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Welcome De Arimasu!

Keroro: Welcome, De Arimasu!

Tamama: Gunso-san you already said that-desu

Giroro: Idiot...

Keroro: Shut up! We welcome them twice here!

Kururu: Even if itís stupid, KuKu

Giroro: Just finish this up we donít have much room

Keroro: Kero...Please donít forget to sign or Guest book. And Message us if you want to talk, kero kero keroi

All: Enjoy your stay *bow*

Dororo: w-wait! Keroro-kun I didnít get to say anything QAQ

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Todays Posters- Keroro Fuyuki

Keroro: Hello again everyone! We have stuff to show you today, Right Fuyuki-Dono?
Fuyuki: Thats right Gunso-san, Kururu Made some buttons for us ^^
Keroro: Hai! Awesome buttons with some of your favorite Characters-de arimasu. Thats really what
this post is for.
Fuyuki: and to ask if any one knows the code
to hide the Side Navigation ^^''
Keroro: Yeah that to, If you do then please
Message us.
Both: Ja, Mata Ashita!


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