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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey everyone! :]
Christmas is over and here comes the new year! YAY 2008! Wow the earth is REALLY old xD lol
Anyways, I went to the mountains today with my friend Taylor and her family. :] And I got pused off a cliff! YAY! Dun worry I'm not hurt, I slip down on my butt so it's fine! :D
And just so you know, I'm doing a COMPLETE make-over on my characters :] I have some fresh new ideas and I cant wait to get started!!!!! >_<

Anyways, how is everyone???
Anything new???

Picture of the day:

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ok, well It's not Christmas just yet, but I'll be at my aunt's house again for the holiday. :/ I just can't wait till tomorrow!!!! I'm working on making cookies for "SANTA" *cough*mom and dad*cough* lol. And I'm even more happy cause I might FINALLY get a puppy!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 So happy TTATT It's weird, I'm usually not in the Christmas Spirit but this year I decorated the whole house with awesome decorations and I've been wear my santa hat when ever I get the chance! xD Well I'm gonna try and pull off a Christmas fanart scince the you Otaku members know i care for all of you. <3
I Hope You All Have The Best Christmas! <3

FYI, I'm gonna put my bestest friends from here on the picture so be looking out for it ^_____^

Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hey Everyone! :]
Sorry I haven't posted anything AT ALL for a long time. Schools been getting tougher and I haven't had time to post any art and stuff.
Anyways, I'm on Mid-Winter Break now. :3
But I'm sick which REALLY SUCKS! >_<
Anyways onto another subject...
I'm very mad right now. My dad, put parental controls for the internet AGAIN so we only get ONE FUCKING HOUR ON THE COMPUTER!!!! It's NOT FAIR! But this time he blocked it so that we cant get on to ANY internet connected programs too!!! UGH! I swear I might end up living with a friend if he tries to control me ANY LONGER!!! >O<
Sorry, I'm really mad right now!! >______<
Anyways, I'm taking requests and stuff scince it's that time of year again. :]
I'll try to post some art up. I got to get off so I still have some time on the compy later so byes for now ;]

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hey everyone!! :]
Just wanted to tell you all that I'm in Canada! :D
I've been having fun so far I guess.
But I'm really sad cause this girl that used to go to my middle school died of cancer a few days ago. :[
Her name was Kelsie McKune and I think she had a rare type of lucimia (dun know how to spell it ^^')
So please pray that she makes it safely to heaven. :[
Anyways, how have you all been? :]

And how was your Thanksgiving? :]

1) Have you ever been to Canada?

2) Do you know anyone one who is or was battling with cancer?

3)What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving?

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey everyone! :D
Just came to update. :]
I found this REALLY awesome anime called Ninja Nonsence! :3 I LOVE IT!! >W< It's so random and funny and they have ninjas! :D It's like naruto but they actually swear and the main character's a clue-less girl ^_^ look it up on youtube or on Anime Network if you have on demand. Here's a little dance that you should try. Me and my friends were dancing to this for like an hour XD maybe it's because we're weird but oh well ;]

I'm gonna draw some fanart for ninja nonsence now I'll talk to you guys later ^w^

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Monday, November 5, 2007

   Updates!! :D
Hola amigos! :3
Just came to updates the old profile X3
Notin has happend lately besides that I went to the doctors today :] I have a butt load of homework to do -_- Well I don't have alot of time to write anything else, so I'll PM some people and maybe post a picture :(probably not but oh well) Oh and welcome back FA! :D I'm taking requests & art trades and stuffs if anyones's interested ;]

Enjoy the video. It's just a regular Sesame street sond with a sound affect that makes it funny! XD

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

   Not Dead! :D
Hey everyone! :D
Sorry I haven't posted in like....A MOnTH HOLEY MOLEY!! O0o Ummm... ^^' sorry I haven't posted in forever. I blame school and my computer hog of a brother. Plus there's usually nothing to post about :/ well I just decided to today cause I am bored outta my mind :D How've you all been? :]
Things that have happend to me during my non-posting time:
I got a C+ in math that I'm not proud of -___-' I went to the mall and my friend bought a but load of stuff. I celebrated my birthday(last month), and most recently I got in a fight with one of my best friends. But I talked to her and now everythings fine ^__^ I posted a peice of fanart
Scarlett :3

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
1) Pudding or Jello? :]
2) When's your birthday so I can be prepared? ^^'
3) What's your favorite band at the moment?

