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Monday, April 18, 2005

Hey everyone. How is everyone today? Better than me I hope.

I'm sick and Have been sick sense Saturday night. x_x; God...

I wanted to show everyone what Yummy Yuris made me! She made me a get well gift and i had to show it off! ^_^ Enjoy! i know i did!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

^_^ Whats up peeps?!

Nothing much going on today.

Right now i'm helping my friend make her bday invites! ^_^ they are so kawaii!!! XD it took us forever to find the paper though. and they people at Walmart were rude! We asked where the computer paper was and the lady was like "Read the signs!" >P

^_^ So tonight is our school prom! So we did nothing in all my classes cus so many people weren't there! (Score!) My friend is going with her bf. ^_^;; i'm just in 10th grade so i can't go yet unless invited by a boy. Ah well. She is gonna come by later so i can take pictures of them! ^_^ They are gonna be sooo cute!

Hmmm... o.o; what else is there to say? I still haven't read any mangas in my stack. XD Ah well... i get to them later.

Well i'm off to finish making the invites! Ja!

And now for your random pic of the day!!!

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kawaii ne?! ^_^

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   Quick post!!!
XD i really have nothing to say really but i wanted to update so yeah here i am.

^_^ Has anyone read the 8th Fruits Basket? i just got done reading it! XD i loved it! ^_^ And i still have a whole stack of mangas to read. My friends and I have a little circle of mangas that we pass around.

In my stack have have the 11th Kindaichi Case Files, The newest Kare Kano, Happy Husle High, 4th XXX Holic,and the 5th Hana Kimi.

o-o; i really should get to reading them before my friends revolt against me. ^^; ah well they will get read.

Okay. Thats all i really have to say right now! ^_^ Ja!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Lalalala la la la laaaaa!!!!
Whats up the peeps of the o?!

Not much going on here right now. I got the new Hana-Kimi manga yesterday but i haven't read it yet. XD it has my fav chara on the front though! what what!

XD oh i have a story for you guys! At lunch today i was sitting with Amande-dono and a few of my other friends. Well Amande started saying how she saw me and my friends' bf in her pool the other night. (as a joke) and my friend was like "Oh just stab me in the back!" and i just smiled at her and said "what would i stab you in the back, when i can stab you in the front with a smile on my face?"
What was funny though was that Amande-dono just started busting out laughing! XD Then she went on how she would have to quote me on that!

well thats about it for now. ^^;; Sorry nothing big is going on right now. Well i'm going to go find something to do. ja!!

^_^ i'm in a Jou/Seto mood so enjoy the pic!!

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

So how did everyones day go?

Mine was horrible!! I woke up thinking i was late for school so i rushed around, and cus it was raining i guess everyone went inside. Well when i pulled up i saw everyone wasnt outside so i rushed and got out of the car and forgot to turn my lights off. (didn't know this at the time)

In first block we had this big vocab. test, and thanks to me not being in first block yesterday i didn't know a thing about it. So i winged most of it and thanks to my friends i got the rest of the answers done.

2nd block the girl next to me kept talking, so i ended up not really hearing the teacher. Then she gave us a pop quiz and i know i must have bombed it.

3rd block was okay, sep by then my head hurt really bad and i had to sit there and try to play all this music with my head thumping harder than the drums.

4th We had to take sooo many notes. And when i say take notes what i mean is my teacher talks and talks and we try to write everything down. (She won't repeat herself, she will just say we should be listening ) My hand hurt so bad after words.

Then i had a debate club meeting. Which was okay. We ended up just talking than debating, and my sweet group made me responsable for turning in the names of who would be rooming with who during the Europe trip. I almost couldn't remember who was with who so i pray that i got it all right. I know i got the room i'm in right anyway.

Well heres where my day got better. After debate i walked to my car and it wouldn't start. Then i noticed i left my lights on all day. I wanted to cry and i almost did. my eyes were tearing up, and i didn't want to call my rents cus they hate the fact that i drive anyway. I knew if i called they would most likely start driving me to school.

Luckly my friend Katie waited waited with me for a while until her mom called saying she wanted her home now. Well i was about to call my mom when a guy came up and asked if i was having trouble and i said my car wouldn't start. So he pulled out jumper cables and started up my car. He was pretty sweet he ever fallowed me home to make sure it didn't break down on the side of the road.

I'm just praying nothing else bad will happen to me. Well i have to go do my Biology homework now. Byebye!

Hope you enjoy the Card Capto Sakura picture for today!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Hey Peeps! Did everyone remember to spring forward today? XD i did!!

Nothing much going on right now. I got three new mangas yesterday! ^__^ i got the 7th D.N.Angel which the cover is sooo pretty @_@ Satoshi is sooo sexy!
Then i got the 2nd Passion and i have two of my friends fighting over it right now XD which is pointless cus one already called it first.
Then lastly i got the new Kindaichi!!! ^___^ I'm soooo happy! The last volume just cut off and i had to wait 3 months before this came out! >< Stupid Tokyo Pop!!!

Well i hope everyone has a great day! i'm off to read my mangas!! ja!

Enjoy Seto and Jou while i'm gone!

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Day off!
XD i got a day off from school today! Why you ask? i have no idea! I got up and was getting dressed for school and my mom came in and told me that i didn't have to go to school if i really didnt want too. She said everyone was taking a day off! XD So yeah here i am!

Oh everyone who likes Sonic the Hedgehog, villians, sci-fi, evil plots, Artmis Fowl, or any fanfiction for that matter has to go read Riruri-chan's fanfic! It's soooo good i love it!!


Everyone go to that site and read! And leave Reviews too please! ^_^ Her story is the best and it's complete too!!!

Well i'm going to leave you guys alone so you can read! lol ^_^ Till next time! Ja Matta ne!

Here is a random pic for you guy!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hey Peeps of the Otaku!!

What's going on? lol nothing much here. Today was kind of boring sep i talked my way out of an I.S.S XD!

You see my cell phone went off in 4th block today and my teacher took it up. And in the middle of class she called me to her office and told me she was going to write me up and i would have to get I.S.S. And all i could think of was that i was going to get in sooo much trouble, and i knew i needed to try to talk my way out of it. So i tried to think how i could talk my way out of it and the only thing i could think of was to make myself cry! XD So i started crying and the teacher looked at me and i was like "If i get I.S.S i will get kicked out of the Sony Star Program! I will lose the $10,000 scholar ship! I need that money to get into collage!"
and i just bawled my eyes out (i was impressed with myself) Finally the teacher threw away the paper and told me she wont write me up this time but next time she will XD! Score for me!

I got a lot to do tomorrow too. X.x; I have to go to some job fair in hopes to get a job. Then i have a debate meeting and then a meeting with the other kids who are going on the trip to London and Paris. I'm going to be at school from that moring till around 6:30 or 7 x_x;;; Ugh.... ah well.

I'm going to go find something to entertain myself now! Ja!!

Today's pic is...... Koryu from Wish! ^___^ Enjoy!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   Happy Easter!!!!
Hello Everyone!!!

Did the easter bunny vist all of you?! He did me! lol.

What is everyone doing for easter? I know we are going to make a big meal and apperently we are having some family members come over and the younger kids are going to have an egg hunt. lol i may just play too. I just want the golden egg which has money in it. lol.

Well i hope everyone has a good and safe easter!!!

Ja ne!! ^_^

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   Hi Hi!
What's up everyone?!

Nothing much going on today! ^_^ Did everyone see my buttons?! Amande-dono made them!! She is such a sweetie make sure everyone goes to her site right away! lol

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