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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   The Devil's Trill!
Ahhh! ^___^ Does everyone hear the music playing?! It's called The Devil's Trill. I could only find the midi version sadly. I really wanted the mp3. I love the violin sooo much! When i found this i had to put this up.

I heard this song is supposed to be really really hard to play and it was composed for the violin and the piano. XD Well yeah i just wanted to post this up!

One more week left of school guys! Woot woot! Till next time!


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   Hi hi!
Whats up peeps?!

^___^ I hope everyone had a good week! I did!! I got my first paycheck! Woot woot! ^___^ Then after i got it cashed i went to the mall and only bought food... sad huh? XD I really need to go buy a manga or something good.

Oh and i have news for the yaoi fans who flock to my site! We have another one who joined the dark side! Haha! After saying she didn't like it for a while last night she finally caved! Yus!! XD!! Can we say someone to draw yaoi pics on demand?! Score for me! XD lol.

Oh speaking of yaoi, i'm half way done way with my new chapter. I've been trying to finish it but i got real busy with my new job but don't worry peeps i'll have it done soon! ^___^ I was even thinking if i sit down and really work on this fic i can start a new one. I was thinking the couple being Kurama and Hiei... not sure yet. WHat couple do you guy want to see??

Well i'm off to make avis for people who keep whining to me. lol Ja!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   Shot!! ;-;
I had to get a shot today! ;-; It hurt too!! My arm was numb for a while after i got it and now it's just really sore! ;-;!!!

I'm at school right now. we have a free block for 3rd block. I was thinking of staying for all 3 lunchs but instead i came and started playing on the computer. lol. I have to do my history paper too... but i think i will do that later. lol It's on the Battles of Saratoga. At first i thought it was going to be kind of boring but the more i look stuff up on it the cooler it gets. XD The French only helped the Americans cus they were pissed off at the British from the last war.

Oh i'm going to the mall after school today! Yay! I'm going to try to get the 3rd and 4th From Far Away mangas. I've been looking for them for a while now but i just can't find the 3rd anywhere. I've found the 4th at so many palces just not the 3rd! Ugh! The world is against me. lol.

Well i'm gonna go work on my project i guess! I'll post your random pic up later!

Till then! Ja!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Hi hi People!

First day of work went great!! I started last night and it was sooo much fun! XD At first i was kind of bored cus all the manger did was walk me around every whear showing me what was what. Finally the guy who cook kid napped me and let me work in the kitchen with me. XD Even though the manger told me i will be working mainly taking orders and stuff. But it was fun, they made fun of me cus i didn't know how to use the bread toster. Then i pointed out how they didn't show me and they just laughed. The people were really nice! ^__^ I work again on firday and i kind of hope the same people are there, if not thats okay. X-x; i sorda wish i got to sit down more than 20 minutes but oh well.

^__^ Good news i'm gonna get to go Kamikaze Breeze's birthday part! (Which her bday is the 13th everyone! make sure to go by and wish her happy bday!) I was scared i would have to work on the day of her party but i dont have to! ;-; Now i'm just worried i may miss Amande-dono's party. ^_^ i'm sure i'll work it out later.

Well i gotta go now! Ja!

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Monday, May 2, 2005

Hey everyone!!

Guess what? I got that job! woot woot! I start tomorrow! ^__^ I can't wait! XD My uniform is kind of big on me but not too bad. I'm gonna wear it anyway and let my boos decided if it's too big or not. I just don't want to call and complain before my first day. Wanna make a good impression. I'm just kind of worried some of the people i know will come up there and pick on me XD All the people who work for my mom know that i start tomorrow. They pick on me all the time and i can see them going up there.

Oh guess what everyone! ^___^ 29 days lets until i leave for Europe! EEEE!! I can't wait. And my boss is so sweet he is giving me the days off i'm in Europe, Monday's off for piano and when marching band starts again i'll get fridays off for games! He so rocks! X-x; The only bad thing is my flight is an over night one. And cus of the times change they really don't want us to sleep on the plane or take naps when we get there. it's supposed to help you get use to the time sooner. That means the first day there i will be up over 24 hours X_x;;; I am gonna feel horrible.

Ah well it's gonna be worth it.

Well i have to go to my home work now! Talk to you guys later! Ja!!

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Simple Plan!!! ^___^

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Whats up peeps?!

lol i'm at school right now. We have a free block today. ^__^ No Biology today! Thank the sweet lord above! XD i didn't study at all last night. This is a sign that i did the right think by watching tv and not doing my homework.

I learned yesterday that i leave for Europe the 31st of May! I can't wait! ^__^ They said as soon as we get there we are going to the hotel, checking in, dropping of our stuff, and then we are going to look at the sights right then and there! Omg! i am gonna be soooo tired. But it is going to be so much fun.

^__^ I have my job interveiw today! I'm kind of nervous. I just really really hope i get it. XD I take some of my friends to my house after school each day to wait for their mom. Well today i'm gonna pretty much just drop them off at my house and leave them there to make sure i get to the interveiw on time. It isn't till 4:15 but i want to get there a little early. I'm hoping that will show i can be on time for work everyday.