Videos of the day(if you wanna see more human tetris, look up "human tetris" on youtube):

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   Offically 13 BAY BAY!!
YAY! ISH MY BIRTHDAY! Tomorrow, I'm going to the movies with my friends to go see Mr.Woodcock! XD I can't wait!! I'll probably not be on this weekend cause of the party. but I'll try to get on as soon as I can :] If you make me a gift please tell me ^^' I'll never be able to find it cause I'm not very smart...kinda ;P let's see I got school pictures today and ALOT of people were saying happy birthday to me at school -_-' oh well :3 I loved it!! XD I really need an emo buddy at skool...O.O anywho >.> XD how've ya been? sorry if I haven't replied to PM's I'll get to them when I have enough time on the computer :]
Oh yeah! I'm starting a manga called "Teapot Samurai" XD it's inspired by this book that I'm reading called "Demon in the teahouse" It's a REALLY good book :3 Well everyone have a good weekend!! >w<

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Hiya everbody! :D
Sorry I haven't posted scince like...well for a while.
Everything that's semi new;
I started school on the 4th! :D It sucked! :D But everyday it gets better and better cause I'm getting used to the bitchy math teacher XD jk she's OK :/ but all meh other teachers ROCK! XD

Now I ride to bus with my old crush O~O" I'm scared TT^TT I haven't talk to him at all scince the last day of school last year -_-' I'm a wimp. oh well he's a jerk -0-

It's exactly ONE WEEK till my 13th BIRTHDAY!! XD yep yep. I'm planning on inviting all meh bestest friends(I wish I could have you all come but that might not work out so nicely XD) and we're gonna go see Mr.Woodcock! X3 Then come home and eat some food, have soda drinking contest(scince beer isn't allowed XD) and have all my girl friends sleep over and reak chaos!! XD MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! >:D lol
oh if you have any really fun games or anything that you've done at a party please tell me :3 If you give meh a gift, I will hang it up on my wall XD I get to wear a crown on my birthday hehehe -w- well my friend's crown >.> XD

And I wont be on at all this weekend(maybe) cause I'm going to a spa with my friend for her birthday and I'm sleeping over there so yeah :[ aw I'm gonna miss you all TT^TT *hugs*

I just found out that my friend was cutting herself today! O_O She NEVER told me! I was ok with it besides the fact that she didn't tell me (No one tells me ANYTHING anymore -_-') Umm and that's pretty much it :3 I probably won't be able to get any fanart up cause I'm exausted X.X

I hope you all have a great weekend! ^_^

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Week Of Summer TT^TT
Hiya! :D How've ya been? :]
Well it's the last week of summer for meh :[ But I can't wait to see all my old friends and make some new ones too! ^w^ I gots my list of classes yesterday :3 I have computers first, then art(YAY!), connected math, language arts and reading, Science, P.E.(with the same P.E. teacher as last year -_-) then P.A.C.E. :D I dunno when lunch is though :P
I re-did my site! :D wadda ya think? :3 I LOVE the song X3 my brother's girlfriend put it on her Gaia profile and I couldn't resist putting it on here TT^TT but my friend stole it from me when I put it on meh MySpace >:[ ggr.... lol XP
Ima gonna draw somethings and try to post them when I can. :]
Let's see what else...OH YEAH! I won 1st place in a contest X3 I'm so happy! :D *dances around* X3 And my brithday is coming up next month! XD but I have no clue how to celebrate it ;_;

Questions of the day:
1) Do you like to sing in the shower? :D
2) What would be an awesome birthday party for you? :o

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