dragonmaster as a servant, then there were four dragons, she was magical, the land was dieing (in the picture it looks like the moon and one of the dragons looks like a zebra with wings and a really long tail and stuff) there's a desert, she makes it paradies blah blah blah. Life formed, it was blessed by Althena all that good stuff. The Dragonmaster was appointed master of the four dragons so they could protect the harmony of the world. (the whole world peace bit)

Oh! the species rankings!
let's see yeah there was the Goddess, then there was the Dragonmaster, the Beastmen were the next class after (their words: "Blessed with powerful bodies, swift relexes and brimming with vitality, they excelled physically.")
well humans, as the game says, were "mirroring them"
here's what it says:
"Blessed with intellect and the ability to use complex tools, but with smaller bodies, weaker bodies."

and it tells you other stuff, i hate this opening, nothing does anything, you just get a picture on the top screen and you read the bottom.

alright, not sure if any of you even want to read more but who cares!? here's more...

alright, you play as a courier boy named Jian Campbell, with this girl who is also a courier (they work together) as far as i know you can't change your character, you meet some other people that join your party too. the guy loves standing on his head and acrobatics. you deliver some package that gets stolen in the woods i was in. some white dragon cave, yatta yatta. And so far that's all i've got, the people all look the same!! o-o Oh! look i don't think i've seen him before! no wait.. i have.. his hair is just a different color... >.>
the graphics aren't too bad i guess... but when in battle, it looks like there's this air just kinda... comming up from the ground. the girl's skirt is all flowy and stuff while her hair is moving back and fourth. and it's not meele combat either, you take turns. Oh! and try not to run >.> you loose HP when you do. >.<

good luck, i'll feed you more on this game some other time, but for now, i give it a 1.5 out of 5.

I really need help if i was so stupid to buy this game >.>
I want my money back if the ending sucks!


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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

hope it was happy for you
Happy 4th people.

it wasn't very happy for me, too many pissy people. i went to the fleamarket to get my boots, but i didn't find anyone selling them. found cheap kantanas, but i couldn't buy them (i'm not 18 >.>) well people are barely talking to me, i feel i'm losing some friends. i found one of my wrist bands the other day. i'm bored, i'm depressed, and i'm in pain. I called Skyler and talked to him for a while, but he couldn't hear much because his ears were still ringing from the concert he went to yesterday. today...
it was lonely. really lonely. It rained and even though i love the rain, i sat out on the porch ang it felt so sad. the rain was so thick it looked like fog, but as i sat there on the swing... i just felt so lonely. i remember when i was younger my dad and i would always sit on that swing, i don't really remember what we talked about, or the way it looked exactly, it's more like a memory without the picture. i just remember the sunny sky and the trees that kept us partly shaded.
as the fireworks went off, it was really lonely too. i stood there shortly in the middle of the road with Hanna and Claire. Claire was talking to me about the camera and she said, "too bad i don't have the camera to take pictures of this" earlier she wanted me to delete the pics on the camera, she could have done it when i was off, but no, she wanted me to do it, but i didn't. I told her she can ask mom to do it on her laptop, but instead i followed after her and did it myself on this computer. I deleted the ones she didn't want but i didn't put the pics on the computer. i gave her the camera and she said, "did you put them on the computer?"
me: no
Claire: did you delete any?
me: yes.
Claire: You didn't delete any!
me: whatever.

I went out side while she was fussing with it and she asked what my problem was. i told her that eveyrone was pissy and she said that she was pissy because mom is still being fucking pissy and i was pissy. >.> "you've been pissy all day!" where her words.

now she comes up to me (5 min ago) and i swear, she had a bit of prep in her voice. >.>

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Well today isn't as different as the usual days...
except i feel the urge to burn or kill something more than usual, but oh well! not like they'll let me do anything. -.-

But i made custard, and i would have to say that i lost the love of it, and i'm starting to get tired of Chicken (my fav meat). So my appettite is thus far weakening again!
Mom left on Friday, but she came back around 7 today and i wasn't really happy about that either.
So far i am still off the happy pills and proud. Though i still want to visit the mad house. Doubt that will happen soon either. I'm currently listening to Flyleaf because i don't have a Godsmack CD near me right now. I'm having memory problems, but right now i could care less i guess. My keyboard and mouse are defective, so you'll have to accept the typos. Summer is pretty good, but there's really not much to do. I need a 2liter bottle of coke and some menotes, i want to make a rocket...
I'll change the song/video when i feel like it, till then have fun listening to Dr.Online by Zeromancer.


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Random Poem of the moment! ~ Broken-Hearted Dreams
These are the stories you were never meant to read,
These are the stories of my Broken hearted dreams,
with loveless hopes and undieing hate,
what i want the most is the happy state,
mind you my name, i won't give it to you,
no, not till i know, that you love me too,
i'll have a life close to you,
only if this love is true,
used as a sex toy day for day,
sex is everything he would say,
heart break with him, followed by another,
but this time i thought we really loved eachother,
broken appart by his parents of love,
our relationship left like the white dove,
closer to hysteria and past,
this one would never last,
it was unnoficial and i was okay,
hurt by the fact that he never felt that way,
Now on with life another one bloomed,
a love like no other, a love to be doomed,
I felt i loved him, and i know i did,
but the way i loved him always hid,
I would hug him and love him like he would to me,
but that vanished like a wave on the watery sea,
hug him time again, but no hug returned,
death did not come or nothing was heard,
he did not die, but i think his love did,
unlike the love i though i hid,
there is more to the story,
but i'd rather not say,
for there will be another day.

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