Well thats all for right now. I'll post up a pic for you guys later tonight. (if i get back on.) ^___^ but im sure i may post tomorrow so i can tell everyone if i got the job or not.

^__^ everyone keep their fingers crossed!!

Till next time!
Ja ne!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Good news everyone!!

I got a job interveiw! It's for tomorrow at 4:15!! lol I really hope i get the job! ^^;; i need money. Mangas don't buy themseleves.

Oh and in a little while i'm going to the last meeting before i leave for Europe. They are gonna tell us the day we leave and come back. And give us a list of what we are gonna do and when we are going to do it. ^__^ I can't wait!! I really wanna see if they are gonna let us see StoneHenge or not. They still weren't sure last time.

Oh someone asked about where my fanfic was at so i'm posting up the links again. ^_^ It's a Yu-gi-oh shonen-ai/yaoi. The coupling is Jou and Seto. (Prewarning to anyone who doesn't like that kind of stuff. ) So anyway if any of you go make sure you review it! ^_^ i wanna see what everyone thinks of my story! So anyway here are the links:




I recommend using the first link. The second link i haven't posted the 2nd chapter up yet and the thrid one isn't working real well. So try the first one first. ^__^ I hope you all enjoy it!!

Well i have to go to my meeting now! Ja!!!

Random pic~~

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^_^ lookie! The stars of my fanfic!! lol ^_^ arn't they just to kawaii?!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

What's up everyone?!

Nothing much going on here. I finished one of my Biology projects today! Woot woot! XD i'm almost done with the other. I had to go on this web site my teacher gave us to find the scientfic name of something... the web site doesn't work. X_x;

Ah well... i'll tell her about it monday. Oh for everyone who is reading my fanfic 'Sadame' good news! I finally started on the next chapter! XD! Yes i finally got off my lazy butt and started writting. I finally have a good idea for this chapter! woot woot!

Hmm.. anything else?

Oh yeah! Has anyone heard of a band called Hawthorne Heights? ^__^ I just found out about them the other day! I love them! They remind me a lot of Story of the Year. I may post up one of their songs later... i don't feel like it now. XD.

Well i'm gonna go eat lunch now! Ja!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   New Theme!!
In case you didn't notice I have a new theme!! ^__^

It's Clover by Clamp! The art from that manga is sooo pretty! I love it! Oh the midi up there isn't from Clover though. It's from another anime by Clamp called X. Very pretty song. I loved it so much i had to put it up. Hope everyone likes it.

Oh News Flash from the life of Kerurie-dono! ^__^ I just got a boyfriend! lol. I really like him too!! I was sooo nervous that he didn't like me back but he did! Yay!!! ::does a little dance:: lol.

Oh and more good news. I just got the American Hi-Fi cd. I've been looking for it for a long time but i couldn't find it anywhere! But once again WalMart pulls through! lol. It's a real cool band everyone should go listen to them sometime.

Thats about eveything for now. I have to go get ready for a wedding that i'm going to this afternoon. ^__^ Free food after words! what what! lol.

Hope Everyone has a great day! Ja!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   Stupid people!!
OMG!! I have a story to tell you guys!! >
Okay it starts last week there was this rummor going around that i got into this car crash and went to the hospital or something. Which that wasn't true. I thought it was kind of funny cus i was walking around school and people would come up like "omg! are you hurt?!"

Well. Today durning band i was called up to Officer Neal's office. I've never been called up there like that before so i was kind of nervous. But i walk in and he was like "Hey there. come in and have a set." and i noticed there was some other girl in there but she didn't look up at me when i walked in. So i sat down and he asked if i knew what i was there for. I told him no. Then he said that the girl next to me was involved in a hit and run. She also was saying she had people who saw me hit her car and drive off.

I was shocked really and i said i didn't do it. but then this little B**** was like "there are at least $300 in damages! i want them to be paid be her! She hit my car so she should pay for them!"

Well i was so mad and i was like "okay one. even if i did hit you car i want proof before i go throwing out 300 to you." So officer neal takes us out to the parking lot and looks at my car first and everything looks okay. Then we go to her car and there was a dent with white paint on it. (my car is maroon guys) Officer neal just looked at the car then at her and goes "What color is that paint?" and she said white. Then he points to my car and goes "what color is that nissan?" and she said marooon. and the funny part was he just goes "Now tell me how maroon turns to white."

But what got me so mad was after that she comes up to me and was like "Oh i wasn't trying to accuse anyone. I just wanted to find out what happend." i yelled at her some and said she had to be accusing me. If she wasn't she could have come up and talked to me instead of getting Officer Neal involved and trying to make me pay $300!

So the moral of this story.. if there is white paint on your car. a maroon one didn't hit it! >< Please don't be stupid people!

Oh yeah btw i'm feeling better now! Ja!

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