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Hey The Name Is Kim. :]
I'm 13, soon to be 14 in September. :D
I'm goin into 8th grade and I cant wait.
Music, Drawing, Anime and Ramen are what keep me going in life. :P
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey everyone!
How are you all? Gawd I havent posted in over a month! O.O Well now that streak ish OVER! MAHAH!
Ahem..anyways, I'm still grounded for another 2 weeks then I get my ipod back and get to like do what ever I want!! i cant wait >w<
This weekend Im going to Canada to go to an 18th birthday party for one of my family's friend's daughter. She freaking awesome and Fillipino partie are outta control so I'm gonna take ALOT of pictures!!
I'm OBBSESSED with this guy MIYAVI! He's my FAVORITE little japanese crossdresser. >w< and his music is SO random. :]
SO my new theme is him and ya.
I've been drawing like NONstop and i'll post some pictures when i'm un-grounded. :3
Have good day!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hey everyone! ^_^
ugh it's dark in my compy room! >_>
anyways, I got grounded from the computer for like 2 weeks so I'll be on seldom. like when my parents are gone :] it sucks >_<
being grounded from like...EVERYTHING is NOT fun at all -__- my head was throbbing cause I had nothing to do ugh! >_<

anyways, I got my hair cut!! again! xD but this time you can actually SEE my face! :D and it looks cool at the same time!! xD lol it's bugging me that I cant do the emo hair flip anymore TT^TT and people were over reaccting at skool, but everything's good I guess :]

I'm gonna go draw sumtin for a contest now so I'll talk to you when I can!! :]

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