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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Well nothing much happend today. All my teachers are still nice and i hope it all stays that way. Ive had teachers who seemed nice at first but then they went crazy on me. lol

^_^ I downloaded the first 4 episodes of Kindaichi and the movie! i'm so happy! I havent got to watch them all yet but i'll get around to it. I think im gonna download the Gravitation OVA. I saw the first episode of it but never got around to downloading the second one and then i got a new computer and blah blah blah.. long story and i dont feel like telling it. lol. Well i hope you all had a good day! Ja ne! ^_^

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Monday, January 10, 2005

   First day Back
Today was my frist day back at school from winter break. And sense im on the block schedule i have new teachers and new classes for the next two nine weeks. I like all my teachers though. They are pretty cool. My history teacher is so funny! lol As soon as he walked in he told us two major things 1. That this was not a history class, it was a pass you exam class. and 2. his favortie words are "i dont care" lol. I have my band teacher again and i love him to death! lol he reminds me over an over grown high school student at times. Lets see... my math teacher loves the show Fresh Prince so we spend quite a while talking about that. And my Biology teacher is pretty cool but she is kind of nit picky, but thats okay.

hmmm... nothing really else to say. Oh yeah about the avis. ^_^ If anyone wants one made (look at Kamikaze Breeze site to check out one i made) just email me or PM me. i only have a few simple rules about it.

1. You must send me the pick you want to be used just so i know you like it.
2. i would like you to NOT attach the picture cus i dont like downloading things on to my computer (if you have to you can just try not to)
3.try to tell me in detail what you want such as colors, desine, and other things. I want to get it to as close as you want it.
4. if you email me please put the subject as avatar, avi, or something along those lines so i dont delete it.
5. my last rule is to please give me credit for my work!

^_^ Thats all! im off to do random things now! ja!

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

   Yes, im on a Kindaichi kick...
^_^ lol its like the subject says. Im on a Kindaichi kick. As soon as i found the midi i ended up searching the web for a while and i found a site where i could download the anime episodes and the movie! ^_^ So that what im going now XD right now i have episode 3 almost done. And for you out there who are wondering "What is so great about Kindaichi?" Well let me tell you! ^_^ it soo cool! ITs about this guy who is the grandson of a faomus detective, and Kindaichi himself wants to fallow in his grandfathers footsetps. Alot of people think he wont make it because he jokes around and doesnt do his school work, but believe it or not he really has an IQ of 180 (i wish mine were that high!) and he always end up getting wrapped up in all these cool mysteries! The manga is called The Kindaichi Case Files and now (thanks to the great TokoyoPop) it has up to Vol. 10 out right now! And the anime is called Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo... or in other words Young Kindaichi;s Casebook. ^_^ The anime is kind of hard to find past the first four episodes. But anyway its one of my top fav mangas! ^_^It always keeps you guessing. YOu can sit there and guess and guess but you never know who the real killer is to the end! Its so cool! Normally on mysteries im sitting there guessing and i end up right cus its so easy to figure out, but these are kind of hard and you have to sit there and think.

But anyway i better go before i bore you all to death! ^_^ im off to do random things now!

Ja Matta Ne!

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

OMG! ^_^ I finally found it! a Midi from the opening theme of Kindaichi Case Files! ^_^ If anyone doesnt know what that is you should go out and read that manga right now! it is soooo good! ^_^ lol I havent seen the anime yet but i want to so bad! if anyone knows where i can buy dvds or anything like that LET ME KNOW! ^_^ lol thank you! ^_^ hope everyone likes the new look! ja!
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Well, nothing is really going on today. Im planning on finally getting my fanfic finished but who knows. ^^;;; i feel really bad cus i promised people they could read it and they have been waiting for a while now. But no worries im actually getting it typed up! ^_^ i started last night and i hope to finish today. Ummm... Well... yeah... thats about it. If anything really happens ill make sure to tell you guys! ^_^ JA!
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Friday, January 7, 2005

Yay! ^___^ i love Waldenbooks! they are kick ass man!! lol Cus im a member i get 15% off anything i buy when i use my membership card. And after using it so many times they always send a 5 dollar off thing. Well i had a total of three 5 dollar off things and my gift card for Waldenbooks from Christmas and i got three mangas for only about 15 bucks! ^_^ and i still have 40 dollars left on my gift card!! woot!! i got the final Volume in Fushigi Yugi, the 4th Imadoki and the 10th Wild Act!! ^_^ lol i love Waldenbooks!!! Well im off to work on my vid some more!! ja ne!
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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Well, nothing really going on today. I started work on my new music video! ^_^ This one will be my second Kare Kano vid ever! lol ive made tons of other videos just not many Kare Kano. Oh im going to go get Kelly Clarkson's cd today! lol ive wanted it for a long time now but i just been bust and side tracked with mangas, other cds, and dvds. So yeah i set my goal to get her cd today! lol XD even though i know Tokyo Pop just let out their Jan. Shipment the other day. ^^ i saw the truck!! lol Well im off to do random things now. ^_^ i hope everyone has a good day! ja!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

   to much DDR and Foamy!
lol well I invited a friend over yesterday to play DDR with me. She staied the night and we ended up playing DDR until 2:30 in the morning!!! Needless to say my legs hurt like hell. ugh... my left one (for some reason i dont know) hurts worse. lol i think i use that leg more when i play. Well because we are both are in pain and stuff we are now watching Foamy! ^_^ lol "our Lord and Master! ..... FOAMY!" lol everyonme loves Foamy! XD i like the English squirrel!! XD he is sooo funny! "and i just walked up to the queen and said.. you are a wanker!" lol well im off to watch more Foamy and try to con food from my loving mother. lol ja!!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

^_^ We just got a package in from my uncle yesterday. You know our Christmas presents from him. ^_^ Well he got me the new DDR game for PS2!!! I wanted it for christmas but my rents didnt get it for me. But he did! ^_^ ah i love him! Its so much fun! i played it until my legs started to hurt last night. lol then again i love DDR i play it in the mall any chance i get! Now i can play it with out trying to find a whole bunch of change! Well i hope everyone has a good day! im gonna go eat lunch and then go play some more DDR! woot!
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Monday, January 3, 2005

Everyone go to Wagashi Chan's site! ^_^ She is such a sweetie! She helped me out and now i know how to put mp3s onto my site!! So everyone go and sign her gb!! ^_^
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