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Saturday, January 31, 2009

How is everyone? I'm doing great! Well this week has been a blast, and yesterday I got asked to Prom!!! yay even though the thought of prom scares me lol. I had fun lastnight even though I didn't go to the homecoming dance I hungout with my friend cause she couldn't go to homecoming. I finally got to watch the Dark Night!!! It was amazing I loved it I'm sad that Heath Ledger is dead thought. Its really cold and I hate it. Oh and today I got to see my cousin I have not seen him in like almost a year now, so yeah it sucks. If you guys happen to get on THEOTAKU check out my world Nichiyobi's World is the name but I have this amazing post on there and if you don't get on there let me know and I will post it on this one for you guys `cause it is really amazing I think everyone should read it. I hope to get alot of it on here and then get it on paper and try to get it published... hahaha thats a dream. Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend and hope you had a great week. I love all of you even though I don't know you I love you well Peace out! love always hate forever, Sunday Lewis

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